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DR Horton Complaints 2009
Friday, 03 April 2009


Theapolis of Breaux Bridge, LA December 9, 2009
Appointment at design center was a rush job. We were not informed of all the changes that we were allowed to make. We thought we were getting slab granite but found out it was tile. We happened to get to construction site in time to let the construction foreman know they were working on our house and needed to widen the doors, and we were supposed to have a construction meeting prior to this but did not. This was not professional. We decided we wanted the granite tile 3 weeks ago but he only started working on it this week and now is saying it is too late to make the change. Nothing has been done professionally. This is not how you work with a customer. I am very dissappointed at this point. How do I get my granite?
Read more:
http://www.consumeraffairs.com/housing/dr_horton.html#ixzz0aeahCTDNJ. of Houston, TX November 28, 2009
House and driveway are badly settling, house moving toward neighbor house because Horton did not stablizie the land before building. Substandard exterior wood is rotting away. Driveway contains no re-inforcing steel and is breaking up. Other concrete in neighborhood has had to be replaced.

Dawn of Spring, TX November 24, 2009
D.R. Horton builders took over our subdivision in October 2009, not only did they damage vehicles lining our streets with vans, they came into our yard and illegally stole our water to saturate their lots so they could plow the ground.

Mark of Durham, NC October 24, 2009
We purchased our home in the latter part of March 2005. Within a couple of months we began to have problems. One of the problems was our backyard. We live at the bottom of steep incline. Every time it rains our backyard and the side of our house flood. I reported this to the D.R. Horton and a couple weeks later they sent landscapers to proceed with a temporary fix by placing angel hair grass on the hill. Unfortunately, this did not last. Also, a couple of months ago, a not so strong wind blew a shutter off our house.

To add to this the carpet in EVERY room of our house has buckled, the hardwoods in the foyer are seperating from the floor, the sheet rock tape near the fireplace ( which we rarely use) is seperating from the wall, AC on the second floor does not even cool the back bedroom at all. The water pressure in the entire house very weak. When we contacted D.R. a couple of months ago via their e-mail complaint line, they sent an e-mail back saying that these were not their problems and that they are not responsible for any of these issues.

Furthermore, they told us to that we need to address these with the builder of the home, and that was it. IF they put their name on the product why shouldn't they be the ones dealing with our problem. We don't even know who the builder was at that time. These homes are poorly constructed. If we knew what we know now, we would have NEVER have purchased such a substandard home. To add insult to injury after I sent the e-mail to DR Horton, our Home Owner's Associaton, sent us a letter of violation for a missing shutter, and they threatened to fine us for the missing shutter. I would never recommend anyone to buy a home from this company. They rush to put up poorly built homes just to make a dollar at the consumer's expense.

HERTBET of BESSEMER, AL October 15, 2009
Half builded my house, Hardwood floors not properly installed & loose flooring, landscaping noy completed. I have dig in the back yard. I have a dig in the back yard. Rooms was not painted right (diffirent colors on the walls. Bathroom down stairs was not complete. Front door lock jamming. My garage doors are diffirent colors & the warranty dept. is giving me the run around. hope you can help

Peter of Mooresville, NC October 5, 2009
I purchased a home from DR Horton in Sept.2005 and expressed to the salesman that I needed a flat lot because my cardiologist in New York said that I should not be mowing a lawn that requires me to exert myself in the summer heat on any type of hilly lot if I have a home built because I had a heart attack and have one artery shut down and one with 2 stints in it. I also explained that I was retired and loved GOLF and wanted a flat lot for these two reasons. I drove down to North Carolina the day before closing to inspect the home and found that the lot I purchased was no longer a slight downgrade but " A STEEP HILL " and the money I paid to have my lot cleared was no longer needed because it was no longer possible to practice my chip shots.

Today my lot as well as my neighbors have between 30' to 40' of back yardthe balance is just a weeded area. I was charged 2,000.00 for a " PREMIUM LOT ' and 2,000.00 to clear it and when the sales person read all the extra charges I was paying ( such as brick front, 12,500.00 ) and read " and 2,000.00 for "Premium Lot" I replied " I don't mind paying 2,000.00 Premium since my lot is almost flat ( Topography map shows a 12' decline over the 190'length. I told the site manager that I would straighten the matter out the next day at closing but didn't know that nobody from DR Horton was present. My real estate agent called the district manager from the closing office on his cell phone and sat waiting for his call but after an extra half hour which was eating into the persons lunch time I said I will sign the documents but I want my money refunded.

Whwn I commented that I am accepting the ,2000.00 for premium lot "Because it is almost flat" was it not the persons responsibility to correct me, because he knew the lot would become a steep hill per the Topography map showed the word " FILL " on all lots on my side of the road. By NOT saying anything, isen't it a confirmation that my statement was correct? Other then the proof ( Documentation ) of the above being fraudulent, I sued in small claims court for FRAUD and the attorney for the builder requested the case be DISMISSED because I signed for Arbitration. I told the magistrate that I did sign the document BUT I have proof that the contract was fraud which would void the contract and the agreement for arbitration should be voided.

The magistrate said, Since you signed for Arbitration, bring the fraud matter up then. Conversation continued between the magistrate and me and she dismissed the case with Prejudice. I appealed the case and signed to have a "Trial by Jury" but received a notice my case was to be handled by Arbitration. I feel that my rights to a "FAIR TRIAL" have been violated and can see that the lawyer's who are located within 5 minutes from the court have established a relationship with the court personal and as in two other case where I was right, I lost. I guess that the court feels that if a fair decision for an individual was common. people would not need a lawyer. The builder knows I have no money to continue this fight otherwise I would have sued 3 years ago. I am 74 years old, retired and only social security as income as my tax the past 2 years shows that I received ALL my money I paid in taxes refunded. Thank You.

Troy of Savannah, TX September 29, 2009
We began dealing with the warranty company for D.R. Horton in Rowlet Texas in 2006 shortly after closing on our new D.R. Horton home in November of 2005. We have not had any peace since we have been living in our home, as we have experienced a major foundation failure and after installation of 47 piers by Advanced Foundation Repair, the soil continued to expand and push our house back off the piers. That is when we decided to take a stand and request that D.R. Horton take responsibility for their failed product and buy it back from us.

Someone said right, that we need to all band together and publish all of our stories on one websight for starters along with pictures and videos of all that we as new home owners are forced to endure because substandard builders like D.R. Horton are allowed to go on building with no consequences for their improper building practices.

Our Signature Huffines Community of Savannah Texas has numerous houses with major foundation problems, water intrusion problems, improper construction problems which are causing many of the issues. Our houses were not designed well enough here to withstand the expansive soil, and our streets and sidewalks and steps leading to our homes is live present proof of this.

This is one of those times that government needs to get involved and quit sitting with the backs turned to consumers that are losing their chance of the "American Dream" and the investment of a life time. Our 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old homes are cracking and leaking. Why won't the Attorney General of the State of Texas get involved. How many more home owners must suffer?

Anthony of Las Vegas, NV September 28, 2009
Well, here's some more negatice publicity for the DR Horton homebuilders.We are already 3 weeks past the promised close date for our new home in Las Vegas. We have sent 4-5 emails and the same number of calls to management and staff in various areas of the country all with no response at all. We are going into a new lease because they didnt keep there word,as well as another month of storage fees.Our local sales agent doesnt respond,her boss promised a call back later that day (no return call), and the regional manager, Seagraves, still no word after 3 emails and 2 phone calls. Where's the customer service? All we wanted originally was the progress report of our home once a week.Now we feel like they're saying "they're going to buy their 225K home no matter what" so on to the next suckers!!

Gregory of Middletown, DE September 28, 2009
Purchased home from DR Horton ~August 2007. Within 1st year of warranty period Noreaster Storm caused water damage around front bay window (August 2008). Subsequently DR Horton attempted to fix seal around window.

In September 2009 a second major Noreaster occurred causing extension water damage at same location (front bay window). Contacted DR Horton again to fix front window leak and perform repair of water damage. Was told house in now outside of warrany period. Attempted to explain to them that the seal was never fixed properly first time and only reason no water damage occurred over last year is because most storms come from west and winds to not hit front of house. DR Horton still refuses to perform repair work on water damage and correct leaking seal around bay window.

Michael of Laredo, TX September 18, 2009
I purchased my home back in June of 2006 and in December of 2008 I filed a warranty request with Dr Horton and was told that someone would come over to check my leaking roof. Its now September of 2009 and Im still waitng for that person to show up. I have submitted several more request and no one has even bothered to return my calls or emails. It's funny how when they are trying to sell you a home they seemed to be hounding you day and night and now that I need there help, they dont seem to care anymore about customer service.

My front porch is leaking but there is no sign of damage to the outside of the roof but you can see there is a dip on the roof. There are no shingles missing but most likey the roofer forgot to put the black paper that goes below before putting the shingles on. I dont think it would be fair to me to fix my own roof already and its only been about two years and having a leaky roof already.Read more: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/housing/dr_horton.html#ixzz0aeU3VmD 

Kathy of Daly city, CA September 16, 2009
We have made numerous request for a few yrs in regards to the deck on the right side of our house that located adjacent to the gas meter and pipe. See how it affects our home below. Anyways, DR Horton finally sent someone to inspect our deck in early August but have not yet responded to us nor came up with an acceptable solution to us. This is totally unacceptable.

I believe all of the Homeowners are very annoyed with their ignorance. It's time for all of us to get together and start a lawsuit against this irresponsible builder. The deck has been settled more than 6 inches, and it continues to settle since our first request. However, Our request for fixing the deck had been ignored by the company and nothing was repaired yet.

Since this deck is located adjacent to the gas pipe, the failing of the deck is creating a serious hazard to our life and property since the deck keep dragging the gas pipe away from our house. In addition, the failing deck also becomes a hazard to the utility company personnel when they come to our house to check the utility meters.

cindy of bessemer city, NC August 16, 2009
kitchen floor unlevel , floor sqeaks through out house. cabinet doors fall apart,windows wont stay on track. gutters are not leaning right for water to flow,plumbing rattles. vynil siding falling loose,kitchen floor sags.textured paper on drywall peeling,from under crown molding.ceiling cracking. the house is falling apart, have contacted dealer. they have come out to look at problems,and have not fixed anything yet. weve been in home since 2004,started having problems right away

Megan of Atlanta, GA July 16, 2009
Our communtity has been plagued with break-ins because DR Horton HOA Board members refuses to keep out community gated at all times! In addition, we will make complaints and our cries are heard in deaf ears! Replacing landscaping (trees) that has been dug up has not been replaced and Brian refuses to replace the tree that was damaged before I closed. The maintainence crew is always new and not certified!!! Sloppy patch up work for 11 month warranty. Floor boards creeking sounds and can see tape through paint on sheet rock walls and ceilings!Developer doesn't take care of empty lots and DR Horton doesn't respond in a timely manner to consumer complaints! Inspector has a rude and honary attitude and lack of communication with homeowner! Barely speak English!!!

Beverly of Rock Hill, SC June 12, 2009
I bought my home - new - in Dec 2006. Six months after moving in we had a leak in the wet bar, which had to be removed along with the dry wall, cabinets, flooring and subfloor. In April 2009 we had the toilet in the upstairs bathroom continue to run and overflow, causing damage to the kitchen ceiling. This toilet has been a problem since we moved in, but was never repaired (until we had it repaired). Yesterday another bathroom upstairs started leaking into the master bath downstairs. Since this has happened after the 2 year warranty period has expired, repairs will be on my dime. It is obvious to me that the plumber that worked on the building of my home had no idea what he was doing, since all of my problems seem to be plumbing related. Of course, that plumber is no longer in business.

Clement of Katy , TX June 4, 2009
Tiles are comming off the floor in the whole house, I contacted them they told me to contact the company that installed them,who informed me the warranted is valid for one year only now my A/C unit has failed and I cant hold of any person to inform me whom Ishould contact to remidy these problems, also when it rains water collects near the foundation which may cause damage in the future.

Jenny of San Jose, CA June 4, 2009
We purchased a home from D.R. Horton because we were relocating from San Jose, Ca. The realtor representing D.R. Horton assured us a closing date of 30 to 45 days. To date, the closing date kept delaying & delaying & now it is going to be 63 days & not the 45 days as she indicated. When we asked for the refund, any reputable company would refund the deposit BUT NOT D.R. HORTON. We had purchased homes in California prior to coming to this wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada & never encountered such unscrupulous tactics to swindle money from ordinary folks. And now we do not have anyone to turn to for help. We hope the general public will be aware of D.R. Horton because they are exactly like thugs.

Chris of patterson, CA May 29, 2009
This is our first home. We have had it since late 2007. We had a water leak first off and with a repair that took over month to get done we had an extreme water bill come with it. The water leak was repaired but the house water was nevered turned back on. We arrived at our home at 11pm and discovered we had no water. We tried to find the valve but it was a street issue. When calling the emergency # we were told someone would come out the next day. My wife was pregnant at the time and suffered severely due to that problem. Then our heater broke within 2 months of owning our home. It started blowing ice cold air out of the vents with a strong force. We were unable to disconnect the unit because we did not have a ladder tall enough to reach.

We called the Emergency # again and was told someone would come out in a few hours. That was some of the coldest nights of the year and we needed the heater. After a few hours no one showed. NO ONE SHOWED UNTIL 3 (three) days later. In between that time I called everyone I could. My wife was pregnant and freezing and no one was coming out. Finally after both JS West and Beulter came out and pointed fingers at each other the problem was that our heater was converted for gas and not propane as needed. With that knowledge Beulter came in to fix it 3 more days later. Thanksgiving was destroyed.

Then Christmas rolls in and the heater does it again. This time we had a ladder. Several days later AGAIN they come out to repair it. Now giving other excuses as to what has been missed or overlooked by the guy who last touched it. The buck was being passed faster than we could keep track. Christmas plans cancelled. Our FIRST Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home and no celebrating, no photos just crying and fighting. No one apologized to us either. Then New Year's Eve big party 92yr. old Grandpa was here and everything and the heater does it AGAIN!!!!!! It was soooooo cold out that everyone had to leave our house just minutes before midnight. Grandma had to get in a car and take a 2 hour ride home. No One came out to fix the problem for 3 MORE DAYS. I left nasty messages on every machine I came across thanking everyone involved for ruining our holidays.

We had a huge water bill that took 5 months to get reimbursed for and as well as a heater bill. There are propane fireplaces in these crappy homes and we were advised by Don W to turn them on to keep warm. The heat doesn't leave the unit and doesn't heat anything and the cost is beyond ridiculous. During all of the drama my wife had a miscarriage. The water here in Diablo Grande is deadly. Seriously, research the net to read about that issue. We don't know if the water or the stress caused our misfortune. Don W and I were on the phone talking about receiving the check for the water/heat reimbursement (he was so happy about that by the way)

During our conversation I ask him what D.R. Horton will be doing for us to make-up for what we have been through. He stated he didn't know but it would be something. 2 weeks later I have another phone conversation with Don W as I was walking around Target in Livermore, CA. He asked me how things were and I said not good because we suffered a miscarriage. He said he was sorry and hoped things go well. I said I hope you have some good news for me. He proceeded to say that D.R. Horton will be willing to do something for us but they don't know what as it wouldn't be monetary. I said, well i'm a new homeowner so any home upgrades would be great. I said I have no landscaping in my backyard and that would be great. He said that sounds doable let me talk to my boss and get back to you.

Several weeks later he was at my home repairing our driveway and I asked him where we stood with the backyard situation. Don W said YES we are going to do that for you but nothing too fancy. I was thrilled and my wife smiled for the first time in weeks. Over the course of several more weeks my wife and I walked through some of the D.R. Horton homes and checked their landscaping. Just 3 doors down from us was a simple basic backyard. I called Don and told him about the home and he said he knew of it. I said we would take something just like that and that would be great and Don W said I'll call you.

After 2 weeks went by I had not heard from him I called him on his promise. Immediately he says you are going to need to call my boss Lloyd B. I say ok and called that moment. Within seconds I me saying my name Lloyd B. says D.R. horton is not in the business of making up for problems with homes and that they will be doing NOTHING FOR US. This was the beginning of many weeks of phone calls and fights and only to have it end up in the hands of Lloyd B's boss whom said Lloyd & Don never said any of the above however, they will give us a 200 Home Depot card for our troubles. I told him to shrove that card where the sun doesn't shine. We made a big mistake buying a D.R. Horton home. We are trying to get through day by day.

scott of oviedo, FL May 26, 2009
If you own a DR Horton home and have complaints about shoddy workmanship or repairs, better sell when you can. We have lived in our home 9 years and have spent the whole time repairing, replacing what crap that we didn't realize when we bought the home. We never signed off on the walk through and they continued doing repair stuff almost 5 years after we bought the home.

Now, we are on our own and it would have been much cheaper to buy a more expensive, better quality home. And, they try to stick it to you every step of the way - always the minimum to keep you from seeing an attorney.

Toni of Buckeye, AZ May 13, 2009
Purchased this house new on 3/19/09. Already have repairs that need done. 2 weeks after move-in, the pipe for the irrigation system broke and water went running down the street. Had the company Palo Verde come down, it took 3 days to fix, and now plants are starting to die. 1 month after move-in, the sink in the downstairs bathroom broke. It took over 2 weeks to get fixed. Now its broke again, the handle just comes right off. It wasn't even fixed right. Upstairs toilet keeps getting clogged. I was able to unclog it the first time, but yesterday it did it again and it won't unclog. Warranty won't cover this issue. Will probably need to call a plumber. The screen door keeps coming off its tracking, but we have it working for now. I'm very frustrated with these problems. This is my first home and did not expect to have this many issues. It seems like they used cheap materials. I'm now worried there will be more problems in the future. 

Edith of Richardson, TX April 22, 2009
I am a TX Realtor, and I was the procuring cause of 2 sales that DR Horton made. I am owed the associated commissions, yet they continue to refuse to pay me.

Kissy of Tampa FL (03/24/09)I have lived in my home since August of 2008. I had to move in fast because I am a student so it was easy to overlook many things on the walk through. Overall they fixed the touch ups on the tile and the paint. The one thing that bothered me about the condo was the smell. When we asked Erik (the man that took us on the walk through) he assured us that it would go away. It was an odd earthy smell, kind of like dirt. Another thing we noticed was that there were bleach spots along the wall. Because we didn't have the time to fix it they lowered the price.

I didn't think much of either of these problems until recently. We had friends visit who worked in contrusction and they asked us upon walking in if we have ever checked for mold, because our house smelled like mold. I blew the idea off until I have a mushroom grow out of my bathroom tile. Since then the corporation came out. The man told us that it was just the smell of us, that everybody has a smell.

He thought our house smelled like flowers. Also the mushroom was explained as just surface mold from water on the tile.

We had a mold company come out, they assured us that we have mold. however, they wanted us to pay a large sum of money to send the mold in to be tested...so we aren't sure that was the best source. The corporation came out again, this time with a camera to measure heat or wetness (I can't remember, but it was to test the walls). They assured us that we didn't have mold. Also they said the bleach stains have nothing to do with it. So now, all I know is that my house smells bad, and the smell is in my belongings when I visit my parents, and in my clothes...the smell hasn't gone away in over 6 months. I honestly don't know what it is. Did anybody have a similar problem with smell?

I will be highly upset if it turns out to be mold, because both my roommate and I have breathing problems as well as all the trouble in trying to get this fixed.

Moises of Sanger CA (03/24/09)
I filed a request fot warrenty work on my roof and two electrical outlets my roof is leaking in two places thus causeing my outlets to go out when it rains it leaks nd gets worse they have been contacted three time and they have yet to try and get hold me.

my roof eves are getting damaged and we are afraid that someday are outlets will catch on fire..

Mark of Oklahoma City OK (03/21/09)
We were looking for a home around the north oklahoma city metro area. We had seen several other homes and had an idea of the avg square foot price. Most of the houses in the 2400 sq ft homes were 250,000 and up. I just happened to look at a new edition of DR Horton homes called West winds. They had 2400sq feet homes for less than 186,000. I knew something was wrong because of this. And I am so glad I took a look inside.

Most of the homes in the West Wind edition were sold. Also the roads were poorly built and incomplete. There were only a couple of 2 storey homes left to sell. One was closed and the other was under construction. I walked in one with my wife. I was shocked at the shoddy construction. They were actually using very thin almost cork board like material for the second floors!!.The second floor was slanted. You would have had to be blind not to see it. Cabinets were super cheap,and even more cheap fixtures. I have seen such fixtures at cheap whole sale stores, worth between 2 and 5 bucks. Bad siding installation, I was able to stick my fingers in between. Worthless windows and doors,better off boarding up . I could see incorrect wiring, improper insulation and missing support beams in critical parts of the house. All this in a house pretty much completed for sale.

Joanne of Portland OR (01/30/09)
I am a Siding and Stone Contractor that was working on a 30 house sub division for DR Horton (Bethany Terrace). My license was temporarily suspended due to unpaid payroll tax so I was released from the project. this money was promised to me when we were released from the project on August 18, 2008 to prevent any liens from the material suppliers, in total $14,335.00 due to my company. This money was from 5 projects in total, 2 of which were 1 day away from completion (lot #24 $10,560.00 & lot #9 $2,900.00 - these were pre agreed upon signed and approved by this company before work on the lots began) and the Job Supervisor was in agreement this money was due and should be paid in full.

Several months of attempted contact with the vice president of the project and he kept putting me off saying payment was ready, now he has ignored me all together for 2 months, I have full documentation of every penny due and now the material contractor is after me for money due, liens have been places and no contact. I have not been able to re-establish my license due to the money due to my company and I owe employee's close to $3,000.00, I have lost my home and my vehicle due to these people need some type of contact from this scandulous company. please help!

Lost my home, 2 vehicles, my business license, good faith with the material suppliers and have not had an income since AUGUST OF 2008, I have had to get food stamps for my daughter and myself as my husband was away until 1-20-09 and the only income in was from my company. In addition I have had threats and attorney letters from employees I owe for labor on these jobs. I have been a single mother, proud female business owner and afraid for the safety of my daughter and what personal property I have left.

It has been a tragic trickle downhill affect, it has caused me to loose everything I worked so hard for and I even underbid these projects so that I could land this job, I was proud to say I was working on a 30 house sub division for DR Horton, and other contractors not to mention acquaintences were impressed - look where it got me!

Steven of North Las Vegas NV (01/24/09)
I purchased my dr horton home in oct. 08. as my nieghbors introduced themselves to me they all told me of the builder reconized, defective coupling in my front yard that conects the main water line to the house. The coupling will burst and the builder has reconized it as being faulty, they all said. my home was never lived in since it was built, I am the first occupant, as this were used for the first time they broke, like the coupling mentioned above.

I contacted the builder, dr horton, and was refered to RSP PLUMBING, the original sub contractor that installed the plumbing and this faulty coupling for dr horton. They gave me the run around as well, they wanted me to contact the builder, I explained that I have already done that and they refered me to rsp plumbing. after three days of this back and forth, and no water to my home, the builder sent out thier director of warranty, dennis t. This ....gentleman.... proceeded to act as if he has never heard of this problem and it could be anything other than the coupling. he is one of the rudest and most condecending persons I have ever delt with, with comments such as, maybe I'm not speaking clearly enough for you am i not speaking a language you understand?. and basically left me with a I dont't care what your problem is , dr horton will not investigate it, nor will they take responsibility for it, attitude and left, with comments such as, good luck with that, have a nice day.

after speaking with rsp plumbing once again, Bernie of rsp. stated, don't worry about it we will take care of it, and was sending a
plumber right over. I stated to Bernie that nobody would be home and asked if that was a problem, she said no. we will take care of it. my wife was leaving for work as the plumber showed up, as she was backing out of the garage, the plumber approached her and said that it was going to be $110. 00 to fix this. she aked the plumber, what for? his reply was, labor, we gotta get paid to, she reluctantly wrote the check due to the fact that I had already dug the hole and located the in fact faulty coupling, he never even back filled the hole, and it took all of 10 minutes to replaced THIER FAULTY COUPLING.

I contacted Bernie at rsp and asked her why they charged me for something they are liable for number one, and number two, why did she say they would take care of it and wound up charging me? she had no real explanation other than I can contact the owner of rsp plumbing and take it up with him. she gave me a ficticious owners name, but through my own investigation I was able to get the correct name and number for the owner. Jack S. I proceeded to leave several phone messeges for him over the next two days but never received a single call back. they did cash my check immediatly though. So if you do not care about your hard earned money, want to be bullied by dr horton, and love to be strong armed by thier sub contractors, spoke to like you don't matter or you are a piece of garbage. dr horton is for you.

This resulted in hundreds of gallons of lost water, close to $50.00 dollars worth, three days of no water, and $110.00 dollars for repair. and I did allthe hard physical labor of digging and back filling the hole.

Karol of Central Village CT (01/12/09)

I purchased a Horton mobile home from a dealer in MS-for my daughter who was homeless post Katrina - I had similar credit problems with their financier as the ones reported above and was then very quickly able to get conventional finacing thro a reputable bank - and that was just the beginning of the nightmare - Horton Hatches Horrors!

They never completed the initial punch list of defects and then summer of '07 the bathroom floor started to give way - Eventually after innumerable 'phone calls legal and PR threats and having to travel to MS from Ct we were able to find out that the floor beam in the bathroom was missing - this was after having an open hole where the toilet had been -for over a month and living with the nightmare of unwanted guests ie cottonmouths. The floor was never repaired correctly and I paid to tile it after 3 tries on their part with vinal - they chipped the tub taking it out etc etc Since there were other spongy spots I requested that they inspect the entire underneath - they refused.

There are major code violations for the electric for a house that they can get qway with for a mobile home - There is very little of the structure that is level and it was not originally (as they tried to cleim the site). The siding was not stapled on properly and buckles in the summer heat - There are definitely anomalies with the roof - The sinks are not set correctly and don't completely drain - I could go on and on -

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