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Organizing your community to bring public attention to builder’s bad deeds and seeking assistance from local, state and federal elected officials has proven to be more effective and much quicker for thousands of families. You do have choices and alternatives.  Janet Ahmad

Pulte Homes
Pulte Wall Failure
Pulte-Centex Homes
Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Family Fights to Get Crumbling Retaining Wall Fixed
Back in 2010, Pulte offered to buy back 27 of their homes in San Antonio when a similar retaining wall collapsed.“You would think after going through that that they would at least follow their own formula for resolution.,” Kristyn said. “We want for Pulte to buy back our home.”

Pulte Homeowner Goes From Bad to Worse
Pulte-Centex Homes
Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cibolo homeowner wants buy-back from Centex Homes
Manny Martinez and his wife Laura thought they were buying their forever home. Now they're afraid they may be stuck in it forever. Just one month....  Pulte Group hired a contractor to do the work and repair the leaking line,...When the contractor began pumping the material in the tunnel, the garage floor exploded and the material flooded into the garage....Martinez now wants Centex Homes, a subsidiary of the Pulte group to buy the home back. The company instead is dead set on making what it calls cosmetic repairs.

CBS Ch 11 Ft Worth: Pulte-Centex Walls Came Tumblein Down
Pulte-Centex Homes
Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Homeowners Fight To Get Falling Retaining Wall Fixed, Before It’s Too Late
 â€œWe caught this in time. It was caught in time. And in San Antonio for a lot of the home builders it wasn’t,” Kristyn added. “Regardless of whether you have a retaining wall, or foundation issues, or whatever, this applies to everyone. If you own a home , you could easily wake up tomorrow and be in this boat. Related:
Photo: Pulte-Centex Rivermist Press Conference Rally   Pulte-Centex Homes wrong about wall threat

SEE LATEST PHOTOS: Ft Worth Pulte-Centex Wall
Pulte-Centex Homes
Monday, 16 March 2015

San Antonio to Forth Worth Pulte-Centex Wall Failure
Irizarry Family worries as more rain approaches and the crumbling wall looms with danger. Same story different City, same builder. See latest Irizarry wall photos, plus the San Antonio Rivermist Story

Big Centex Homes Business- Nationstar Mortgage Pays $1.3 Billion for $215 Billion
Pulte-Centex Homes
Wednesday, 09 January 2013

Lewisville-based Nationstar buys mortgage servicing rights from Bank of America
Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, which started out as the mortgage operation for Dallas-based Centex Homes, will buy $215 billion in mortgage servicing rights from Bank of America, which has been slashing its mortgage business in the wake of the financial crisis. It will pay $1.3 billion for the portfolio, which will more than double its customer base to 2.5 million. Mortgage servicers handle the payments on outstanding mortgages, forwarding proceeds to the mortgage holder and dealing with loan delinquencies and foreclosures when necessary. Nationstar, based in Lewisville, says it serviced approximately one million loans with total unpaid principal balances of $198 billion as of Sept. 30. It has about 4,100 employees at facilities around the country, including a call center in Lewisville.

Centex Avoids Responsibility
Pulte-Centex Homes
Saturday, 27 October 2012

HOA fights for answers
There are more than 200 homes in the Wynston subdivision in Clayton. Recently, the HOA received a warning from the Town of Clayton letting them know the berms weren't up to code..."We didn't even really have an idea that the problem even occurred until the complaint was brought to our attention, some 10 years after the residency was built," homeowner Matt Katlen said. Centex developed the subdivision back in 1999.Katlen did some digging and found a document that dates back to 1999 from Centex's consultants. The letter addressed to the Town of Clayton's Planning and Inspections Department lets the town know Centex did not include the landscaping detail the town requested. The letter even provided a drawing showing the trees and shrubs that should be put in along the berms. The letter states this landscaping buffer will be added to the plans.More than 13 years later, the HOA wants the builder, Centex, to do what they say needed to be done back in 1999.

Pulte-Centex Force Homeowners to Binding Arbitration
Pulte-Centex Homes
Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Rivermist owners look to arbitration
Home Owners for Better Building warned Rivermist homeowners about getting suckered into forced binding arbitration. Now after all these years wasted… The claims against Pulte Homes Inc. were dismissed in June after the court found that the parent company itself doesn't perform work in Texas. The case against Centex was dropped in September because the homeowners are subject to a binding arbitration agreement with the home builder, the court documents state. This latest decision affected Pulte Homes of Texas. "We have no choice at this point," Vick said. "It's either that or appeal the ruling on arbitration, which we don't intend to do. I don't agree with the court's ruling, but we certainly are in the process of going to the arbitration side."

Pulte Homes Failures
Pulte-Centex Homes
Sunday, 23 September 2012

More Pulte Construction Defects
Like a spreading desease Pulte Homes are falling down... Dishonest proved to be highly profitable on the way to becoming giants of the home construction industry. They have gone where no one would dare to go – the swampland, the corn fields, the fertile cow pastures...Under construction - see the first video, Bricks Rock!

Pulte Wrecking Crew Demolish New Homes
Pulte-Centex Homes
Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pair of Fairhaven homes vanish at hands of Pulte wrecking crew
It’s not something you see every day in a new neighborhood: demolition crews taking down homes that are less than a few years old.  With months of complaints from some property owners about cracked foundations, cracked tile and walls separating, Pulte Homes said it had hired an independent engineer to examine some of Fairhaven’s troublesome houses back in July. Two months later, in a letter to the community that came with the wrecking ball, the company said, computerized testing “found foundation issues at sufficient depth” at some locations.

Schertz - 2 Year Old Pulte Homes Torn Down
Pulte-Centex Homes
Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pulte demolishes homes beyond repair
It's been an unstable situation for months. In November of 2011 homeowners began to report cracked foundations. The two homes demolished Wednesday morning couldn't be repaired, so for now Pulte is paying for housing for the two families until their homes are completed in December.

Schertz Defective Pulte Home Demolished
Pulte-Centex Homes
Thursday, 20 September 2012

FOX 29 Builder Demolishes Schertz Homes  See video report...
Pulte Homes is demolishing homes that it built in Schertz. Homeowners in the Fairhaven subdivision say they've had foundation problems which have led to numerous issues. Today, Pulte started the demolition process on two homes. Neighbor Melinda Ruiz says, "Well, it just kind of proves everything we've been saying. There's stuff wrong with this neighborhood."  Pulte released a statement which says it will demolish and rebuild several homes in the community. It says the work should be done by the end of the year.Builder Demolishes Schertz Homes See video report...   Schertz Homes.  See video report...

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