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Alan Nesensohn
Send Alan Nesensohn an email
posted 24 July 2008 05:48 CET
Having a problem with reflective distortion of siding . Bothe the builder and the siding company told me that its not their problem. Can you help me . Thanking you in advance .

Alan Nesensohn
Robert Talamantes
Send Robert Talamantes an email
posted 14 July 2008 13:52 CET
We live in Marble Falls, TX, and worked with Shawn Hazel DBA Hazel Builders to construct our new home. We were impressed in the beginning by his apparent talent and his attention to our homebuilding goals. Since the completion of our home, however, we have had several problems with the house and with Hazel. Our home, less than a year old, sustained some water damage during a rain storm. Three rooms in our house flooded as the water seemed to seep in through the walls. It took several weeks and repeated phone calls to get Hazel to respond. He showed up to caulk the rock edge on the exterior of the house. We also had some electrical problems, and he never responded to requests to have that checked out, and we eventually contacted the electrician ourselves. We have had the most trouble in regards to his dealings with subcontractors. He has failed to pay several of them (7 mos after completion) and our painter wants us to sue Hazel so he can get paid for his work. Hazel assures us he has made arrangements for payment to the painter, but the painter has yet to be paid and Hazel seems to be avoiding his calls as well as ours.
I would hate to see anyone enter into a contract with Hazel and spend the next few years taking calls from people he has not paid and trying to get warranty work taken care of.
christine sochacki
Send christine sochacki an email
posted 11 July 2008 20:23 CET
July 11, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for taking the time to review this letter documenting the problems we are having with the builder of our new town home. I’ve composed a brief timeline/outline of the problems we have had with them since our purchase date, which is as follows:

On June 20th we purchased a town home built by G Carey Construction. We did our walk through on June 18th and there were some issues presented to the builder at that time.

- Hardwood Floors needed to be re-sanded and stained
- Broken microwave and refrigerator (this has been resolved, but this took 20 days to get it resolved)
- Broken ceiling fan
- Screen in basement ripped
- Countertops in kitchen dull and poor finish- I was told this would not be something the builder would correct.
All of these items were on our final inspection list, and we were promised that all these items would be corrected to our satisfaction.

I have tried talking with the builder, but every time I call I get the same answer - he will send someone out, but so far, no one has come out. The last call I made, on Thursday July 3, 2008, I spoke to his assistant, Donna at 630-529-9781. She indicated she would not be able to send anyone out for months or maybe never, and then hung up. She also said that we are not her first priority.

Apparently, at one time G Carey Construction had the manpower to fix and repair issues. But during the bad market, he has had to let the good people go and hire 1 or 2 people without any experience to finish what he had started. This builder built 25 town homes 2 years ago and has only sold two homes and he is renting two homes. He should be grateful that we bought one since the real estate market is so depressed at this time. I saw the models before buying and his models do not look like the house that I bought. This builder is less than honest. The quality of work is not what was promised when we were considering purchasing one of his homes.

It’s obvious how disappointed and frustrated we are at this point. When you spend over $300,000.00 for a home, you expect it to be the quality you selected, and you have a right to get what you paid for. At this point, we just want our repairs made and a monetary reimbursement for items in the house that were not of the same quality as represented by the model and what we personally selected and paid for. We have not yet been billed for association fees, but general maintenance is also not being provided.
We had talked to the original realtor Amanda Wallace with Prudential Preferred Properties 773-909-3739, the builder was using to sell his properties, and while I have no documentation, she indicated that they are also taking the builder to court, as he is rejecting offers to buy, based on discrimination.

Please feel free to call me at 630-965-0280 with any questions or suggestions you have. We really appreciate you help in this situation and eagerly await your response.


Christine Sochacki
831 Jameson CT East
Carol Stream, IL 60188
President Manor Town Homes
Send MDFB an email
posted 25 June 2008 08:30 CET
Keystone Crossing Community is located within Research Triangle Park,NC. a factor in making my decision to reside here. . In my initial purchasing experience, I felt that as a home buyer, making a lifetime investment with Keystone Crossing should ultimately be both a joyful and exciting process. However, since purchasing my home I have been treated poorly. The sales office might treat you well before closing. However, after the closing, when I attempted to get answers to questions or have requests, they actually kicked me out of the sales office and asked me never to return. I have worked with a lot of builders before (including Pulte, Centex...). I would really suggest you do your homework and talk to Keystone Crossing neighbors before you buy any property from Perry Builders and Jordan Built homes. You may be shocked by what you find out.
Send Erin an email
posted 24 June 2008 18:39 CET
My name is Erin Beardsley and I live in Chambersburg, PA. I am writing to you because my family is suffering at the hands of a home builder whom we bought a house from in April of 2005, Sponseller Homes. My home is a basic split level house with a finished lower level family room that consists of a full bath room, laundry room, sump pump room and a common area which we use as a family room. In addition, there is a crawl space which is used to store all of our storage. Our lower level family room has flooded 3 times since we purchased it, each time ruining all the carpeting, bathroom flooring and whatever possessions were on the floor in our crawl space.

The first flood occurred in January of 2006. On this occasion, we lost the majority of the basement flooring to include, carpet, padding, and some wood molding. In addition, many of our personal possessions were destroyed. When the first flood happened I was 3 months pregnant with our son. I was attempting to move all our possessions out of the crawlspace when I started having contractions. I was forced to stop working and had to lie down and watch as our possessions were ruined.
Immediately after the flood Sponseller Homes was contacted. As a remedy to the water issue, they decided to install a larger sump pump in place of the current pump. Sponseller Homes did not offer to help with the expenses incurred by the flooding to include, clean up, disposal, repair, and replacement.
Four months later, in May of 2006, the second flood occurred. The brand new carpet, padding, and molding that had just been replaced were again ruined. In addition, on this occasion, the linoleum in the bathroom had been destroyed. I was still pregnant and again, was put under an enormous amount of stress.
Sponseller Homes was again contacted. This time the remedy was to dig a second crock and install a second sump pump. Instead of a crock similar or bigger than the original, Sponseller opted to dig a 12”X 12” X 11”deep crock next to the main sump pump. The second pump barely fits into the crock allowing for little to no space between the pump and the walls of the crock. The crock is so insufficient that it is almost impossible for an individual to fit a hand inside the crock to manual turn on the pump.
Our home flooded for a third time in March of 2008. There was a hard rain and the main sump pump could not keep up with the amount of water. The water level rose above the top of the sump and spilled out onto the floor. The water also came in through the edges of the foundation and up through substantial cracks in the floor. Additionally, the second pump Sponseller had installed to combat such an issue was rendered useless as it had never even kicked on. Again, the carpet and padding that had been on the floor had been destroyed. In addition, the linoleum in the bathroom had bubbled up and now the drywall had been damaged at various places along the base of the walls around the lower level of the house.
Sponseller Homes was again contacted. Didn’t bother to install any replacement flooring or help with the clean up so the burden of clean up and restoration rest solely on us. We also have a large crack that covers the entire common area that gets worse with every flood. Sponseller has now offered to pay for 3 more sump pump be installed right next to the 3 we already have bringing the total to 6 sump pumps for an 1800 sqft home.

Searching for answers why our house won’t stop flooding I came across aril photos taken at least a year before our home was constructed. The photos showed our lot with a drainage pond where my house now sits. When I found these photos I began asking people in my neighborhood about this drain pond and I found that not only was it a pond but several people witnessed my home under construction with over 3 feet of water in the lower level family room that was never disclosed to us at all by Sponseller Homes at any time. I also consulted with a neutral builder who stated that our main sump crock was only 17”deep and the standard is at least 23” deep. When asked, the superintendent stated that he couldn’t be sure if there were any interior or exterior drain tiles installed when the foundation was poured.

We have asked Sponseller Homes to buy us out of our home and they have refused and are prepared to take us through arbitration that we can’t afford in the first place. My family is a single income family and I have 2 kids who we need to provide for. We have spent a lot of money ourselves that we could not afford to try to remedy this problem and I am now facing the possibility that my family is being exposed to toxic mold and that we will never be able to use ¼ of our home that we paid and still are paying dearly for. I am starting to see that we are just an inconvenience to this builder and since we have no money or political stature we will just be swept under the carpet and forgotten about while they move on a destroy someone else’s life.

We are begging for help in any way we can get it and I am hoping that someone will help me stand up to this builder who obviously cares nothing for its customers or it reputation. I do not have any hope that arbitration is going to work in our favor to help us based on research I have found on the matter. The value of our home has dropped with every flood in no doubt suffer considerably when there are 6 sump pumps in one 6’ X 8’ room to control the water to a 1800 square foot house.

Erin Beardsley
Bob W
Send Bob W an email
posted 22 June 2008 08:41 CET
---TopNotch Homes / CMS Sullivan builders---
Located in Massachusetts, Dracut (Meadow Creek), and NH are DECEITFUL and UNSCRUPULOUS!!!

I have had many repair issues that have taken about a year of arguing with them and their vendors - and the major items have NEVER been repaired. The Forman and the broker they use were at times belligerent. If I could do it all over again I NEVER would have chosen TopNotch Homes / CMS Sullivan builders. Judging by my experience these builders could not care less about the buyer.

The whole process was a nightmare. They still refuse to make things right. I had to file a formal complaint just to get warranty service - the foreman, builder and their broker have lied to me. They never apologize or even admit a mistake has been made. If you’re thinking about using TopNotch / CMS Sullivan builders please reconsider or send me an email before you commit.

A sample of problems with TopNotch Homes / CMS Sullivan builders:

Settling Problems
Broker lied about options and allowances
Forman lied to cover up mistakes
Damaged doors installed
Information withheld
Incompetent Broker

…and during all my troubles the builders and their electrician were literally playing golf!!!

The rationale of TopNotch Homes / CMS Sullivan builders eludes normal reasoning. If they had been truthful and committed themselves to the repairs I’m entitled to I would have offered a recommendation, but they instead chose to screw me over.
Send neri an email
posted 15 June 2008 19:29 CET
hello, I have had my home for 6 years and I we have had a horrible experience with my airconditioner. 1st we have had 2 compressors changed each of the last 2 years and also with other parts, My homebuilder says there is nothing they can do but I think I got ripped off with this junk.

neri navarro

please help!
Larry Restine
Send Larry Restine an email
posted 12 June 2008 12:49 CET
Joe Van Dyke DBA Texas Hill Country Estates, JV Investment Group Inc. was contracted to build our home in April of last year. Nine months later we moved in despite the fact that not all rework had been completed. It was just before Thanksgiving and we had a house full of guests.
We almost froze and discovered we had no insulation in the attic. It was insulated a couple of weeks later.
We had an extensive punch list and some of it was being completed when we got our first lien notice in January. during the next month we received 6 more lien notices from sub contractors who had not been paid.
We contacted the TRCC and filled out the required paper work only to be told later the TRCC would need at least two more complaints to pursue andy kind of action against the Van Dykes.
We contacted the title company after we discovered the certificate of completion was missing from our copy of the closing documents. The title company had failed to get the builder to sign the document stating that there were no unpaid subs. When it was finally signed on January 28th, the builder attached an addendum listing 21 subs that were still owed a total of $52,000.00.
The title company (Independent Title) had charged us for title insurance but failed to transfer it to our permanent financing.
Joe Van Dyke and company has failed to pay the subs as of this date. The title company has denied any responsibilty as of this date. The TRCC has done nothing as of this date.
We are on our second lawyer and he has begun the process of vigorously pursuing the parties involved. So far my attorney fees total $6,200.00.
DJ Lee
Visit DJ Lee's Homepage Send DJ Lee an email
posted 8 June 2008 16:57 CET

There have been a TON of repair issues that have not been fixed and we have been calling the builder for the last 3 months. His phone never rings always got straight to voicemail and he will not return our phone calls. We have got a hold of him once and he was disrespectful to my wife. He actually argued that something was already fixed when nobody had ever been out. If we could do it all over again we would NEVER of chosen him or his house. Awful, disrespectful and could not care less about the buyer.
Visit Alex's Homepage Send Alex an email
posted 30 May 2008 14:29 CET
CW Custom Builders STINKS!

I bought a home from CW Custom Builders and the whole process was a nightmare. We had to replace the driveway, found mold, were left with a swamp of a back yard...the list goes on and on. They were impossible to deal with and still refuse to make things right. The whole thing is documented on my blog, so if you are thinking about using CW Custom Builders, check out the blog before you commit.
Visit Alex's Homepage Send Alex an email
posted 30 May 2008 14:26 CET
CW Custom Builders STINKS!
Bob W
Send Bob W an email
posted 15 May 2008 19:52 CET
------TopNotch-Home builders------

After I bought my Top-Notch home the smoke detectors were constantly going off for no reason. I had been calling the electrician for literally months and couldn’t get him to replace the faulty detectors. I assumed it was because he was busy, but one day I caught him on the golf course with the builders! These people are UNBELIEVABLE. They have absolutely no conceptual understanding of ethical conduct. I’ve had other problems too – I’ll just say this:

Do NOT buy a home from CMS Sullivan or TopNotch-Home builders in NH, MA areas!!!
Send TomS an email
posted 6 May 2008 15:58 CET
TopNotch Homes & CMS Sullivan
Tewksbury (Ames Run), Dracut (Meadow Creek) and New Hampshire areas.

Here’s what to expect from these builders:

Improper plumbing - sewer gasses and odors entering the house, Routing lines to the dishwasher – punched through cabinet woodwork with a hammer
Hot water feed kinked to the dishwasher, Trash and debris left in the yard, basement, underneath porch...etc. These builders are NOT trustworthy!
Send TomS an email
posted 6 May 2008 15:54 CET
TopNotch Homes & CMS Sullivan
Tewksbury (Ames Run), Dracut (Meadow Creek) and New Hampshire areas.

Plumbing vent trap in bathroom sink - sewer gasses and odors entering the house
Routing lines to the dishwasher – punched through cabinet woodwork with a hammer
Hot water feed kinked to the dishwasher
allison phillips
Send allison phillips an email
posted 24 April 2008 15:49 CET
My husband and I purchased an Ertzberger home from Peggy Slappey reality in Jefferson, GA. The night that we signed our buyers order, we were promised three inspections of the home. One was scheduled prior to closing, another one month after closing, and yet another one year after closing. We were told by the real-estate agent that we were probably going to find repairs that needed to be done after we had closed and actually moved into the home. He was right, however, Peggy Slappey Reality and Ertzberger Builders, LLC, are not honoring their word and are refusing to do any further repairs. Such as; paint, hunks of sidewalk are missing, doors were not completely painted, floor pops, and electrical problems, just to name a few. We do not want to go into arbitration, but will if it comes to that point. For now we have decided to hit them where it hurts. We are picketing the neighborhood, posting a web site, taking a news paper add out, and reporting them to the better business bureau in order to warn the public about these two dishonest companies.

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