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Bruce Holte
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posted 11 June 2007 09:20 CET
ADI Custom Villas/Homes LLC build my house in Bedford, TX. Builder offered in the purchase contract a 12 month builders warrantee, but has refused to fix many outstanding problems related to defects in material or workman ship. Builder will not answer any registered letters or phone calls. I have incurred many expenses having to fix some of the problems, like garage doors that would not operate and large gaps in abbutting brick walls.
Craig Winsor
Craig Winsor's IP Logged Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/419 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3 Visit Craig Winsor's Homepage Send Craig Winsor an email
posted 7 June 2007 22:16 CET
Visit our latest update.

Wareham Development

Click on the update icon to see additional news on our situation.
steve fuller
steve fuller's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Visit steve fuller's Homepage Send steve fuller an email
posted 4 June 2007 16:56 CET
Robson Communities

I am forwarding this email in regards to a builder, Robson Communities, in the State of Arizona who has been victimizing seniors by conducting unfair and dishonest business practices, and will continue to do so unless addressed.

Robson has entered into contracts with many potential homeowners and misrepresented information, provided sub-standard products and used threats and leverage to manipulate many of its clients.

We were made aware of this issue after purchasing two homes in the PebbleCreek Community, in Goodyear Arizona, one for our parents, and one for ourselves. During the construction process (which took 17 months and twice as long as we were told by Robson at the time of purchase) we found some work that was grossly sub-standard. We brought it to the attention of the builder, advising that we would not accept the home in its current condition.

This event led to our meeting many victimized homeowners that were financially devastated, upset and frustrated by the builder for many reasons. What we found was:

1. There were many homeowners that were purposely given incorrect information by the builder's sales representatives regarding building start dates, completion dates and closings. We are not referring to inaccuracies of only several months, but often six to twelve month discrepancies. Many homeowners have sustained hardship and financial loses as they were not able to coordinate the sale of their existing homes and move-in dates with the closing of their Robson homes.

Many were forced to sustain the inconvenience and financial burden of moving twice and paying for a rented or leased property. Some, due to changes in the recent real estate market were unable to sell their homes and were forced to forfeit large deposits of tens-of-thousands of dollars, Amounts not easily recouped by senior citizens, especially those on a fixed income, or those with limited earning potential.

And all this avoidable had the Robson Representatives only been honest and not misrepresented crucial information to its buyers.

My wife was a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Arizona for the past several years, exclusively for New Home Builders such as Toll Bros. and Centex Homes. She said that it is unthinkable that a sales associate (except for the rare occasion) would not be aware of the average build time of its builder’s homes.

2. Many of the homeowners experienced a situation similar to ours, where prior to closing the homeowner identified sub-standard construction or workmanship. Or perhaps product that was not equal to the standards represented in design center where their upgrades were chosen.

The homeowners we spoke to said that they advised Robson that they would not accept their homes in its sub-standard condition. They were told by Robson that the necessary repairs would be completed after they took possession of the home. Many resisted, requesting that their homes be completed correctly before closing escrow.

Robson’s response is to then threaten and manipulate the homeowner (victim) into accepting a home in sub-standard condition by stating: The home will be repaired after you move in. The needed repairs do not render your home uninhabitable, and if you do not sign and close escrow, we will cancel your contract and you will lose your entire deposit, often within five days.

The homeowner, who now fears the loss of their home and money, is pressured into closing escrow and fighting the builder to remedy the necessary repairs. We have spoken to some who resisted closing and insisted on the repairs being completed…some successfully. However many who do not know their rights feel they had no choice.

3. Many of the homeowners that were forced into prematurely accepting their homes and reluctantly closed escrow have now found themselves in a frustrating battle with Robson to have their repairs remedied, some for as long as two years or longer.

As a matter of fact, it was several of those frustrated, unsatisfied homeowners who advised us after viewing our home; do not close or you will never receive the necessary repairs.

These are just some of the consistently reoccurring problems that have been identified at Robson Communities. We are attempting to expose the problems at Robson, not because we are hostile regarding our own loss of $62,300, but because it is a consistent problem that will continue unless it is investigated further. Robson will continue to victimize unsuspecting, unknowing seniors who do not have the resources, knowledge, assistance or funds to fight back.

Our current situation is only one example of many that Robson is conducting business in an unfair and dishonest manner. We contacted two Arizona Real Estate Attorneys, providing all documentation, correspondence and exhibits. Both agreed that Robson is in Breech of Contract and that we have a legitimate case to pursue, unfortunately we are in the same predicament as many other victims to this type of situation; the builder has deep pockets and ours are empty.

We have identified many victims of Robson’s unfair business practices. In a short period we have spoken to several homeowners that asked that they be contacted by us regarding a possible class action law suit. Those that we have spoken to thus far are in a similar situation in regard to finances, and since this is (so far) a civil matter, we would be forced to bare the entire financial burden.

We have also spoken to many homeowners that advised that these types of incidents have occurred at other Robson Communities; including those in Tucson and Texas. Out of concern and desperation we have placed a website; www.robsonunfair.com to inform potential buyers of what to be aware of. And to create a place were other victims may contact each other, discuss issues and locate the necessary resources to avoid or resolve their damages (links page). Please read the emails from PebbleCreek Homeowners on our stories page. There is also a link to an additional website regarding Robson at: www.masengarb.com />
Any attention, recommendations or assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. We understand that this is a sensitive matter and considered a civil problem. However we believe, and have evidence, that it is much more than that.

We both provided civil service for a combined total of forty years as law enforcement officers in Southern California. We both have the ability to recognize abuse when we see it. We only hope that others may also recognize it, and rather than turn their backs and ignore it, assist in correcting it before too many others are victimized.

Even if nothing more than the overdue attention to these problems by other authorities, agencies, organizations and individuals, it may be enough to persuade Robson Communities to improve, or even change the unfair to downright deceptive ways they treat their seniors.

For the details of how Robson illegally cancelled our contract and wronfully kept our life saving of over $62,000 please visit our website at: wwwrobsonunfair.com

Steve & Kathy Fuller
Hillary Dolaher
Hillary Dolaher's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727) Send Hillary Dolaher an email
posted 1 June 2007 12:17 CET
I am wanting to REMOVE MY COMPLAINT I posted on May 30 at 15:12 CET on this website. Mattamy homes in Jacksonville, Flordia has agreed to refund all of the money we have paid to them. The complete $ 9500.00 with 10 days. The contact there, Tammy McKennon handled herself in a professional mannor and we are both walking away from the deal amicably. With the way they are handling this now, we are happy. Please remove the complaint. Thank you. Hillary Dolaher
MAY SHUPE's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send MAY SHUPE an email
posted 1 June 2007 10:34 CET
My husband and I signed a contract to build our first home, at which we choose a house that was built through Gehan Homes. We have had alot of problems. Total lack of communication from them, poor workmanship, severe lack of follow up/through. Their Area Super has told us "If they dont like it to cancel their contract" and the Sales Assoc at the Model told us "Well your not building a custom home". When we have contacted the Corp office they now are not returning our calls and as of today we where told not to contact their Corp office anymore. They are going to proceed, and go back to fix problems later, even though they are insulating and sheet rocking over the problems. We have talked to many of the neighbors, some who have already moved into their homes built by Gehan and others who are in the process of building with Gehan. None of the storys are good, it seems to be the same issues. We were told by the neighbors to not close on our house until they fix everything, because they moved in 6 months ago and still waiting to have things fixed at which Gehan told them would be done withing 14 days after closing. After doing some research and looking at the JD Powers survey, I can see why Gehan is at the lower end of the list.
Gehan Homes is defintly a builder that needs to be on the "watch out" list.
Hillary Dolaher
Hillary Dolaher's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727) Send Hillary Dolaher an email
posted 30 May 2007 15:12 CET
Mattamy Homes. We signed on to build with Mattamy Homes in Bartram Springs. BEWARE working with them! prior to contract, we stated that we would like a lot at least 1/2 mile away from any highway. Not a problem they said. We picked a lot and signed a contract with addendum that they must fax a special warranty deed for our review and if we accept, the contract would be efffective. This must be faxed within one business day or our agreement was voided. This was also placed on our check. We then signed the addendum and contract and turned over the check. They cashed the check and accepted the terms we outlined. What they did not disclose and we found after googling - our new precious lot (which we paid a higher premium of 9000.00 for in addition to our home) was 300 feet from the future site of 9B highway. after talking to Mattamy, they said they didnt lie as the highway isnt there yet!!! To make an incredibly long story short, We never received the special warranty deed, they never pulled any permits, failed to provide a lot awau from the highway, The Sales Managers have only returned one of my multiple calls just to state, we would not get a penny of our 9500.00 back even though their refund policy is that if they do not pull any permits, we receive a full refund. One of my employees went through this with them recently and they received their refund, but not us. We are fighting and placed a Better Business Bureau complaint. We have also contacted the local news. Any more advice anyone can give us would be appreciated. Be wary building with Mattamy. Before you sign, research, research research and have your attorney draw up your addendum instead of you writing on their one page contract. We were sop excited. Building our first Dream Home to have them lie and stomp on our dreams over and over. They have ruined this experience for us completely. An unhappy Mattamy ex-customer. Hillary Dolaher
Daniel Braun
Daniel Braun's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; YPC 3.2.0; yplus 5.1.04b) Send Daniel Braun an email
posted 29 May 2007 17:59 CET
May 29, 2007

Northland Builders (Complaint)
309 Washington street
Marquette, Mi 49855
(906) 225-1279

This letter is to inform you of a complaint that I am filing against Northland Builders of Marquette, Michigan. My wife and I had entered a construction contract with them in May 2004 for a new house that was to be a “turn key” construction, ready to move in. The house was paid in full in September of 2004. There have been several inadequacies, matters of negligence, and substandard construction problems with this project, some of which the builder has fixed, but not without great persistence from myself, and yet others that the builder has not resolved in good faith when I have confronted him. There has been a great lack of craftsmanship on the project.

To begin, we have found out recently (approximately two years after occupancy) that this builder did not get a certificate of occupancy from the Marquette County Code office. This is a prime example of the negligence by the builder to ensure that the house was completely inspected during the construction phase and up to code before occupancy of the house. I, the owner, had to contact the Marquette County Code official, Mike Cowen, to visit the house and comprise a list of code violations that would need to be corrected to obtain an occupancy permit. The following is the list of violations the building code official found:
• Bottom rail too high on the steps of the back deck.
• Draft stop tub and shower drains.
• Smoke detectors required in basement rooms.
• Hurricane straps.
• Handrail to grab onto on the back deck.

The builder completed fixing the items on this list except for putting smoke detectors in the basement rooms. I had to hard wire smoke detectors in the basement. The final building inspection passed on 1-23-07.

On 1-24-07 I called the Marquette County Code Office and talked to Peggy.
I asked her when we could expect to get the home occupancy permit. Peggy stated that our final electrical inspection had not been done yet. I scheduled the inspection for
1-26-07 (This was supposed to have been setup by the builder).

Several other items that we wish to list to show the inadequacies and substandard construction are the following:
• Icicles and water leaks on siding around windows and fireplace chase; these have not been fully corrected.
• Our contract stated; “The exterior walls will be 2x6-16” O.C. with sturdy board wall sheathing and ½” OSB corners installed over the entire wall surface down to sill plate.” The back of our house has sturdy board siding on the corners, not OSB, so this has not been fully corrected.
• Hurricane straps were suppose to be put on the garage and house as per code; the builder said that they had leniency when the code came out; I called Lansing and they stated that the code came out in February of 2004 and there were no grace periods of leniency; the builder came back and put hurricane straps in the garage but stated that there was no way they were going to put them in the house attic, so this has not been fully corrected.
• Inadequate insulation and venting of the roof system:
o Most of the prop vents are plugged (15”prop vents were used instead of 24” in most areas); this has not been corrected.
o Initially only 6-8 inches of insulation was installed in the attic (hence ice dams on the roof). The heel of the energy truss had little or no insulation. I had to go up in the attic and push insulation into the heel of the truss; the builder has been back to reinsulate with blown insulation.
• Water leaking from the living room window inside the house; the builder caulked the side of the chimney which stopped leak.
• We found there to be no insulation around the windows and doors; builder came back out and insulated around the windows and doors and stated that this was the fault of the trim guy. Water stains on window trim, builder would not replace the trim. So now we have numerous nail holes and cracks on trim pieces.
• Lack of tyvec house wrap around the house by the chimney chase; this was found while looking under the vinyl siding trying to resolve the water leak that was coming from on the other side of chimney; this has not been resolved.
• Water leaks under the basement sliding glass door with the probable cause being the lack of the drain tile being piped away from the building foundation but instead into the general area of the sliding glass door; the builder put a gutter over the sliding glass door which stopped the leak
• Water leaking into the pump room in the basement. Also, noticed the water pipe coming in from the pump outside was not sealed at all; I put up a gutter and slopped area and stopped the leak
• There was condensation and water leaking under the tyvec and against the outer sheeting of the house that caused icicles to build up on the vinyl siding in cold weather. The builder came out and replaced some of the sturdy board with plywood (OSB). The sturdy board had ice on the inside and outside. The builder said it was a moisture problem or a sturdy board problem. (The builder had initially, at the beginning of the project, convinced us to use sturdy board because plywood (OSB) prices were so high). The builder did not have a clear answer for us. At this point I told the builder to not go any farther. I did not want new plywood (OSB) to be ruined. There were major water stains on the trusses and on the studs on the gable end wall.
o I went up in the attic a couple of days after this visit from the builder and noticed ice on the gable end.
o The rest of the house is still left with sturdy board even with the uncertainty of its durability or quality.
o No venting in the gable end of the house with the moisture problems or roof leak; only ridge vent. On one side is the attached garage so there is no venting there.
o With so much moisture being found we have concerns of mold becoming an issue along with the health problems that go along with mold.

• While taking off the siding we notice different types of insulation in the walls (faced and unfaced pink and white) from other building sites. All new materials were supposed to be used in the construction of this house.
• We still have water dripping down the siding by bathroom and exhaust vents; I tried to put some more insulation around the area, and clear some of the prop vents that were plugged in the area.
• Perlite insulation was supposed to be in basement walls, however, of the two holes in the basement wall there is no signs of insulation; I insulated the outside basement with Styrofoam.
• The chimney chase still leaks and we do not know if it is a back splash or if it is leaking from the top; the builder said not to worry about it.
• The bedroom window will not open without great resistance (fire escape for that bedroom); the builder has been out twice to try and fix the issue and has had the window company replace the sash once, but still having problems; the builder stated that he will call the window company as it is their fault and the window company states that it is the builders fault; no resolution.
• Myself and Marquette County have different house plans, specifically seen in the basement plans. (enclosed)
• No vapor barrier was put under the basement floor. Other houses in the area have a vapor barrier under the basement floor.
• There are numerous dry spots on the roof indicating loss of heat from the attic. Myself, as well as the builder, put more insulation in the attic. At this time, I am unsure if the issue is resolved or not. (photos enclosed)
• The accent window that is part of the front door unit is leaking water into the interior of the house.
• The original contract stated that we were getting a direct vent, hi-efficiency warm air system with two zones. We only have one zone upstairs, no zone downstairs.
• In the original contract we have a contract amount of 168,890.00. In the closing statement amount we have 170,642.00. We are unclear to why these are different. (both enclosed)
• Headers not nailed in the garage.
• The Gable end has no drop truss on one side, 2x4 toe nailed with 2x6 for soffit nailing.
• The Fire place fan not working properly when installed. Builder stated they put the fire place in correctly. We put in a pellet insert in the fireplace. We still have the fan underneath to show the fireplace fan does not work properly.
• Water pump not placed in the correct area of basement. Builder stated he could not put it where we wanted it. Consulted with another plumbing company they said it would have been no problem just more money for the builder. The builder did frame around the water pump at no charge?
• Siding popping off on the gable end side not fastened correctly, builder came out and fixed.
• We have a drain in our storage area that we don’t use but got charged for.

More information and photos can be provided as needed. The builder has been back to the house to try and patch up some of the issues but is not willing to fully resolve the issues. I have asked the builder to buy back the house numerous times but he has not agreed. The builder stated in the last phone conversation I had with him that if they come out and try to put some ventilation in the gable ends it will be the last time they come back and to not call them again as they are going to pull the plug on this project. I have, in good faith, fixed a lot of problems (rough framing, electrical, and plumbing) that I did not get the builder involved in.

We have issues that we are still concerned with and don’t feel that we have gotten an adequate resolution or complete answer on. We are still left wondering why certain things are happening and wondering what effects these issues will have on our house over the years as well as the health concerns we have if mold becomes a problem. I have helped 90% of the time the builder has come out and have taken days off of work to try to resolve these issues with the builder in good faith. We feel his lack of building knowledge and skills and his pure negligence should result in removal of his license to build homes that could potentially cause others the same undue hardships, the same frustrations and the same financial burden of repairing his mistakes, as we have endured. I am not sure at this point if we even want Northland Builders to come back out to correct the problems because of the incompetence and for the simple lack of “looking out for their customer” and doing what is right. We would like to see a competent licensed builder repair these problems at Northland Builders expense or see reimbursement of our monies expended to correct these problems. To resolve this problem Northland Builders could buy back the house at the current market value.


Daniel Braun
36 Timber Creek Rd
Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 249-9526
Work: Marquette Branch Prison
(906) 226-6531 6-2pm Shift
Legend Home Fraud
Legend Home Fraud's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Legend Home Fraud an email
posted 24 May 2007 19:38 CET
The salesperson retracted the initial offer she made to me on a home. We did a contract, and she decided to add $10,000 to the price of the home. I've been told that the salespeople at Legend Home Corp are crooks, I had no idea. The sales manager, Scott Villarreal and Mike Wilkinson, the president of the company backed Georgetta Lee up on her story. The next week, they were offering an extra $10,000 to people. They refused to refund the $10,000 even though we did not have an executed contract.

Legend Home Crooks
Legend Home Crooks's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Legend Home Crooks an email
posted 24 May 2007 19:36 CET
The salesperson retracted the initial offer she made to me on a home. We did a contract, and she decided to add $10,000 to the price of the home. I've been told that the salespeople at Legend Home Corp are crooks, I had no idea. The sales manager, Scott Villarreal and Mike Wilkinson, the president of the company backed Georgetta Lee up on her story. The next week, they were offering an extra $10,000 to people. They refused to refund the $10,000 even though we did not have an executed contract.

Michael Hecker
Michael Hecker's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Michael Hecker an email
posted 24 May 2007 19:35 CET
The salesperson retracted the initial offer she made to me on a home. We did a contract, and she decided to add $10,000 to the price of the home. I've been told that the salespeople at Legend Home Corp are crooks, I had no idea. The sales manager, Scott Villarreal and Mike Wilkinson, the president of the company backed Georgetta Lee up on her story. The next week, they were offering an extra $10,000 to people. They refused to refund the $10,000 even though we did not have an executed contract.

Txchainsawmass's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Txchainsawmass an email
posted 23 May 2007 22:31 CET
Midland Pacific in San Luis Obispo County has lopsided new home contracts: After 16 days they get to keep your deposit regardless if you buy or not. Regardless of emergencies. You are better off with a lawyer or realtor writing the contract instead of using their contract. Their contract omits some standard contingencies which they neglect to tell you. The contract states you are not allowed to use an outside of the area lender (legal? Ethical?). This limits your options to get a good loan or in my case work with a trusted lender in SF . Also they become very difficult to deal with if you try to extend time frames or ask to many questions it quickly turns into harrassing you to cancel and of course keep your deposit along with any upgrade money. My purchase with another large home builder was worlds apart from the mistreatment at Midland Pacific. As such I will continue to reccomend the good builder and tell folks to stay away from Midland Pacific contracts. I think it is important that people be aware as I learned I am not an isolated case. also it does feel good to put this in writing after dealing with their rudeness and having to give my hard earned money.
Terry Templeton
Terry Templeton's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Tablet PC 1.7; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1 Send Terry Templeton an email
posted 20 May 2007 21:28 CET
My family is living proof. Pulte “targets” young families, elderly folks well I guess anyone they feel they can take advantage of. The company is based on manipulation and intimidation. Unethical business practices are rampant; the entire structure of this organization is corrupt.
Most of us would agree that a home mortgage and a hammer are very different. . They have combined two seemingly different businesses into one, corruption, manipulation, coercion and blackmail.
Honestly, the most difficult part of this whole thing is telling the story. I still can not believe it myself. YET!!!!
1 year 4months later we have mold behind the fridge as well as up in the floor between the kitchen and front room. The upstairs master tub that was the initial cause of the major kitchen ceiling collapse is held together w/ strips of t-shirt. The electric outlet is not in the wall, it is propped under the Jacuzzi tub pump.
Ridicules but true!!!!! Pulte actually gets $$$$$$$$FEDERAL COMPENSATION $$$$$ (tax breaks) as well as recognition (awards and publicity) for building homes to “HIGHER STANDARDS” they are working to save our planet making contributions to the general welfare of our communities.
HAAA HAAAAHAAAA!!!! As far as we know there has been no initial inspection or final inspection, we do not have an insulation card nor do we have corroborating utility bills. We moved from a thirty year old home w/ pool, Jacuzzi, slump block to an energy efficient home w/ double the energy bill.
We have green and rust under every sink in the house. There isn’t any seal between the frame and the concrete as a result we have spiders and bugs crawling into the house. The exterior stucco has visible wire lath sticking out as well as countless cracks. The gaps between the weep screed and foundation at the base of the house are large enough to put your hand up into. The handle on the sliding glass door is broken, we do not have a working dishwasher. We have plungers at all bathrooms; all of the toilets back up. We have fire extinguishers thru out the house because of electric shorts and major appliance blow outs. We have been asked twice in one year “are you sure your house wasn’t hit by lightning?” UUGGGHHHHH, NO!!!!!
I start to think there may be an end…..it continues. Recently we had sewer backing up in the house from the downstairs toilet. The cause…the flange had been put in crooked the plumber (Pulte owns the plumbing company) said “it will leak again” who ever put it in knew it would leak and covered up and left. I asked if he could look at the toilet upstairs I explained that it was very loose. He said “that’s impossible” and yet!!!!! Once he looked the toilet had NEVER been attached to the floor.!!!!
We have been harassed by the police dept, H.O.A, neighbors, Pulte reps and sub-contractors. The threats have not been limited to my family. Neighbors have been threatened as well. One example, a neighbor came to me for help the next day she was told that she was seen w/ me and that if she wanted further work done on her house she “better not be seen w/ me”. E-mails confirm this. Another neighbor was told by Pulte rep that I was a “druggie, specifically CRACK” , another neighbor was told that “yes” we did have mold in our house but it was because we had left food in the upstairs master bedroom closet, and that, that was the source of the mold.

Thomas Gigliotti
Thomas Gigliotti's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Thomas Gigliotti an email
posted 20 May 2007 20:59 CET
MARSHA WILLE's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; InfoPath.1) Send MARSHA WILLE an email
posted 16 May 2007 20:52 CET
The wonderful TRCC, spoke to them over and over, Barbara Wells, to be exact, and we did not let the builder who started our home finish it, so we were not eligible for SIRT. But when I found out he had not registared a home (around 15-20) in 2 years that he had been building in our area, (although, he had registared 12 in 2005, so he did KNOW it was mandatory) I was advised to give them this valuable information and he would be FINED, FINED,FINED!!!!!Filed a complaint, and went to the extent of going to the city and pulling every single permit he had for the past 2 years and handing it over to the TRCC. Guess what, per Barbara Wells, he bought himself into compliancy and was penalized for late registration. Yeah, these are the people I want in my corner!
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin's IP Logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Send Rumple Stiltskin an email
posted 10 May 2007 07:59 CET
"60 Minutes" - Nine-month investigation airs Sunday, May 13
Thursday, 10 May 2007
'60 Minutes' to shine light on real estate
"60 Minutes" is turning its lens on the real estate industry with a segment Sunday night investigating some familiar topics. The television network has been snooping around the industry, crisscrossing the country interviewing brokers, agents, discounters and government figures.


It is time to resurrect and review the Proxmire report regarding the realestate industry. Let the truth be told.

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Reckless Endangerment

Outsized Ambition, Greed and
Corruption Led to
Economic Armageddon

Barnes & Noble

NPR Special Report
Part I Listen Now
Perry Home - No Warranty 
Part II Listen Now
Texas Favors Builders

Washington Post
The housing bubble, in four chapters
BusinessWeek Special Reports
Bonfire of the Builders
Homebuilders helped fuel the housing crisis
Housing: That Sinking Feeling

Texas Regulates Homebuyers
Texas Comptroller Condemns TRCC Builder Protection Agency
TRCC is the punishment phase of homeownership in Texas

Consumer Affairs Builder Complaints

 TRCC Implosion
 TRCC Shut Down
 Sunset Report

As Goes Texas So Goes the Nation
Knowledge and Financial Responsibility are still Optional for Texas Home Builders

TRCC from Bad to Worse
Case of the Crooked House

The Pat and Bob Egert Building & TRCC Experience 

Build it right the first time
An interview with Janet Ahmad

Voting Texas Style
What Lawmaker is Voting for you?

Bad Binding Arbitration Experience?
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or call 1-210-402-6800

Homebuyers' Bill of Rights
Tips for a Better Built Home and to Protect Your Investment


Have you seen any of these individuals

Pulte Homeowner Survey
Warranty & Mortgage Experience
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 Feature: Mother Jones Magazine
Are you Next?
People Magazine - Jordan Fogal fights back
Because of construction defects Jordan’s Tremont Home is uninhabitable
You could be the next victim
Interview with Award Winning Author Jordan Fogal

Special Money Report
Big Money and Shoddy Construction:Texas Home Buyers Left Out in the Cold
Read More
Read Report: Big Money…
Home Builder Money Source of Influence

Letters to the Editor
Write your letters to the Editor

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