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Organizing your community to bring public attention to builder’s bad deeds and seeking assistance from local, state and federal elected officials has proven to be more effective and much quicker for thousands of families. You do have choices and alternatives.  Janet Ahmad


Outrageous! Buy a New Home - Don’t Sue and Shut Up
Homebuilders will stop at nothing – Now Buyers must agree not to Speak
Beware of New Builder Clause – Homebuilder requires that homebuyer sign clauses forcing buyers to give up their constitutional rights.  It’s a decision between constitutional rights and the American Dream. 

SEE: KB Warranty Conditions - Sign A Shut Up Agreement or No Repairs
PLUS: It's Your Choice, Homebuilder Contracts - Hold Harmless  

Lennar Latest News
Erin Brockovich to report contamination of Westcott Plantation Homes built by Lennar
Friday, 02 May 2008

Erin Brockovich along with the Law Offices of Girardi and Keese and Masry and Vititoe have been investigating VOC and METHANE contamination of indoor air and sub-slab soils at homes in the Westcott Plantation area. Experts have traveled to this site and test results have CONFIRMED that there is VOC and METHANE contamination of the indoor air and the sub-slab soils that are of concern. We have been retained by community members and are having a community meeting on May 6, 2008 at Charleston Place Hotel, 205 Meeting Street at 6:30 p.m. for the residents to discuss test results, future testing and potential health impacts. Erin Brockovich.  Undisclosed source says KB Home to be named in conjunction with Wescott lawsuit.

Lennar Homeowners Unite in Hutto Texas
Friday, 02 May 2008

Lennar Neighborhood Meeting to be held in Hutto Texas - May 10, 2008
Are you experiencing problems with your Lennar Home.  Exspansive shifting soil, roofing defects, nail pops in drywall, plumbing and foundation problems... State and government representatives will be in attendance to help you find solutions for your defective home.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Learn what others are doing to resolve their problems.

Lennar: Expansive clay soil pushing and pulling houses apart
Friday, 02 May 2008

Austin-Statesman: Interview with Lennar Homeowner
By Jay Janner - Hutto clay leaves some home Homes needing...Hutto Park built by Lennar Home. Home construction problems causing major headaches... Hearing the nails popping throughout the day. Continuously on a daily basis your are reminded that you home is defective from the time you walk in.  From the cracks to the holes in the cement outside, to the nail pop...
View video report

Lennar CEO Forfeits $9.95 Million
Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Lennar CEO Miller Forfeits $9.95 Million Stock and Options for Homebuilder's Money-Losing 2007 
Lennar Corp.'s chief executive could have earned more than $11 million in compensation in 2007 but forfeited $9.95 million of it because the homebuilder failed to meet financial goals amid the troubled housing market, an Associated Press analysis of company filings showed. Stuart Miller received $1 million in salary and $130,397 in other compensation that included $96,000 in dividends, $26,547 in car lease payments, a $6,750 matching payment for his 401(k) and $1,100 in life and disability insurance, according to the company's proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Lennar Defective Homes in Hutto
Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Hutto clay leaves some homes needing repairs
City officials say the problems, which might affect all 787 homes in the HuttoParke neighborhood and several homes in Legends of Hutto, are not serious structural issues. But they have spurred the City Council to consider a more stringent building code. The clay expands and contracts with moisture. If foundations are not designed to handle that movement, the stress can cause cracks, popped nails and separation between walls and ceiling trusses.

Lennar community dominated by renters and out-of-town investors
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Broken Promises Plague Suburban Development
"We were expecting a real nice, clean community," Spector said. "We'd moved from California, and we were expecting the planned communities to be similar to the planned communities we'd lived in in California." Spector says what he got instead was a community dominated by renters and out-of-town investors. Residents say the community is plagued by drug dealing, gang graffiti and poorly maintained properties.  See home builder related articles: Housing Market Tracker - Homeowners Fighting Back Against Homebuilders

No Homeowners Insurance for Lennar Homes on Bombs
Thursday, 17 January 2008

Buried Bombs Could Cause Fla. Homeowners to Lose Insurance
Hundreds of people who unwittingly bought homes in Orlando, Fla., near a World War II-era bombing range are suing after learning they could lose their insurance. Attorneys for the residents said Lennar Homes and other builders committed fraud by concealing that the homes were built on the bombing range. Citizens Property Insurance Corp., created by the Legislature as the insurer of last resort, said it would not consider writing a policy if there are unexploded bombs.

Lennar - Get out of town!
Monday, 14 January 2008

Lennar BVHP LLC should QUIT while the going is good - we want them out of our community
Lennar Corporation is a ROGUE company that has been selling its homes for cheap - many for 40 cents on a dollar. Lennar Corporation is in deep trouble - it has laid off thousands of its employees - and here in San Francisco too. Lennar's stock and shares have been reduced to Junk Bond Status - the banks will not do business with them - and all over the world in the financial circles - the word is - stay away from the skunk - Lennar Corporation.

New Homes should not be Fixer-Uppers
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Lennar lied to homeowners
Let's be realistic. When given a choice, people would not choose to build on expansive soil if they know that it will be a constant maintenance problem in the future. People don't intentionally buy new houses or new cars knowing that they will have to deal with high maintenance. We bought new homes not fixer-uppers.The issue everyone seems to ignore is I and many others were deceived by Lennar. By cutting corners to increase profits, Lennar willfully submitted a Builder's Certification that they had complied with HUD minimum standards, and falsified that there was no expansive soil. I did not choose nor am I willing to take the risk that what appears to be substandard foundations, will not stand the stresses of the expansion and contraction of this soil. Lennar has built a defective community and property values are falling because of their deceptions. They have jeopardized the good people who trusted them and trusted the City of Hutto to protect the welfare of their citizens.

Lennar lied to its customers
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Hutto Parke residents deceived by developer
Lennar lied to its customers when selling these homes by certifying they were not built on expansive soil. The fact is not only were the buyers lied to, but HUD as well, which is a crime?...This is a question of honesty and integrity for the sake of the almighty dollar and irresponsibility development...The majority of homeowners just want Lennar to buy these homes back. They don't want to move in and out, in and out, for cosmetic repairs. They want out of these homes and move on to a city where honesty and integrity are of some importance to all - the city, the builders and the people. If Lennar buys the houses back the problem is solved.

Lennar Homeowner invests life savings in defective house
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Residents want to forget building horror
I would love to move on with my life, and so would some of my neighbors in Hutto Park subdivision...I have invested my entire life savings to acquire a structurally defective home on expansive soil that was built, in my opinion, by dishonest, unethical builders, developers, city inspectors and sub-contractors that were out to make a big dollar. It is unconscionable for anyone to be sold a new house that would never pass an inspection.

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