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Consumer Affairs DR Horton Complaints
Saturday, 31 January 2009

They are ignoring all warranty request from me and my neigbors...In August of 2008 we discovered mold growing above the cabinets in the kitchen. In order for mold to have grown to that extent, the leak had to have existed for some time...We could not get our warranty work started until after almost a year of being in our home.

DR Horton Homes Complaints


Tony of Frisco TX (11/15/08)
They are ignoring all warranty request from me and my neigbors.

Jerry of Euless TX (09/08/08)
We bought and built a new home with DR Horton on which we closed in May of 2001. In August of 2008 we discovered mold growing above the cabinets in the kitchen. In order for mold to have grown to that extent, the leak had to have existed for some time (years not weeks). The leak was caused from defective/shoddy Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. In one of the valleys, the decking did not have a place to be nailed down, but the roofers put a nail in any way. The hole for the nail and the decking lifting up caused the shingles to split and a small leak to develop. Both the home inspector and the roofing company stated it was due to defective installation.

We are just beginning the clean up process and are looking at costs between $3000 and $10,000. We are lucky because we caught this relatively early and have less than 25 square feet effected. DR Horton does not consider this a warranty issue as it was not a load bearing wall. I wish I had known about sites like this before we purchased our home. We would have paid for additional outside inspections to be performed which may have caught this issue. It does make me wonder how many of the other issues we've had with our home should be laid at the builder's feet.

Living in TX, our summers are hot. Our AC unit does not cool the house. Our first summer we discovered that the unit was the minimum required for our square footage, but not sufficient for a home with 11 foot ceilings. We also have had several issues with the grading of the yard. Buyer be warned.

Roof Leak cost - $400 roof repair $3200 remediation (estimated) $2500 remodeling (estimated) Lawn Grading - French Drain $900; landscaping rework $500 Gutters installed - $1000 UV Blocking screens installed - $1000

Roberto of Humble TX (08/21/08)
The masterbedrooms' bathroom is leaking from the ceiling. Can someone Please come by a fix it or take a look at it before it does more damage and mold starts to form, the problem started today.

Right now I only have leak marks on the cieling.

Amber of Tomball TX (07/29/08)
I purchased my home in May of 2007 while I was pregnant and my husband was serving in Iraq . He was suppose to come home and we wanted to start living the american dream but that dream has become a nightmare. We could not get our warranty work started until after almost a year of being in our home.

 The main problem is the air condition system is not cooling/heating to desired temperatures. I have had the air condition company, contracted by DR Horton, visit my home five times. The problem I am having is that in the summer my AC unit cannot cool to my set temperature of 77. Instead, the thermostat is reading above this, sometimes up to 84 degrees. My unit is not cycling on and off and I know this is wrong. AC company states verbally, There is nothing wrong with your unit. However, many service technitions from this company have stated my unit is undersized for the sqare footage of my house. When calling in however, they are told something else, and by the time I talk to my warranty representative there appears to be nothing wrong.

In the winter, I have my thermostat set at 74-75 becasue it is freezing. Many times I have taken my own temperature readings and it registers 62-68 degrees downstairs. My infant son was repeatedly getting sick and again, the AC company stated their was nothing wrong. They installed dampers on the upstairs vents of my unit and I was even told my one technition I should turn the fan from auto to manual to circulate the air. A very poor diagnosis for a problem that is making my family miserable.

Another visit by the AC company created shock when a beer can was pulled from one of my AC ducts, illustrating the care that was put into building my family's greatest investment.

Each time I called my warranty representative he said he would dispatch the AC company until I finally expressed my concern with continuing to take off of work to be told the same thing over and over. Then the representative stopped/wouldn't return my calls and my warranty expired. My warranty has expired as of May, yet my most recent contact with my warranty representative has led me to believe that since I have never signed off that my AC unit was fixed the AC company would be dispatched again under warranty. However, I waited all afternoon for them not to show and now my warranty representative is not taking/returning my calls again. I am extremely dissapointed concerning my experience with DR Horton.

Dorina of Sugarland TX (07/14/08)
Dr Horton Lemon- I purchased my home in December 2003,and my nightmare started since the day I moved in.I'm a single woman and senior citezen and DR Horton has not treated me fairly. Based on my experience I would NOT recommend this builder to my worst enemy.

After reading all the complaints about this builder everyone is complaining of the same problems that I am: foundation problems,MOLD(black) carpet,whirlpool,cracks inside and outside,and my yard gets flooded. The drainage is horrible.The water from all the yards from other homes around me runs into mine and the house is splitting in two.

I have endured 5 years of continually fighting,they admit the entire problems even the ones on the original punch list,but they have never corrected them. They treat me badly,are impolite and try to intimidate me,if I had to tell what I went through I would need to write at least 5 books about what they put me through.

Now I have 3 medical reports confirming this house is adversely affecting my health and my Doctor wants me to move out. I paid good money for my home and DR Horton cheated me from the beginning. They cheated me at closing by changing my rate.I had a good faith estimate with a 4.018% rate for 30 years,yet when it was time to close the paper said my rate was 9%.I told them that I was not buying the house and they finally permitted me to go to my bank,and borrowed from them at 5.5% for only 3 years. My loan has had to be renewed 2 times now.

I am not giving up until DR Horton does the right thing and buys my house back. They need to buy back these defective huoses. I want everybody to know who they are dealing with when they buy a new house.

They have ruined me financially, emotionally and my health is gone. There is not enogh money to compensate me for what they have done. They need to buy back this HOUSE. 

Dorina of Sugarland TX (07/12/08)
I purchased my home on 12/03,and since i moved in, my nightmare started. I'm senior and single woman. Foundation ,MOLD (black), drainage, carpet, whirpool, crack, inside and outside, my all yard gets flatted The drainage is horrible, People yards runs all in mine. the house is split in 2, It's about 5 years of continually fight,they admit all the problem even the ones on the punch list,that they never corrected. And they try to intimitaded me ,and the list goes on.

Now i have 3 Medical certificats that my Doctor want me to move out of my house Dr Horton,Cheeted on me from the begin to the end.they cheeted by at closing changing my rate,I hade a goodfaith This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it % for 30 years, and they promess me the same rate,when was time to close the paper they told me that my rate was 9%, I told them that i was not buyng the house,they finally permitted me to go to my bank, and borrowed from them @5.5% for 3 Years My loan had to be renuwed 2 time already.

I'm not give up until they either fix, or they need to buy back these house.They ruined me Financially, Emotionally, My health is gone, There is not enogh money to compensate me, they need to buy back.

Jason of San Antonio TX (05/09/08)
Building with Dr. horton was a nightmare from day 1. They have a process by which they continually lay off and fire people up and down the chain, from the decorators, to sales people, to builders/contractors. That way, when something goes wrong, you have to start all over again, and there is no level of accountability.

At first I just thought they had high turnover, but then I figured out how they operate. I got to the point where I was going to the house almost on a daily basis to make sure they weren't messing things up, and trying to hide their mistakes.

Of course when it came time to actually close on the house, all the figures and terms changed from what they originally told us.

We went from being pre-approved with zero down, to needing over 23,000 to close. Most people don't have that kind of money laying around, especially when they are in the process of selling another house. We've been in our home for 5 months, and we have about a 2page list of warranty issues, as do many of our neighbors. Bottom line, Dr. Horton is shifty and shady, and they hire shifty people.

Fred of Keller TX (04/15/08)
We purchased our home in May of 2005. This is are first home so we were new to the housing part of it. First of all we had asked our salesman if we could have crown molding installed in our home and add a patio, his responce was we do not do up grades. The when we left the front office we drove around and looked at the other homes in the subdivision and some of them had added patios and crown molding.

On our walk through of our home there was no electricity and Dave (our builder) was more concernd with his trip to Hawaii that he and his wife were leaving on than our walk through. We must have used 6 rolls of blue tape marking mistakes and the sad thing is that when we came back to see if the had fixed the most of the tape was just pulled from the area marked rather than fixing the problem. There was also still blue tape found in missed areas.

We were then introduced to another builder after complainig about the problem with Dave. Gary tried to make things right as much as possible. After our move in all our schubs and one little tree died in our landscaping. We called and asked to have the fixed no one ever showed up and we call several times more and we still got the same line of bull as before. We had to pull the schrubs and the tree and throw them out and replace them our selves.

A large part of our backyard grass died and it took a act of congress to get it replaced. The back door of our home leaked and I called to have them come look at it and I was told that is the responceabilty of the homeowner (just being in our home for 2 months) the island was not bolted down and the board under the kitchen sink (which had been tagged during walk through) was just covered up by another peice of cut board and I found it, so I asked the to take all of it out and replace it. It had mold and mildew and was worped bad.

At this time our back door has continued leaking and has ruined our carpet and we have bad cracks in our ceilings and one door that won't even shut. On the back of the house in between the two bedroom windows there is a huge crack the extends to and from both windows and on the last window the crack extends all the way down the window and has seprarted the window from the brick mold and the crack also goes in to the slab. We are in the process of trying to get this fixed. Is this a LEMON house or what?

Mr of Harker Heights TX (04/14/08)
Dr Horton has been a thorn in our side from the beginning. I wanted to afford Kyle our Engineer from DR Horton the opportunity to make good on his promise to bring our home up to standard and our satisfaction. Much to my dismay more issues have risen and we are not only disappointed but perplexed. Please see listed below a list of items Kyle promised to repair and or complete PRIOR to closing and have not yet been done. Please keep in mind we closed on 23 Jan 2007:

* Trim to be redone. All of the trim was done poorly. Several pieces of the wood have defects splits or major lines of demarcation and paint was used to try and cover and or compensate.
* All of the weather striping around the doors is coming off

 * Paint Missing paint on several area of home in both the front and back of home I requested a 2nd coat of pain in the garage Missing textures on walls in places Front and back door needs painting Black tape or plastic trim in front porch area

 * Lines of demarcation on several walls Loft area and kitchen

 * Landing Missing texture and outer corners have lumps and clumps of material on the landing

 * Missing cable jack in Master Bedroom

 * Blinds broken in Master Bedroom and 3rd Bedroom -this task has been completed after 3 calls

 * Countertop had a cut in it -They tried to fill it with putty and I said this wouldn't work.- the counter top was fixed after 2 weeks

 * Carpet The carpet up stairs was not tacked down and lifting Carpet cracks as you walk on it ( makes me wonder if I was given the upgraded carpet and padding requested The top of the stairs the carpet was too short so they came after 1.6 weeks to repair and left nails on the floor and the carpet is not attached. We have stepped on tacks and nails left in home where carpet was not tacked down.

 * Missing sensor in laundry room for alarm* Paint on shower in Master Bedroom

 * Drain in Mater Bedroom tub is scratched* Shower in Master Bedroom is scratched

 * The floor squeaks upstairs 


 L of League City TX (03/01/08)
We purchased our home on the understanding of a boat ramp to be built. We have been just notified that DR Horton has now decided to build more homes on that land. This now decreases my home value compared to if there was a ramp. They need to offer a refund to the buyers or make good on their promise. Be careful on the promises they make as it could decrease your home valve as much as $30k. Thank you for reading this.

Debra of Spring TX (02/04/08)
I purchased my home in the summer of 2001. I have had numerous problems since day one. Plumbing leaks, rotted boards, leaky faucets, doors installed incorrectly, locks that didn't work, electrical problems, missing gas pipe line, explosion in the fireplace, etc. I truly could go on and on. But the worse thing happened yesterday. My carbon monoxide dectector went off. After an inspection by the gas company I was told I had two gas leaks behind the stove and a major gas leak in the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. which could have easily caused an explosion. This was all due to the flexable tubing not being taped at the connectors when it was installed. High levels of carbon monoxide in my home and was lucky I didn't die from exposure. 

Paula of Grand Prairie TX (01/24/08)
I am so disappointed with DR Horton and the way in which my home was built. I had my walkthrough in August 2006, no hot water,(hot water heater did not work), facuets were switched to non-American standards(had to be fixed); entire ceramic floor from front door to back had to be redone(cheap and faulty work). I was out of my home for 4 days and no DR Horton did not pay for my hotel or inconvenience. Ceilings cracking, window ceils warping to the point where they were about to come completely out of the wall. Skylight was leaking water when it rained only to find out they never sealed it. The home is heaving at about 6 inches now. I was told the DR Horton did not completely develop the area and I have a tree heaving under my property. I have had countless repairs. Made numerous unanswered phone calls. Wrote letters to the DR Horton board and I am literally watching my biggest investment go up in smokes.

I cannot begin to tell you how devastating and mentally, emotionally and financially draining this has all been. I am a single mom who has been through a lot in my life. I felt that this home was going to be a new start for me and my kids but it has only been a nightmare. I feel I am being taken advantage of and that DR Horton could care less if my house fell through due to the bad foundation. At this point I wish there could be something that put anything on paper...verbal promises and again with no action. Misrepresented several major items especially finished basement. Honestly their actions were criminal. Spent $860,000+ for the worst built house we ever lived in. Complained through every possible corporate avenue but it starts from the top and is driven down to their used car type sales rep. Keep detailed notes and try to get anything you can on paper (ain't happening).

Kathy of Wylie TX (01/08/08)
We bought our home in August 1999. We also had lots of items that should have been fixed under warranty; some were, and some we just had to give up on because our year was up. What has been most disappointing is the use of the CHEAPEST materials, appliances, AND LABOR they could get. In the first year our garage door started binding up (never made it out to fix that one), they had to break out and repair 2 sections of our driveway, some of the the windows leaked buckling the sill (didn't see that until year 2), some of the windows wouldn't close right, some windows had moisture between the panes of glass, and the upstairs air conditioner NEVER worked right. The repairmen came repeatedly but never fixed the problem. We ended up replacing the coil in that unit in year 3. The wall and carpet in my closet had to be torn out because of a leak caused by a water line (to the upstairs bathroom) being hit by a nail gun. Since the first year we've had 2 more leaks in that bathroom, one resulting in a section of my closet ceiling being replaced and a lot of clothes ruined.

The outside trim boards around the windows were ROTTING AWAY in less than 5 years. We've had a roof leak. Now our downstairs A/C isn't working, which will result in the whole system needing to be replaced. My dishwasher is broken, and we had to have 2 holes jackhammered through my kitchen floor a week before Christmas because of a leak in the lines from the water heater. (They didn't protect the lines going through the floor beam, and evidently the shifting concrete broke the line.) Also, the water heater was installed wrong, resulting in loss of hot

Rhonda of Corinth TX (11/21/07)
We purchased a Dr. Horton home in 2000. We have found that the paint and finish on all cabinets, walls, exterior trim, doors etc. are cheap. The exterior trim pealed, the cabinets had to be repainted before 5 years. The back door paint pealed the first year. Our driveway cement has huge holes--occurring within a year. Hardware on the doors all need replacing--the imitation brassrubbed off. The faucets needed replacing, a couple fell off. The home is an ongoing repair project. Upon purchase Dr.Horton's project manager kept pushing us to sign off that all was satisfactory. We did so with the promise that the kitchen cabinets would be fixed. It was never completed. The driveway was also never repaired.

Robbie of Mc Allen TX (11/08/07)
From the time we moved in this newly constructed home, we've had several problems: garage door not working, doorbell not working, master key does not work in the front door, no power on one of the outlets. The company finally sent somebody to fix it after we called them so many times. Now, the laminate flooring in our living room has warped which caused evidently by a leaking plumbing that's inside the wall by the powder room.

It took almost 1 month to get it fixed. Or so they thought they did. Because 3 weeks later, the floor started warping again. I called the building superintendent several times, placed a complaint on the website several times, called the customer service too. Until after 1 1/2 weeks, the Super came and looked at the floor. He said he will send people to strip the floor and fix the leaking pipe again.

Well, it took another week for that. And until now, 1 month and 1 week later, 1/4 of my living room is still bare, the mouldings on the wall are broken, the tiles on the bathroom and entry way are broken. The dry wall was left with a hole for a month and was just patched last Monday (still needs paint). Getting somebody to come in to fix these things is such an ordeal. I'm so upset that I'm even having chest pain just looking at the utter disrepair of my house. This company should be banned from making very poor quality homes and employing lazy and ignorant workers!

Several times I had to skip work so that they can work in the house. And that is a loss of income on my part. Leaving my house in disrepair is also a safety hazard for my 6 yr old and 9 month old children. During the entire time of these repairs, the accumulation of dust and cement dust on the bare floor had caused allergy episodes on my children that they had to be taken to the doctor for treatment.

Jennifer of San Antonio TX (09/24/07)
From the beginning it was a complete mess. Items on inspection not completed (house wasnt at all ready for an inspection). Appliances werent in until day of closing, house was filthy, a/c didnt work (spent 3 days with subs out fixing it on our first weekend there) - did I mention I am pregnant and live in TEXAS ???

The sales reps were awful and would threaten that they werent getting commission for our house so it wasnt their problem (our rep left the first day we signed the original paperwork so we had no real contact), supervisor lied continually about items being completed. We,too, took numerous days off of work in order to be with contractors and inspectors, only to be told it hadnt been done and that we needed to reschedule again.

Ronnie of Converse TX (09/05/07)
Since moving in my new house in Oct 06, I have experienced several major cracks in the ceiling. DR Horton has sent out repairmen to fix, but I'm don't feel like they have done a good job. In addition, my AC unit which is serviced by Airtron has had several problems and some major repairwork. The last major work was done in Jul 07. The repairman attributed the problems to shoddy work during installation. The warranty expires in Oct 07, but I'm afraid all hell will break loose as soon as the warranty expires.

I have asked Dr Horton to insist that Airtron extend my warrant for 6 months to cover the period of breakdowns. My requests have been ignored. Also, just recently the door handle to my back door broke off. You pay over $150K for a house, and they use cheap parts to build it. I can't seem to understand the logic.

Martha of Manor TX (06/11/07)
I was a single mother with two kids and a friend of mine had a DR Horton home who raved about the houses. Well she isn't raving anymore and I never have. First of all my outlets work when they want to, my plumbing has failed me twice and working on the 3rd time as we speak. I recently looked under my cabinets and found that I have a new plumbing problem thats not under warranty because my year is up so I have to pay out of pocket everytime the plumbers come out.

Jamee of Katy TX (05/24/07)
I purchased a D.R. Horton home in March 2006. I took what I could get because I needed a home that was almost ready. I had no time to have one built. I knew from the time I walked in that it was very basic. There was really nothing spectacular about it, except it was BIG. I have had to put in NUMEROUS requests for warranty work from the doors & windows to the garage. It has taken FOREVER for them to respond to things and some things take multiple visits to get repaired and it's only mickey moused to look fixed! I have learned my lesson! I recently got out of warranty, Mar 2007 and my A/C just went AGAIN! So now I have to start paying for all these cheap repairs they supposedly made on a brand new house! I wish I had seen all these complaints before I paid CASH for this house!!

Trellie of San Antonio TX (04/25/07)
My family and I are a military family. When moving back stateside we thought buying our first home would be a grand experience. We really should of researched more carefully into who we were going into business with because we believed that once the closing was completed the hardest part was over. We had 4 walkthroughs -- 2 with a professional inspector and 2 with the superintendant onsite. We were promised that our home would be completed and all the inspectors pointed out problems would be completed.

We moved in March 5th 2007 and have been calling ever since to get the numerous problems fixed. We've found that phone calls don't work, no matter who takes them, emails are the best way to deal with the situation because you have proof to cover you and they can't say you caused the damage.

My problems stemmed from foot long gashes in my windows, stained grout, nails not hammered in, chunks of texure in my ceilings, water pouring in my door from the rain because the concrete wasn't installed in needed spaces, baseboards missing 4 inches to 1 foot and a half of wood and just painted over, locks that are hard to turn, holes above my cabinets, chucks pitting out of the walls that was just painted over and not patched, spaces in the under sink boards,straches in my tub,spacing in between my driveway and garage,a dented vent on the outside of the house which had to be cut out and replaced which was installed in a different color than my house, my fence was missing bolts, two tone paints in one room, and my sod which wasn't delivered until a month and a half later when we were told 2 weeks.

I do agree with 1 blog I read about the workers because everyone that came into my home to fix something made a mess and didn't clean up behind themselves they act like I'm their parent. I have workers that just walk into my home without knocking minutes after the first worker shows up which is very rude. My customer service experience hasn't been very good at all, I wish I would have chosen another builder to avoid all the lies of the workers and the headache.

Harizal of Manor TX (10/25/06)
New subdivision slowly turn into slums due to many renters who don ' t care about their unit. When we bought the house we were told majority of the houses are not for rent i.e sold to local homeowners rather than out of state investots and speculators. Turn out a lot of houses are now being rented to Section 8 occupants. I cannot prove it since these were spoken words rather documented, but we were basically guaranteed about the high percentage of local homeownerships. Now, true homeowners are trying to sell their houses to get out of this subdivision. I ' m contemplating to do the same. Be careful when buy a new house in new subdivision in Texas , especially in Austin - it may be turn into Section 8 housing. I think this is true to all new subdivisions in the country.

Break in, kids playing in the street, noise, confrontation between renters' kid (and their parents)and homeowners, nuisance, trespassing and the overall look of the neighborhood is deteriorating. Value of the houses are diminishing. Few owners trying for months to sell their house but so far unsucessful.

eith of Pearland TX (04/08/05)
My wife and I built a new home with Emerald (DR Horton) and closed in July of 2004. Prior to closing on the home we hired our own building inspector to inspect the home and create a report of defects and issues. The report generated by the inspector was fourteen pages long and encompassed a whole range of issues. A copy of this report was given to the builder, which in turn completed none of those items on the report. Thus work continued and still continues today to correct these outstanding issues.

The issue that has currently reached an impasse is a leaking shower in the master bathroom. The shower has leaked since August of 2004 and has been torn out and repaired over five times now. In the course of fixing the shower the glass and metal shower enclosure (provide by and installed by Luxury Baths by Arrow of Houston, Texas) has been replaced over eight times due to being damaged during delivery or installation. The latest shower enclosure was delivered and installed on 4/7/04 is also damaged and now both companies DR Horton and Luxury Baths by Arrow are refusing to correct the problem.

The damages that have resulted in this shower being torn out five times have been our ability to use it. The previous time it was torn out the repairs took over two months. The economic damage the cost of the replacing the damaged shower surround, plus the cost of damage to our title floor in the bathroom due to this on going construction. 


DR Horton Shoddy Work Continues in 2009
Joanne of Portland OR (01/30/09)

I am a Siding and Stone Contractor that was working on a 30 house sub division for DR Horton (Bethany Terrace). My license was temporarily suspended due to unpaid payroll tax so I was released from the project. this money was promised to me when we were released from the project on August 18, 2008 to prevent any liens from the material suppliers, in total $14,335.00 due to my company. This money was from 5 projects in total, 2 of which were 1 day away from completion (lot #24 $10,560.00 & lot #9 $2,900.00 - these were pre agreed upon signed and approved by this company before work on the lots began) and the Job Supervisor was in agreement this money was due and should be paid in full.

Several months of attempted contact with the vice president of the project and he kept putting me off saying payment was ready, now he has ignored me all together for 2 months, I have full documentation of every penny due and now the material contractor is after me for money due, liens have been places and no contact. I have not been able to re-establish my license due to the money due to my company and I owe employee ' s close to $3,000.00, I have lost my home and my vehicle due to these people need some type of contact from this scandulous company. please help!

Lost my home, 2 vehicles, my business license, good faith with the material suppliers and have not had an income since AUGUST OF 2008, I have had to get food stamps for my daughter and myself as my husband was away until 1-20-09 and the only income in was from my company. In addition I have had threats and attorney letters from employees I owe for labor on these jobs. I have been a single mother, proud female business owner and afraid for the safety of my daughter and what personal property I have left.

It has been a tragic trickle downhill affect, it has caused me to loose everything I worked so hard for and I even underbid these projects so that I could land this job, I was proud to say I was working on a 30 house sub division for DR Horton, and other contractors not to mention acquaintences were impressed - look where it got me!

Steven of North Las Vegas NV (01/24/09)

I purchased my dr horton home in oct. 08. as my nieghbors introduced themselves to me they all told me of the builder reconized, defective coupling in my front yard that conects the main water line to the house. The coupling will burst and the builder has reconized it as being faulty, they all said. my home was never lived in since it was built, I am the first occupant, as this were used for the first time they broke, like the coupling mentioned above.

I contacted the builder, dr horton, and was refered to RSP PLUMBING, the original sub contractor that installed the plumbing and this faulty coupling for dr horton. They gave me the run around as well, they wanted me to contact the builder, I explained that I have already done that and they refered me to rsp plumbing. after three days of this back and forth, and no water to my home, the builder sent out thier director of warranty, dennis t. This ....gentleman.... proceeded to act as if he has never heard of this problem and it could be anything other than the coupling. he is one of the rudest and most condecending persons I have ever delt with, with comments such as, maybe I ' m not speaking clearly enough for you am i not speaking a language you understand?. and basically left me with a I dont ' t care what your problem is , dr horton will not investigate it, nor will they take responsibility for it, attitude and left, with comments such as, good luck with that, have a nice day.

after speaking with rsp plumbing once again, Bernie of rsp. stated, don ' t worry about it we will take care of it, and was sending a plumber right over. I stated to Bernie that nobody would be home and asked if that was a problem, she said no. we will take care of it. my wife was leaving for work as the plumber showed up, as she was backing out of the garage, the plumber approached her and said that it was going to be $110. 00 to fix this. she aked the plumber, what for? his reply was, labor, we gotta get paid to, she reluctantly wrote the check due to the fact that I had already dug the hole and located the in fact faulty coupling, he never even back filled the hole, and it took all of 10 minutes to replaced THIER FAULTY COUPLING.

I contacted Bernie at rsp and asked her why they charged me for something they are liable for number one, and number two, why did she say they would take care of it and wound up charging me? she had no real explanation other than I can contact the owner of rsp plumbing and take it up with him. she gave me a ficticious owners name, but through my own investigation I was able to get the correct name and number for the owner. Jack S. I proceeded to leave several phone messeges for him over the next two days but never received a single call back. they did cash my check immediatly though. So if you do not care about your hard earned money, want to be bullied by dr horton, and love to be strong armed by thier sub contractors, spoke to like you don ' t matter or you are a piece of garbage. dr horton is for you.

This resulted in hundreds of gallons of lost water, close to $50.00 dollars worth, three days of no water, and $110.00 dollars for repair. and I did allthe hard physical labor of digging and back filling the hole. 

Karol of Central Village CT (01/12/09)
I purchased a Horton mobile home from a dealer in MS-for my daughter who was homeless post Katrina - I had similar credit problems with their financier as the ones reported above and was then very quickly able to get conventional finacing thro a reputable bank - and that was just the beginning of the nightmare - Horton Hatches Horrors!

They never completed the initial punch list of defects and then summer of '07 the bathroom floor started to give way - Eventually after innumerable 'phone calls legal and PR threats and having to travel to MS from Ct we were able to find out that the floor beam in the bathroom was missing - this was after having an open hole where the toilet had been -for over a month and living with the nightmare of unwanted guests ie cottonmouths. The floor was never repaired correctly and I paid to tile it after 3 tries on their part with vinal - they chipped the tub taking it out etc etc Since there were other spongy spots I requested that they inspect the entire underneath - they refused.

There are major code violations for the electric for a house that they can get qway with for a mobile home - There is very little of the structure that is level and it was not originally (as they tried to cleim the site). The siding was not stapled on properly and buckles in the summer heat - There are definitely anomalies with the roof - The sinks are not set correctly and don't completely drain - I could go on and on - 

Levada of Charlotte NC (12/11/08)
On approximately May 22, 2008, Peggy L, Representative for DR Horton came to my home for the yearly inspection. I purchased my home on May 25, 2007. There were several items repaired. However, there is one major issue that still remains unresolved. I have left several messages for Mike D, Berkshire Homes Representative, that has recently taken Ms. L's position. He continues to send me an e-mail stating he and his supervisor will come look at the property. Previously, Mr. D. has seen the 2x4's coming through my upstairs ceiling in my loft, hallway, and third bedroom. No one wants to tackle this problem. However, I am willing to take this matter to court to resolve this issue. It has been almost six months and no seems to care.

There were numerous things wrong at the time of my initial walk thru that needed to be corrected. Steve is the new Superintendent, and made comments that it's [2x4's coming through ceilings] not as major as other problems in other individual's homes. I immediately asked them to leave my property. I paid $189,000 for my home and would like the matter taken care of ASAP.

Patrick of Henderson NV (11/15/08)
I bought my D R Horton home in March 2003. DHI Mortgage tried to force me into using their lender by not cooperating with my outside lender to close on the house. Horton even sent me a letter stating that I had forfeited my deposits and contract because I couldnt get my outside lender to perform. After a lot of legal rangling and tendering over $40K to the title company, I made Horton sell me the home.

If that wasnt bad enough, the house that I fought so hard to get started to literally fall apart within a year of completion. I had Nevada 's Building and Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. Boards come and inspect and they found Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. settling which led to drywall stress cracking. The back of my house is now leaning 3/4 inch or more towards the North and continues to crack in the same areas even after Horton only cosmetically repaired three years ago. If they admit to a structural problem then they probably have a class action on their hands, hence they call my problem only 'cosmetic.'

My neighbors have had similar problems which should be covered under Horton's ten year frame warranty. I have since discovered through this site and others when searching for D R Horton and construction defects, that major defects are status quo at this company and warranty service is just a pipe dream.

Getting Horton to sell me the house after they tried their predatory lending cost me at least $12,000 in extra expenses and the majorly defective home can not be sold at market rate without a discount and disclosure of the structural defects that Horton refuses to address.

James of Fairhope AL (11/14/08)

This report refers to new home construction in DR Horton's Arlington Farms Subdivision in Fairhope Alabama I purchased a new home that was built to my order and closed in May of 2008

The heated/cooled area of the house (Annabeth Model) is actually 10% less than advertised in their documentation

Poor subcontractors were used for mechanical work, plumbing, roofing, and landscaping. Poor quality workmanship was performed with unsatisfactory supervision.

ALL identical plan houses in subdivision have larger central air conditioners than mine using name brand equipment. My unit is smaller with off brand equipment. Distribution ductwork has half the air registers than identical models in subdivision resulting in extreme temperature variation from room to room.

HORTON REFUSES TO CORRECT THIS.< Concrete work cracked, potholes are all over landscaping, roofing shingles are cupped and curling, moisture in wood door frame results in expansion and contraction so great that door varies from stuck shut to not latching depending on what outside humidity is, and a fireplace chimney vent was installed so low to the roof that it may be a fire hazard. Identical models have chimney vents almost twice as high.

While this house is a standard plan for Horton, it was built to order. I believe that is why I got all the poor subcontractors, defective work and poor supervision during construction.

Erin of Fort Benning GA (11/14/08)

My husband and I submitted an offer for a DR Horton home on a Sunday morning. We got the runaround for five days about the offer, and when I attempted to contact the sale representative, I got no answer at either his office or cell phone. I got no information other than the employees of DR Horton were having Casino Night and our offer was literally just sitting on someone's desk.

I'm so glad I found this Website before getting into a contract with these people and buying a substandard house. They should be ashamed of themselves for jerking people around.

We are retracting our offer and will never work with DR Horton again.

Kevin of Pingree Grove IL (10/13/08)

When researching lots and homes within DR HORTON/CAMBRIDGE HOMES ( Pingree Grove , IL ) we reviewed the contract and asked our sales person John about the fencing issue. The contract stated that we could only get a 4' picket fence, but what we wanted was a 4' aluminum fence like two other homes in the neighborhood. Our property backes up to a wooded area and we were assured by John that we just had to get the approval of our neighbors in our cul-de-sac. Our neighbors, after getting their approval, were told the same thing. This is 9 households that were told this.

We took the proper steps to contact the association Board (made up of three DR HORTON employees, no resident advocate) about amending our contract so we could get a fence installed, and were ignored; until we contacted our atty who drafted a letter telling them the situation of the salesman, our canvassing of the cul-de-
sac, etc. They, in turn, ignored her as well. Our phone calls and emails went unanswered for months.

We finally emailed the attorney at DR HORTON in Libertyville , IL (the IL Branch) and he said they would meet on a Wednesday and would have our answer by week's end. We rec'd the denial the next morning. We feel we were lied to, basically victims of bait and switch. Cambridge 's sales person, John, has not owned up to his lie/misrepresentation, and has not shown his face to any of us to apologize. DR HORTON needs to own up to their error; it's not costing them any money and truth be told, no one's going to see the fence but us since we back up to a meadow.

We are discouraging any or all people who are considering moving to Pingree Grove to not do so. We are sad, hurt and feel very betrayed by DR HORTON.

Patrick of Macon GA (09/27/08)

I was going to buy a land home package the dealer put $100 down to hold the land and I paid him back the contract was between he and the land owner. Our deal fell through and now I'm getting the run around to get my money back. The contract HE signed said non refundable so I sould get my money back. right

Paula of Las Vegas NV (09/17/08)
I have many Issues with this builder. I purchased my home 12/2005. Issues:

1.Charged for an upgrade that my home does not have.Still cannot get this resolved.

2.uneven floors through out my 2nd level.The builder shaved the floors,(I took photos) this was only after calling the contractors board.The floors are Still uneven.It has caused me extreme back pain to sleep in my uneven bed( due to the floors).

 3.The flashing on the out side of my home is chipping away.

 4.water heater thermocouple went out 2 times,which is a known defective part.(I paid for two service calls in the last year.

 4.Was told they were not selling to investors. Well...gues what. One homeowner in the community owns eihgt homes. They are renatals.

 5.Our community streets are not being maintained by the builder.The community is filled with trash, debris and oil stains (which is slippery).The community has been sold out for two years and the builder still has unfinshed street work. I have patches of concrete broken in front of my home.

 6.Dish disposal was cracked.( had to be replaced.

Te stress of our purchase is unreal.Every time i see our unfinished and rental community it sickens me.

Gerald of North Las Vegas NV (09/09/08)
well mine was simple I thought, but I guess it wasnt. I have two yard gates on my home, The whole neighborhood only has one. dr horton says I ordered two and the bill shows that.But what I thought I ordered was mesh to be installed on the gate. nope they gave me another gate. well after telling like 4 people now, they wont fix it for me and make it right.All I want is it to be taken down and bricked over. but not one person will listen. real sad they couldnt make the customer happy, wouldnt of took much.  nothing happened, my gate is still there.

Fredric of Goodyear AZ (09/04/08)
I am a senior and handcappied the tile fell off my roof and their telling me the roof is only under warrent for 2 years I want the roof repaired I am the owner and brought the home new the house is 3 years old as of August 5, 2008.

Steve of Woodbury MN (09/03/08)
We bought a home that was 5 years old. 1 1/2 years later we noticed wet stains, damp smell and found that the patio door was rotted, through to the interior of the home. Long story short, we found that the flashing was not done properly. We hired a company to do a moisture test and the readings were off the charts, so they suggested that we should have a forensic engineer cut the exterior of the home around some of the windows to see what was causing the moisture issues. Turns out that the home was built in a reverse manner as to the building code. I went to the city to ask why this was not found in the inspections of the home as it was built and they pulled the inspection record, which showed that DR Horton never got the required inspection. They stated that had they actually had the house inspected, this would not have happened.

We are now 2.5 years into our battle with DR Horton to honor their construction warranty, have spent over 25,000.00 and they still will not do anything. What good is a home warranty if you have to spend 25,000+ to get the company to honor it? Is this America ? What if the auto or other industries decide they too do not want to honor warranty? Worse yet, there are tons of homes in our development and city where families have had to or are going through the same process. All of them have to take between 75,000 and 120,000 out of family savings to pay for atty fees, inspection fees and law suits. No one has come out whole and everyone has lost between 75,000.00 and 100,000.00 out of their savings. Note that this is money they have set aside for childrens college etc. This comes out to a loss of over 500,000.00 for my 3 kids when they go to college 14 years from now. Note that we are with in our 10-year home warranty period. Obviously a home warranty is worthless. There should be laws against this kind of thing. If the average homeowner has to use the kids college fund to repair a home that was built wrong, we are sure to fail as a society.

Desmond of Corona CA (08/25/08)
Granite countertop in Kitchen sink area was installed incorrectly and there is now more than a 12-inch crack that keeps expanding. This defective installation was present at the initial walk-thru. When brought to the attention of the Rep, we were told no expansion will occur.

Less than 2 years after the home was built (we took possession in September 2006 as first owner/occupant), the crack is getting worse and Customer Service denied our request for completion of work that was defective. There are also cracks on the garage floor and squeaks on the master bedroom floor when we walk.

We may need to repair cracked granite out of pocket as well as the squeaks on the bedroom. We may also have to repair the cracks in the garage.

Ramona of Port Orange FL (08/23/08)
I bought a new townhome from DR Horton in September 2007. There were several things wrong with the home right off the bat. It was made with the cheapest of materials and just thrown together seems like. There were several things to minor to mention even though they weren't up to par, I only want to mention the major stuff on here.

My towel racks were all crooked and I had to have them redone. My showers were cracking in the corners and I found out they had never been caulked.

My a/c unit was installed incorrectly and the air handler had to be redone. Then my thermostat kept going blank and when I complained they said they came out and looked (couldn't have, I wasn't home) and said the outside unit wasn't done the way they do things and I told them if it was wrong then they did it wrong because no one has touched it. The guy at DR Horton finally had to tell me they would pay for it if anything happened because the a/c people weren't going to honor their warranty. I am having some plumbing issues that they need to come check out now.

My walls are cracking in the corners. And now most majorly.... during the rain we got from T.S. Fay, my house is leaking from the foundation as well as many of my neighbors homes too. We had no flooding in our area from the storm yet my living room got soaked! Also some drywall in a closet along an outside wall is wet. Today I found my garage is leaking. And my a/c unit has condensation on it which is not normal. I am hearing that they didn't seal things correctly, if at all.

This was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made, buying a home from DR Horton.

My carpets are wet and stink and probably now have mold and mildew. I am not sure about the drywall in the living room because of the paint. The drywall in a closet is wet and I noticed that because it hasn't been painted yet. I have had to move all my furniture out of the living room and keep towels along the wall because the water keeps coming in and no one can come look until the next business day. This happened Thursday night and I have to wait until Monday just for someone to come look at it. I have had buy a shop vac which didn't even begin to get all the water out. I had to pay a professional to come suck the water out and it keeps coming in.

Seandre of Jacksonville FL (08/22/08)
We purchased our home in July of 2006. Before we moved in, we had an independent home inspector from AmeriSpec inspect our home. He found that there were holes in the roof located over our bay window in the master bedroom. When we did our walk-through, we were assured that these holes were fixed. We had no problems until Tropical Storm Fay hit, and now the ceiling in our bedroom is leaking so bad, there is a hole in it. Since we are no longer under warranty, we've had to contact our home owner's insurance company. So far, they haven't given us any problems, but I am beyond irate with the shoddy work that D.R. Horton has done. We've had problems with them in the past regarding our home loan. It was so bad, the loan officer and his assistant were fired. Do we have any recourse regarding our ceiling/roof?

David of Los Lunas NM (08/20/08)
Buying from D.R. Horton has been the worst experiance of our lives. They had to re-do our floors. Annd now they have to do it again we are still waiting for that. Cracks all over our Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. They have had to rip some of our windows out. A couple times. But every time they fix something they are to cheap, that they create more problems.

The emotional stress this has put on my family. Time and energy. They never show up when they say they are. We have year old twins an it is hard to deal all this I just dont know what to do. 

Carol of Las Vegas NV (08/20/08)
We put a ernest money deposit of $1000.00 on a condo in vegas. We went to a realtor. We watched the home being built in fact the framing was already there. We went every 3 to 5 days. We noticed shims being used and cracked 2 by 4s also there was a crack in the fountation in the garage. From the beginning to the end of the garage. There was a hole in the roof of the kitchen you could see it. Also the alot of cracked wood. Spaces being used everywhere. We also went and let the sales men no that some one had cut and stole all the wire in the home. He said he did not no but would report it.

Also the new tub was full of debris water and stained. We had a small walk threw and told the man of the problems. No insulation just the framing and electical and tubs etc. We went back several times still the hole in the roof crack in the fountation etc. So we backed out, and requested our money back, they did not fix it when we requested it. We went to th sales man he said we would get it back he wrote to give our money back. To no avail we still have not gotten it. We went to a lender no percent of interest was locked in or anything they refuse to give our money back.

We need our earnest money back we are on a fixed income.

Mary of Las Cruces NM (07/22/08)
1. I moved in on July 20, 2007, we had a substantial rainstorm which upon further inspection noticed the rock wall footings we not done correctly. This took almost 7 months to rectify, with city involvement. My backyard was not usable to either my family or my pet, we could not let him out back while the walls were being reconstructed.

2. The kitchen island had a gap from the top to the drawers with nails exposed. When the worker batthroom to fix this we could not use the island; we had to remove everything from the drawers while they reset and attached the top. When he returned to finish up, he didn't have enough materials.

3. Our hall bathroom tub's caulking was substandard. The worker came to recaulk, which rendered that batthroom unusable for a period of two days. When I looked at the work it was clearly not done right and he had to return (again) to do it correctly, this of course was another few days of not being able to use my bathroom. After further inspection by my husband it still wasn't done correctly and he ended up redoing the whole thing over.

4. My first leak in the family room caused another upheavel in my home, I had to remove everything in order that they could (a) fix the leak; (b) and then repaint. My family room was out of commission for a few days. Second leak, same spot in the family room. I got an hour of work on Thursday and an hour of work on Friday and then the worker returned and worked a good 2 1/2 hours on my time on Saturday. Not to mention again, but the room was out of commission again.

5. When we converted over to the heat, we were almost killed by the smell of fumes. We woke up everyday with headaches and a rotten smell. The workers were diligent and concerned and found the problem, but not before they had to unseal the attic trap in order to fix the dislocation of a pipe. We all had symptons of carbon monixide poisoning. I had to visist my physician because I had been having dizzy spells for weeks.

6. Stucco was coming off of the side of the house, this one was easy because we didn't have to be home. This doesn't refute the fact that this shouldn't happen in a new home.

7. We hired a home inspector and he found there were problems with the roof. The worker who came to fix it, came to my husband's work and wanted him to sign off on his work, my husband refused and said not until he inspects his work. When my husband went up on the roof, the worker hadn't done a thing. He returned to complete the job.

8. After restuccoing the area that needed repair we noticed it didn't receive enough coats of paint, so now I've sent in a 2nd request (the first request went unanswered) to have them come back and use another one or two coats of paint.

9. After the painter was finished with painting the family room and kitchen area (after the 2nd leak), I noticed he must have laid something down on my coffee table; when I wiped up the spill it removed the finish on my table. Mind you, we had removed all furniture from this room (minus my sectional, which we covered), but the furniture was moved back into this room by the painter?

10. We were never notified when the painter's would be returning to fix the stucco or repainting, nor was my husband ever told to move his vehicle, now he's got paint spots on the hood and side passenger door of the car. We notified DR Horton of this and have not received any response. I did not address all of the cosmetic fixes we needed. Thank you for your time.

We have spent numerous vacation hours on being home to have all of these problems fiexed. We lost use of certain rooms in our home for weeks. We were sick for weeks not knowing the
Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. was the culprit and it actually ended up where I sought medical help for the ill effects. I can't even tell you the stress and frustration we have felt in dealing with all of these issues. At one point I thought I would have a nervous breakdown.

Alan of Thornton CO (06/30/08)
We closed on our home Feb of 07'from DR Horton. We were the first homes out of maybe five that were first built. One of the incentives if you purchased the home was a $2500 certificate towards nusery at Cherry Creek Tree Farms. In May of 07'we started to use our certificate. The staff at Cherry Creek said the card can be used any time and does not expire. One year later in May we used the card again. Two weeks later we went to get more nursery, and Cherry Creek denied us of the card because they filed bankruptcy. After about two weeks, DR sends a letter out stating that Cherry Creek went bankrupt and DR cannot do anything.

I made a complaint on DR website. I do not know what section of the web site because DR does not have a complaint section, so I just put it on some section that had a area to write in. Maybe about three weeks later Holly Rathmason calls me and leaves me a message because I was unavailable at the time. I call her back two or three times with no call back. Finally she calls me back about two weeks later. We discussed about the situation with the nusery, I she said they cannot do anything and that they have paid CCFarms already. I mentioned why they could not get us another nursery to use. From what I could get out of her is that DR built 35 homes(this is a estimate, the developement is not finished)in this development, there are maybe 10 owners that got this incentive and DR payed Cherry Creek, but the remaining owners DR did not pay CCFarm, so DR sent the owners to another nursery.

So the earlier buyers like us the cerificate is not valid. Holly said they could not do anything until this goes thru the court system. By that time we could have sold our home or had to get nursery some where else. DR got us to buy this home because of the incentives, plus we had to use their mortgage company in order to get the incentives. Now DR can't step up and keep the home buyer happy and least offer to give those that lost out on their original nursery incentive a small payback of the original incentive to be used at another nursery. But instead DR just sends out a letter to inform that the nursery has gone bankrupt and end of story. A $2500 gift certificate, I don't think DR paid the full amount and I think the home owner paid something out of their purchase, which Holly would not answer when I asked her.


I asked if the company likes being on news. In which I meant as advertising, she took it as a threat. She thought I was going to the media, so she said our conversation is over because I threaten DR about being on the news. I asked her if she was given a incentive to buy a new car a then when she recieves the car, the incentive was not there what would she think after seeing this new car on the news. This is what I meant as being on the news.

We live in Kings Ranch Develp., and in one year DR built maybe 35 homes, and than stop building because they could not sell the inventory. DR dropped prices on their remaining inventory by $20,000 - $50,000. We had our house appraised, and it is under from the price we paid just one year back. So our home value is under than what we paid for, and our incentives are no longer valid.

I had this conversation back in the second week of June. Holly said she would talk to the managers and I they or she would get back to me.

I guess we are just another number. We have shared are issue with other people that are wanting to buy a new home, and even though DR maybe lower in price, I did not recommend them to other interested home buyers.

Krissa of Aurora CO (06/23/08)
1. The upstairs in our home is freezing in the winter time especially in my sons room who has asthma. In the summer time it is boiling hot up there. we have had that looked at a few times with no results!!!! 2. It takes forever to heat up our water which is causing us to waste alot!!!

Krissa of Aurora CO (06/23/08)
First of all let me start by saying I will NEVER EVER reccomend buying a home from this builder. We have had nothing but problems with them since day one. 1. They got the color of our home wrong of all things to do!!! 2. when we did our walk through we put blue tape on everything that needed to be fixed, its been 3 years and believe it or not we still have the tape up where things never got fixed. 3. We have had so many different csr's I lost track. 4. Our window wells in the basement leaked and leaked finally floded our basement(not completely but enough) and It took them forever to come out and fix the problem, meanwhile we had to use a bucket to get as much water as we could out of the window. When they finally did come out to fix the problem it was nothing but an argument to get it done.

So they finally get it all done, so we thought the very next time it rained guess what, yep window wells filled up again. Three times they had to come fix them. Now the last window that was only leaking a little and only on occasion that they said didnt need to be fixed is starting to leak.

Our drainage is WAY WRONG we get nothing but puddles and standing water everytime it rains. Our backyard is nothing but a big puddle of mud and water, its like a swamp. We have complained about that since our very first summer there and nothing yet has been done about it. All of our neighbors have also complained about the same problem.

5. Our driveway started flaking along with more than half the neighborhood so they decided to do just a temporary quick fix meanwhile my husband who has been in the construction business for 9 years told them that it wasnt a permanent fix it would start to flake again, guess what its flaking. We have called EVERYDAY and left messages for the past 2 months now and have yet to recieve a call back. I am still waiting for a call back from last summer(2007) supposedely the person who knew about the grading was sopposed to come look at it for us, he still hasnt shown up!!!!!Its now 6/2008 Something needs to be done about this company who thinks its ok to walk all over its customers!!!!

Craig of Queen Creek AZ (06/05/08)
The grading of our yard ( both on the sides of our house and in the backyard)is incorrect. When it rains our backyard floods around the foundation of our home and pools on our back patio. A large puddle forms underneath our side gate also. All of the water drains

Nadia of Cumming GA (06/01/08)
After rain the water does not go out from our front yard, because the gutters are higher that the yard lever.We bought this house last Septeber... DR Horton refuses to do anything about it.

Now we are 3 days without air condition working. The Reliance company that should be fixing it sending very young employees to repair, and they do not know what they are doing... It is 82 degree in the house when I type this... so sorry if my writing does not have much sense. We have had lots of problems with hard wood floor, it was splintering, and making echo noises all over the house.

They came out and fixed some of the hardwood spots (they said they could fix only 8 spots, because that was how many spots were approved for fixing by DR Horton.

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