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Sandra McGuire
Send Sandra McGuire an email
posted 23 April 2008 12:37 CET
My house was built in 2002 and I moved in April 2002. The builders of my house did not install a water meter. The village inspector missed this one. Now I am getting outrageous water bills and the reason for this is supposed to be because they had to estimate my usage because the builder forgot to put the meter in when they built the house. What can I do about this, besides continuing to pay these high bills?
Chanwut Poonthanomsook
Send Chanwut Poonthanomsook an email
posted 22 April 2008 18:38 CET
Send Edgar an email
posted 20 April 2008 18:03 CET
Keystone Construction LLC

The list of workmanship defects is very long but here are a few:
1. Outside Brick is stained of paint and cement that was promised to be removed. It makes the building stand out as the worst one in the subdivision.
2. Roof Vents were not installed. The opening was there, but they did not finish.
3. Bad construction of the fire housing unit and mailboxes.
4. Cement Driveway is already cracking
5. Numerous small details that are still pending inside the building.

Loan was postponed for months because the building could not pass inspection. The costs of the loan were passed over to me. Overall customer satisfaction (1 worst - 10 best) is a 1.

Please anyone reading this do not buy a home from Keystone Construction LLC. The promise the best Customer Service, but they don’t have any; I don’t know how they stay in business. I have found other unsatisfied customers, but they don’t where to complain.
Clyde Mason
Send Clyde Mason an email
posted 17 April 2008 04:20 CET
We had a home built by Pringle Development, Eustis, FL. The home developed structural issues during cosntruction. We agreed to allow the company to make repairs subject to a opne-year test period. The company agreed to buy back the hosue and reimburse our carrying costs if the repairs failed at the end of the test period, October 2007. It was clear from visual observation that the repairs failed. Pringle Development is ignoring our request to meet their commitment to buy back the house and reimburse our costs, as promised. The company slogan is "Do The Right Thing" and offers a "Money Back Guarantee". Pringle does not walk the talk.
shirley simmonds
Send shirley simmonds an email
posted 10 April 2008 14:36 CET
Problem Solved!

This letter is written in “Good Faith” as a retraction of any foresaid statements.

According to my conversation on April 10th 2008 1050am with Connie at Cheldan Homes, I am to write a letter of retraction and apology for the statements made on the internet, the BBB of Texas and the TRC. This letter has been written to show "In Good Faith" that our differences have been resolved.
There has been verbal misunderstandings and miscommunications between Cheldan Homes and myself in which we have now resolved these issues at hand as I have sent a letter of explanation on the cancellation of building a new home last week which satisfies the refund of $500.00 dollars which I understand Cheldan Homes has received, Cheldan Homes now has promised me the refund on April 11th 2008.
Send Beatrice an email
posted 27 March 2008 14:32 CET
Recently I contacted Armadillo Homes Warranty Dept. concerning an inquiry about a house I purchased brand new in August 2005 (I’m new to Texas). In the time frame from then until now I have had issues with the siding of my house separating and nails popping out that were used to actually tack the siding down. I was told by Armadillo Warranty Dept. that normally the homeowner recaulks all of the siding on their home yearly here in Texas, and they also replace the nails as necessary, and that they do not see any claim that involves them. If you’re interested in seeing the pictures I sent to Armadillo Homes Warranty Dept. please contact me. I’m just wondering if what I have been told is true, and if it is true I’m impressed by the number of home maintenance specialists we have here in Texas

shirley simmonds
Send shirley simmonds an email
posted 25 March 2008 15:32 CET

On 02-26-08 I went to Sendra Ranch in Haslet Texas. I wanted a house built for me by Cheldan Homes so I spoke with a builder Harold who promised me the world... Yaeh Right! I told him that I am not too sure if I could qualify for 122,000.00. He reassued me there will be no problem just give him $500.00 and he will set up a lender for me. I asked if the loan is not satisfactory, do I get my money back? Harold said, Cheldan Homes will not keep the money! The lender told me that verbally that my income ratio does not meet the standards. So I spoke with other lenders who advise me the thing. My income is 1600.00 per month how can I manage a 1,000.00 mortgage. So the lender at southwest mortgage Sean refused to send a letter to Cheldan Homes stating the loan was denied. I want my $500.00 dollars back! Those shisters will not give me my money! Tell me how a person can live on 600.00 a month for food, gas and utilities?
I guess I lost $500.00 ...does anyone else want $500.00 because I am giving away money here!
Send charles an email
posted 23 March 2008 15:00 CET

They are dishonest and their broker from Coldwell banker doesn’t follow through on problems during construction. I’ve been lied to and was forced to spend much more money then I had planned on.

Regarding the landscaping, Top Notch Homes does NOT allocate enough money for the landscapers to do the job properly. For example, I had to hire a company to add sprinkler heads due to insufficient water coverage. My lawn had dead spots because certain areas we not getting any water. Also, water hammering in the system is a problem. There is NO money allocated for a suppression system. All you get is an inadequate sprinkler system for the front yard.

Also plan on spending a few hundred to about a thousand dollars to have deadbolts installed. The doors that come with the house do not have cutouts for deadbolts and the hardware included for all the doors is CHEAP and must be replaced after moving in.
Kimberly Harris
Kimberly Harris's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; YPC 3.0.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Kimberly Harris an email
posted 28 February 2008 20:34 CET
Savoy Custom Homes of The Woodlands Texas, They do not pay their sub-contractors, there are alot of leins on their homes. They owe so much money. The homeowners are now pulling their homes from them
Ms. Jefferson
Ms. Jefferson's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Zune 2.0) Send Ms. Jefferson an email
posted 27 February 2008 20:14 CET
Gehan Homes! Gehan Homes! Defective Gehan homebuyers I need to hear from you!!!!! continues......Beware if Jerry Coffee engineered your foundation. I found out he used a soils report from Phase 1 of my subdivision to engineer my foundation and I live in the last built house in Phase 3. I filed a complaint with the Texas Professional Board of Engineers and I'm wating on the outcome of that. Can you believe that my foundation was engineered based upon the soil miles away from my home. I hired a structural engineer to analyze the structural elements of my nearly 4 year old home in 12/07 and I found out that I needed 22 piers. If this isn't a defective foundation/home then I don't know what is. Next I sent a letter to Gehan Homes president Tim Gehan and informed him of the defective foundation and I receive a letter from the warranty deparment 31 days later stating quotes from RCLA and how they should be notified 60 days prior to filing a lawsuit and they want a reasonable opportunity to inspect my home. Next they send out Advanced Foundation Repair Company(you know the foundation repair company Troy Aikman endorses) to inspect the foundation. Then the area manager Lee Olsen comes out a week and half later and inspect my house and he's constantly giving excuses as to why my home isn't in that bad of shape. Drum roll please!!! I get a letter from Gehan Homes offering to repair some of the damage the foundation caused but not offering to fix the actual foundation. Mr. Synder of Advanced Foundation repair stated my home was performing as it should according to TRCC standards. I no longer have use of my front door because the arch has separated and the bricks have separated so badly someone could get hurt coming to my front door. The door is also blocked off on the outside. Next, the garage door header has separated, I have severe cracks in the foundation, and now instead of having an actual slope in my front yard so that excess water will not gather around the foundation; the house is sloping backwards so I have a hill in my front yard and my house sits behind it. Next, the SIRP (State Inspection Request Process) will begin. I found out today Gehan Homes didn't even register my home with TRCC and they want me to pay for the regisration. My closing papers said Gehan Homes was going to pay the $30.00 fee and I expect them to do just that so I filed a complaint. I'll keep you posted and hopefully my fellow Texans that get Fox 4 News; I may be able to get a spot on the "What's Buggin You" segment. I submitted my information yesterday and if so I will post so you can watch.
Susan H.
Susan H.'s IP Logged Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080201 Firefox/ Send Susan H. an email
posted 25 February 2008 13:17 CET
We purchased a home from Ryland Homes in Texas 10 years ago. The final punch list was still being done the day prior to closing. At closing, there were many financial discrepancies. We stood our ground and they finally corrected, but it took 6 hours to get closing complete. This should have been our first indication of a problem. There were several items on the final punch list that were not completed the day prior...and they stated they would fix the item Approximately 50% were major, and 50% minor.
After 2-3 years of threatening, attorneys threatening, we finally gave up. The corrections have been paid for by us. The roof was replaced at 5 years and a leak started. This took multiple repairs due to design flaws. This should have been covered by 10 year warranty. Forget about the Warranty--- it is owned by Ryland. What makes you think they are going to repair after 5 years, when they would not honor their commitments at the beginning.
They have been banned from building in our town, but the state could care less. I sent 3 complaints to FTC. No response. I hope this has improved.
In the last 10 years, I have taken every opportunity to dissipate this information about Ryland.
Mark Cuny
Mark Cuny's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.1) Send Mark Cuny an email
posted 19 February 2008 15:55 CET
I purchased my first home in October 2006 while I was in Iraq doing contract work. My sister was my power of attorney and signed all the paperwork for me. We found a brand new home in the Wildomar/Murrieta area with Beazer homes, and I was pre-approved right away because of my good credit and income. At the time, I was pre-approved for 100% financing with an interest rate at 6% on the 1st loan (80%) and 8% on the 2nd loan (20%). Beazer Homes said that if I used their mortgage company they would throw in 20K in upgrades and pay for my closing costs. They also said they could beat my lst mortgage interest rate with a 5.5% interest only 5 Year ARM vs. the 6% my bank was offering. This sounded perfect! Little did we know, the loan officer was crooked. She verbally told us the rate was 5.5%, and when my sister signed the loan paperwork, she also explained it to her that it was a 5.5% interest only 5 Year ARM. What she neglected to say and point out in the large stack of loan papers was that the 5.5% rate was a negative amortization rate, and that my REAL interest rate is 8.5%. (Linda Smith and Beazer Mortgage would be making a killing on this loan by marking my interest rate up - that meant a great deal of money in Linda's pocket - at my expense!)

Once I received my closing paperwork and first mortgage statement - we realized we had been conned. Needless to say, I love this home and want to keep it. I have perfect credit and decided to pay the 8.5% interest rate for a year and then just refinance when my one year prepayment penalty was up. This meant I was stuck in Iraq doing contract work for a year more than I planned. This also meant leaving behind my new wife (married in 3/2007) in a large home all by herself. I am working to pay for a home I cannot even live in or enjoy. Now a year later with the decline in home values,I cannot even refinance. EMC Mortgage could easily give me a loan modification, but they say I have to leave my job in IRAQ and fall behind on my payments before they will assist me. This is crazy! I am basically risking my life to be able to pay down all my other bills so I can hopefully one day come home and join the police force and afford my mortgage. I have worked too hard to have a credit score of above 720 to just throw it all away because Beazer Mortgage/Linda Smith and EMC Mortgage are not ethical. Note: I am not the only buyer that Beazer Mortgage conned. My next door neighbor is in the same scenario.

Wildomar, California
Ray Koenig
Ray Koenig's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; FunWebProducts; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Visit Ray Koenig's Homepage Send Ray Koenig an email
posted 18 February 2008 07:47 CET
It sounds as if Mikel has never had a bad experience with a builder. There are some good builders, but then there are some who aren’t. If Mikel had spent a FRACTION of the time that “the lady who started this site” has spent researching and documenting these problems, then Mikel would know that MANY, MANY people have ASKED for help from the builder and have been turned away, or have ASKED and ASKED and ASKED… and the problem is never addressed. Shame on you, Mikel, for “popping off” without doing your homework first!
mikel's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; InfoPath.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727) Send mikel an email
posted 15 February 2008 16:58 CET
Question the lady that started this site and the people that look and write on it every day, what do you reccomend I do?? Where do I live?? What should I buy? Every single home builder out there you say they suck.....well maybe we should all just live in tents...... maybe you should talk your problems out with the builder..huh ever think of that?? What are all these millions of people who live in HOMES doing???Living with walls falling down????No, get a life people and figure out your problems and ASK for help
Andrew Chumney
Andrew Chumney's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Media Center PC 3.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR Send Andrew Chumney an email
posted 6 February 2008 10:05 CET
Lennar Homes

RE: 7954 S Scottsburg Court – Blackstone Community


My wife and I currently live in Water Valley, a Golf Community in Windsor, CO and we like the openness and infrastructure of a golfing community. Recently, I have taken a project in the Tech Center in Colorado so my wife and I have been looking in the Parker area for a new home. Our plans were to find the community we desired and select a builder from the workmanship we observed during our search; our expectations were to close on a house sometime in January or February.

My wife went to the Lennar Blackstone Community and met with Ruben; they discussed some floor plans and pricing sometime in the last week of September.

On Saturday, September 30, 2006 my wife and I revisited the Blackstone community again to preview some of the homes within the community. We found a house with what we thought to have an ideal location on the golf course and the house met a good number of the design elements we were looking for; Ruben was not there at the time so we discussed pricing and availability with Sheryl.

After a short discussion with Sheryl we decided we wanted to explore the purchase of the house identified above, with a quoted price of $ 529,000.00 (five hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars). Among all the other normal items covered by Sheryl and some brief questions we were told the social membership was included in the purchase price and a golf membership was an additional 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand dollars). We were told the home owner’s association dues of $ 55.00 per month would include all greens fees except for cart rental. We asked Sheryl to create a purchase agreement for us to review.

These numbers are comparable to what I expected, especially considering the golf course in not open and no amenities have been built yet. The documents we were given (purchase agreement and the supporting documents) did not have any pricing or other pertinent facts with respect to the membership fees or contract obligations. As a side note, the preparation of the purchase agreement and assembly of the required disclosure documents was one of the most hap hazard events I think I have ever witnessed for the foundation of financial transaction of this size. This basically sets the stage in my mind for the rest of this story.

The status of the house allowed for a quick close, less than 30 days from the time the purchase agreement was written. The following week I had consul review the purchase agreement and noted a few items but nothing unexpected. Discussions of the “earnest money” topic were dismissed as a meaningless point as the house was closing in less than 30 days, we were not requiring any additional effort or expense from the builder (Lennar) and we were using the preferred lender of Lennar. This opinion was also echoed by our other lending source.

Brandon, with the finance group was recommended and since the contract ties significant incentives to the use of Lennar’s preferred lender, we worked with him to secure the financing for the house with him even though our bank has indicated they would like the business and could provide a slightly better rate. Our view was that we got a fair price on the house, so we can live with the financing parameters to make the numbers work for both parties and quite frankly I felt the renegotiation of the purchase agreement would have been more painful than it was worth.

The following week Ruben and Sheryl were out with training and Ruben had a death which he had to attend to. I completely understand this and did not feel an extreme since of urgency, but I did attempt to get clarification of few topics, specifically the country club membership and it’s transference clauses. At one point I was told by Ruben, “This really isn’t part of the deal for the house, you need to come down and talk to ‘the guy in the trailer across the street’”. I didn’t accept that answer and told Ruben to get clarification on this topic.

Ruben and I had several conversations related to the purchase agreement; every conversation I was pressured about the earnest money check. This was the case before and after Brandon with the lending company had gotten approval for the loan. I will admit it became rather irritating to me because I hate being sold to and I still do not see the point. My view of this transaction at this point is consistent with a complete lack of proper disclosure and all I can think about is what surprises await me at the closing table.

During the next conversation with Ruben I was informed that the home owner’s dues would increase from $ 55.00 per month to $ 85.00 per month once the club house was built. Which the club house is “expected” to be completed in the first quarter of 2007, but no ground work has even started as of the date of this letter. I tabled the increase in HOA fees as an oversight since everyone I spoke with at this community said they were new and didn’t know the ropes. At that point I told Ruben to go figure out what the real story was relative to the golf membership. Of course this conversation is ended with Ruben asking about the earnest money check. Ruben stated that if someone else wanted to purchase the house he would sell it them. I responded with,” Then sell the house to someone else.” He back peddled and said he would clear the way.

The next conversation with Ruben, I was informed the initial golf membership is now an additional $25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand) to be paid by us; this is in addition to the social membership which was to be paid by Lennar. I was also informed at that time the home owner’s dues will go up from the revised $85.00 to $440.00 per month if I elected to join. This was again followed by the topic of the earnest money check. I informed Ruben my patience was wearing thin, especially considering nearly every time I speak with him the basis of this transaction changes.

Finally, the morning of October 10th, I delivered the signed purchase agreement to T.J. (Because again Ruben is not in the office due to his regular day off) and I expressed my distrust and frustration with this situation and there is no way I was going put $ 8,000.00 (eight thousand dollars) at risk with a company that has not been able to deliver the facts surrounding this transaction so far. T.J. agreed with me in concept and we signed a purchase agreement without the earnest monies applied to the final price. T.J. then made it clear that Ruben must still get the purchase agreement approved with his manager. My reply was simple; “I believe that Ruben wants to have this conversation with his boss rather than me having this conversation with his boss.”

During this visit I informed T.J. that I had scheduled a home inspector for 8:30am on October 11th and T.J. made arrangements to get my inspector access to the house. At 5:10pm Brandon called to ask for the best address to Fedex loan documents. At 6:30pm on the same day, October 10th while I was driving home to Windsor, I got a call from T.J. to go over the walk through and closing dates, after a brief review we agreed on the dates, with a final closing on October 26, 2006 which hadn’t changed. T.J. then asked me again for the earnest money check and I again informed him that I will not present a check based on my experience to date, the conversation earlier that day and now a revised/signed purchase agreement. I was then told that if I did not deliver a check than the house will be sold to former Lennar employee.

I had to contemplate for a few seconds the absolute lack of ethics that it took for anyone to say that and attempt to extort funds with full knowledge of the circumstances AND within the same discussion about closing this deal with no obstacles. My follow-on thoughts centered around how this transaction has been an absolute train wreck from the moment I said I was interested and now with everything in place complete for this sale I am presented with an ethical issue like this.

I told to T.J. to sell the house to the former Lennar employee and hung up.

This final turn of events, in my opinion, underscores the reason for my decision not to put any funds at risk with this group. The purchase agreement clearly defines any earnest funds are refundable at the sole digression of Lennar homes and any disputes will need to be resolved through arbitration.

In complete disbelief.
Activity Log:
10/11/2006 2:35 – Sent this letter to Margaret Stark. (Never got any Reply)
10/11/2006 2:37 – Replied to Brandon Short email and attached a copy of this letter.
10/11/2006 11:15 – Filed Complaint online with Customer Service at Lennar.
10/11/2006 11:15 – Filed Complaint with Better Business Bureau.
10/11/2006 11:32 – Brandon Short from Universal American Mortgage Company called and asked if I had herd anything regarding the email sent to Margaret. I informed that I had not heard anything from anyone. He seemed quite surprised at the turn of events and stated he “was not aware they were running me through the ringer.” I reminded him that he and I also discussed the earnest funds and we agreed this was a non-issue. Brandon said he would have the regional director for Lennar Homes call me.
10/11/2006 19:45 – Arrived home to find FedEx package from lender with loan documents and a congratulations letter on the purchase of our new house.
10/12/2006 10:12 – Scott Shanks (303) 356-8491 Fax (303) 779-5490 with Lennar called from the Customer Service complaint. After a long discussion surrounding the circumstances of this transaction Scott informed me that the house was not sold and that he wanted to make this right. He said that this is not the way he wanted to a customer experience to be conducted. I believe he had the best intentions but his management wouldn’t let it happen.
10/12/2006 – 2:50 p.m. Scott Shanks called back – Unbelievably he begins the conversation with “there are two other people that are looking to buy this house.” Then proceeds to tell me, “his supervisor is upset with him because he(Scott) promised to keep this home off the market for another day.” I proceeded to illustrate to him how this conversation is not where he wanted to go. He then said he would go talk to his supervisor and he would call me back.

10/12/2006 – 3:30 p.m. – Scott called back on a conf phone, we had a long conversation which is summarized below; there was someone else in the room who did not speak. Scott proceeds to tells me the earnest money is a corporate policy and he can not get around this policy and “we do not have a deal”. I then asked Scott, "If we didn't have a deal then how do I have the loan documents for this house from Lennar’s lending partner in my brief case?" He didn't have an answer.

I told him if this is truly a corporate policy, I did not have a problem with the earnest funds, but he needed to guarantee the return of funds if the deal did not close due to disclosure or construction issues. He would not guarantee the return of funds.

I brought up the subject of the extremely poor corporate reputation of Lennar homes in Florida, California and Phoenix to illustrate why I would request a guarantee of the returned funds. He stated, “perhaps Lennar is not the builder for me.” I then asked what the company was willing to do to demonstrate that this is not an accepted customer experience that I have had to this point. He said the company was not willing to do anything for the experience I have had, he agrees that this is not the way a customer should have been treated but “we don’t have a deal and Lennar may not be the builder for me.” I told him he was correct, and this matter will not end here. I asked him how he thought his CEO would handle this situation; Scott replied that he didn’t know.

The end result is that Lennar is willing to admit that this transaction was botched for the start and that we were treated horribly, in my opinion continued to be treated horribly, but Lennar is not willing to do anything to make it right. I would define this as a complete contradiction to the companies own stated corporate governance and rules of conduct throughout this botched transaction. The tactics described above may work for homes between 150K and 300K but Lennar has no business in this space, there are no real ethics in this company.

Copied from the Lennar Web Site:

Fair Dealing

• Each associate and officer will at all times deal fairly and in good faith with the Company and the Company's customers, subcontractors, suppliers, competitors and associates. While we expect our associates to try hard to advance the interests of the Company, we expect them to do so in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of integrity and ethical dealing.

• No associate or officer is to take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged or confidential information, misrepresentation of material facts, fraudulent behavior or any other unfair-dealing practice.

Do you think the company complied with their own "Fair Dealing" Policy?

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