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Dave Romesburg
Visit Dave Romesburg's Homepage Send Dave Romesburg an email
posted 16 March 2009 08:42 CET
more pictures and updates coming soon.. Brand new townhouse, built by "Pittsburghs #1 Custom Home Builder".. Check out our site and see what issues we've had since 3 months into our brand new house. 5 years later, issues still exist and the builder is committed to customer satisfaction?
Eddie K.
Send Eddie K. an email
posted 11 March 2009 07:10 CET

Unless you want to find holes in walls, unpainted drywall, and othe deceptive trade practices that violates the Texas Consumer Protection Act.
Eddie K.
Send Eddie K. an email
posted 11 March 2009 07:05 CET
If you've purchased a home in Texas from McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. (MHI) to include Plantation Homes, and are having problems with poor workmanship or structural issues that they are not willing to repair please file a complaint. Please file a complaint with the Fderal Trade Commission, the Texas Attorney General General, and the TRCC (which really won't do anything, but it's worth a shot). With these agencies, there is always power in numbers. Thanks and good luck.
Eddie Kim
Send Eddie Kim an email
posted 5 March 2009 11:40 CET
In December of 2008, I purchased a Plantation Home, which is apart of McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. (MHI). I closed on the home with the promise from the Plantation Homes staff that any faults or poor workmanship would be corrected. As part of closing I signed a sales contract and an Affidavit of Acceptable Completion (AAC). The sales contract says they will follow the performance standards in builder's warranty (per state law) while the AAC says that even though there are any other faults found, they will not fix them. They contracdict themselves in order to deceive the homebuyer and relinquish them of their shoddy work. Per the signed contract, items on the AAC is to be fixed within the first 31 days after the execution of the contract. This did not and still has not happened. They didn't even fix things that inspectors told them to. They breach their own contract, but want to hold the homeowner to the AAC, so that they don't have to fix their mistakes. After closing, I noticed many issues with the workmanship of the home. Plantation Homes did not use a primer on the walls and sprayed (not rolled the walls) with only one coat of paint. This caused excessive uneven shade throughout the home and the greyness of the drywall is showing through the paint. Anywhere the drywall was patched can be easily seen throgh the paint. Anywhere a paint touch-up was done shows up as a different shade and you can even see their brush strokes. They also painted the trim with only one coat of paint as well. They did not paint behind any of the cabinets nor finish the drywall properly. The drywall has bump and dings everywhere. You can see the studs locations through the drywall in the living room and some bedrooms. The drywall at the top of the window wells are crooked and not installed properly, which the builder tried to hide with the blinds. The pipe pentrations through the drywall everywhere was not finished properly with drywall mud and tape. The builder left large gaping holes at these locations, which are so big you can see in between the walls. Instead of fixing them correctly, the builder wants to just spray foam to cover up their mistake. There were and still are scratches and paint overspray on every single window. The backyard has dying grass and floods. They installed a drain in the backyard which overflows so much that the pop-up drain completely popped off of the end of the pipe. They don't even give you gas logs for the gas fire place and say that it is an upgrade. When doing some simple warranty work, I found a large hole in the drywall behind the mirror in the master bathroom. The builder tried to hide this hole behind the mirror without fixing it. This hole's dimension was 3' x 1.5'. Behind one of the bathroom's upper cabinets, the drywall was not painted, the screws were not covered with mud, the drywall had cut marks, and the corner joint (where two pieces of drywall meet) was not finshed with tape and mud. The corner was only taped and mudded to the top and bottom of the cabinet, but was not finished behind the cabinet. The list of things that continue to find keeps growing and growing. I regret buying this house since they try harder not to fix things then they do fixing them. They refuse to fix the painting issues, which my living room walls have giant sqaures of varying shades of paint. This builder lies, cheats, and is dishonest. Who paints walls with only one coat of paint and without a primer? The management of this company says that this is normal procedure for this company. Do not buy a MHI home since they will rip you off and will not fix things that are even recommended by a professional home inspectors. MHI is the cheapest and most dishonest builder, who only cares about taking money from unsuspecting home buyers. Their homes are cheap, they use cheap material, and do not have strong internal controls as they claim on their advertisements. They lie so much that they do not "Build with Integrity" as they advertise everywhere. I have tons of pictures to show how shoddy their work is and the things they try to hide. If you would like to see them please contact me.
Maighen Helmer
Send Maighen Helmer an email
posted 19 February 2009 22:23 CET
Vision/Woodhaven Homes were supposed to have completed our home by the end of December 2008. It is now Feb. 19, 2009, and not only is the house STILL not done, but they have ignored our e-mails, phone calls, and certified letters asking for status updates.All we want is our house; we're even willing to gloss over the mistakes if they can just get it to be habitable for the certificate of occupancy or let the bank file a foreclosure so we can buy it from them and finish the work ourselves.
Dennis Ray
Send Dennis Ray an email
posted 19 February 2009 12:01 CET
When a sub contractor filed a fraudulent lien against our property Crockett National Bank of San Angelo Texas froze our draws pending resolution of the lien. Even though a court ruled the lien fraudulent and non-complient with any of the code required to perfect a lien Crockett National Bank still charged us over $8000.00 in interest during the time the had our construction stopped. This banks responsibility was to us, not to a couple of crooks.
Dennis Ray
Send Dennis Ray an email
posted 16 February 2009 11:21 CET
ARXX / Eco-Block ICF will not support homeowner if their certified dealer/installer botches your home.Builders Watchdog
nestor guzman
Send nestor guzman an email
posted 12 February 2009 18:30 CET
I am interested in hearing from other home owners that recently purchased a home in Concord Station, Land 'O Lakes FL. We purchased our home from Lennar about 3 months ago, and we are now noticing defects in the floor joist, unlevel doors, poor SOD, squeaky floors and other issues within the community. Share your experience!!
Send Sandee an email
posted 10 February 2009 15:42 CET
I feel that if legislation refuses to abolish TRCC then it should be a voluntary process and NOT mandatory. There is NO fixing TRCC and any attempts to do so will end up with the same situation homeowners have to deal with in their poorly built homes- multiple band-aid repairs on top of a festering malignancy underneath.
christine sochacki
Send christine sochacki an email
posted 25 January 2009 14:18 CET

My family and I have been struggling with G Carey Construction for 7 months now. We purchase our home June 20, 2008. I have written letters to our Attorney General and filed a complaint with the BBB and still nothing. Ever since we moved in, we noticed we get water in the basement (on the walls). The water is coming from right above the electrical box which is a fire hazard. I have called and email G Carey Construction and all they say is someone will be stopping by. Well no one ever shows up. You will be encouraged to buy one of his homes due to the market dropping, but I warn you DO NOT. HIS QUALITY OF WORK IS POOR!!! Your 1-year warranty, which I still have, does not mean anything to him.
Visit S S's Homepage Send S S an email
posted 20 January 2009 21:26 CET
E Harris
Visit E Harris's Homepage Send E Harris an email
posted 18 January 2009 19:04 CET
Send Catherine an email
posted 7 January 2009 14:35 CET
Tuscarora Country Log Homes...West Virginia Builder now doing business with Timberpeg
Robs Peter to pay Paul. Owes us $175,000 that we had to pay to complete our home
Send Steven an email
posted 21 December 2008 15:51 CET

Top Notch Homes / CMS Sullivan builders are TERRIBLE builders in my opinion (they are currently in Dracut, MA). I had an agreement in writing that specified how the rear deck was to be finished. Top Notch Homes went ahead and completed the deck without getting back to me. I didnít end up with what I wanted so to make up for it they claim they didnít ďcharge extraĒ. They canít be relied on to adhere to an agreement in writing! Top Notch Homes / CMS Sullivan only care about their profit margin Ė some of the exterior doors are cheap, my gutters in the rear of the house donít work and interior wood flooring doesnít sit flush with the door threshold. Put all of this together and what happens is water leaks in the house, gets underneath the flooring and causes it to warp.

Their electrician damaged light fixtures when he installed them. I talked with the vendor and was told all lighting fixtures were inspected before anything was shipped to the builder, so I know the electrician caused the damage. Oh yeah, the electrician doesnít follow the standard color scheme when wiring houses, i.e., he uses black as ground and white is power (usually itís the opposite). This information will come in handy if you plan on installing dimmer switches, etc. By the way, Top Notch doesnít install three-way switches. This is how cheap they are. I had to request them on my punch list. When I first moved in, I walked back on forth constantly from one light switch to the other in order to turn on a light.

The builder and Forman will say anything to shelter themselves from blame. They NEVER admit when they make a mistake, even with settling problems!

Other useful information:
Paradigm window are the basic standard priced products.
Air conditioning lines running the length of the basement are NOT properly secured.
Heating and Air conditioning zones were NOT properly wired.
Interior flooring: Poor quality installation.
No Recommendation for their broker!!! ---- Beware!!! Iíve been lied to!!!!!!!!!!!!

The testimonials posted on their web site are bogus as far as Iím concerned. Whoís to say Top Notch / CMS Sullivan didnít write the testimonials themselves? I havenít talked to any other homeowner victims that were satisfied with the way things were done.
Luz M. Yontz
Send Luz M. Yontz an email
posted 3 December 2008 22:38 CET

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