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Contracts & Arbitration
Take Action: Binding Mandatory Arbitration - Spread the Word to Protect Others!
Monday, 21 July 2008

Public Citizen: BMA, Arbitration, credit cards - Spread the Word to Protect Others!
Binding mandatory arbitration essentially privatizes the judicial process. By signing your name on the dotted line, you forfeit your right to a trial by jury. Just consider: If someone steals your identity to buy a $4,000 plasma TV and the credit card company want you to pay for it, the dispute completely bypasses the courtroom and goes straight to a for-profit arbitrator. But, there is something you can do about this! Use the Public Citizen form to personalize a letter to insist that your members of Congress support legislation to ban the use of pre-dispute binding mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer and employment contracts. Go to Public Citizen to do you part...

Washington DC - Arbitration Fairness Act Bills Moving Forward
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

House Judiciary Subcommittee - 3 Arbitration bills voted out of Committee
Update on the mark-up that occurred this afternoon before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.  All three bills passed!!! The hearing began with Chairwoman Sanchez introducing the Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act... Next up was the Auto Arbitration Fairness Act, H.R. 5312...Lastly, Congressman Johnson introduced the Arbitration Fairness Act, H.R. 3010... 5 - 4. Yes votes were Watt, Delahunt, Johnson, Sanchez, and Cohen. Although Congresswoman Lofgren was not present at the time, she previously stated she would support the bill. No votes were Jordan, Cannon, Keller and Feeny.

Binding Arbitration Considered in Committee
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Congress Considering Legislation to Ban Arbitration Clauses
The House Judiciary Committee is set to move as early as July 16 on the Arbitration Fairness Act, a bill reported out of the panel's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law. Sponsored by Rep. Henry C. Johnson, D-Ga., H.R. 3010 would make significant changes to the 83-year-old Federal Arbitration Act. The measure bans predispute arbitration agreements from being enforced in employment, consumer and franchise disputes, as well as any disputes arising under civil rights law or under laws intended to "regulate contracts or transactions between parties of unequal bargaining power." If passed, the law also would leave determinations on the enforceability of arbitration agreements to federal courts, rather than private arbitrators.

American Fairness Act of 2007 may be up for a vote
Friday, 11 July 2008

Credit card industry
Lawmakers are targeting some of the most common complaints of consumers in legislation that could come up for a vote before Congress adjourns in September. A third piece of legislation before both chambers, the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007, singles out the mandatory binding arbitration clause in credit card agreements, which prevents cardholders from going to court if they believe they have been wronged. The bill would allow them the right to a trial. Consumers have to act responsibly in using their cards, but deceptive and unfair industry practices can add to the burden. Washington appears willing to help consumers with more regulation.

Banks Win in Arbitration
Saturday, 05 July 2008

Banks vs. Consumers (Guess Who Wins)
The National Arbitration Forum (NAF), a for-profit company based in Minneapolis, specializes in resolving claims by banks, credit-card companies, and major retailers that contend consumers owe them money. Often without knowing it, individuals agree in the fine print of their credit-card applications to arbitrate any disputes over bills rather than have the cases go to court. What consumers also don't know is that NAF, which dominates credit-card arbitration, operates a system in which it is exceedingly difficult for individuals to prevail.

Senator Russ Feingold - Americans Strong-armed into Binding Arbitration
Saturday, 28 June 2008

FROM THE HILL: It’s so important to protect our right to a day in court
When students learn about our system of justice in civics class, they’re told that every American has a right to his or her day in court. Yet, people from all walks of life often unknowingly sign away their right to a trial when they sign a contract...Sometimes consumers only find out they’ve given up their right to trial when a big company forces them to take a dispute to a private arbitration company instead of going through the court system. Arbitration has some serious downsides for consumers, including high administrative fees. It also lacks discovery proceedings and other due process protections, and meaningful judicial review of arbitrators’ decisions...Arbitration should be a choice, not a mandate...
Across every sector of our economy, Americans are being strong-armed into this consumer-unfriendly system.

Worth Repeating: Builder Magazine 2005 - 2008 Builders Weaker - PEOPLE POWER STRONGER
Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Magazine of the National Association of Home Builders
Parallel Universe
The worldview of Home Builders versus that of the people who post negative web sites about them is so different that some might wonder whether the two groups live on the same planet.
The negative Web postings depict builders as unscrupulous businesspeople who market shoddy, hastily built products and force people into binding arbitration agreements that forfeit the legal rights of home buyers.


Study finds 99.8% of arbitration cases are decided in the corporation's favor,
Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Mandatory Binding Arbitration Still Sucks
BusinessWeek has published a pretty substantial cover story on arbitration, and why it disadvantages consumers. Consumerist readers will be familiar with many of the story's criticisms: one study finds 99.8% of arbitration cases are decided in the corporation's favor, some arbitration firms market themselves to companies as a sympathetic and partial judge, the arbitration process is intentionally structured to handicap consumers, and more. Read more: Business Week: Banks vs. consumers (Guess Who Wins)

Survey says; 81% Hate Binding Arbitration
Tuesday, 10 June 2008

81% Of Americans Hate Mandatory Binding Arbitration
According to science, even the President is more popular than mandatory binding arbitration. A recent poll shows that Americans hate everything about the extrajudicial resolution system, from its inescapable omnipresence, to its unappealable decisions that rob consumers of their day in court. The poll provides a refreshing contrast to a different study commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which found that Americans love mandatory binding arbitration more than pie. Public Citizen Reports: New Poll - Americans say "No Thanks" To Binding Arbitration

Binding Arbitration - No Thanks
Tuesday, 27 May 2008

New Poll: Americans Say "No Thanks" To Binding Arbitration
By five to three, Americans said they disapprove rather than approve of consumer contracts with binding arbitration provisions. When consumers who are initially supportive learn that arbitration means that they give up their right to take the case to court and that the company picks the arbitrator, two in three of the initially supportive consumers also disapprove. When the data is combined, a whopping 81percent of Americans express disapproval of mandatory binding arbitration.

ATTENTION! Action Alert
Saturday, 24 May 2008

ATTENTION! Arbitration Stories
HOBB is in need of Binding Arbitration Stories.  A report on Arbitration is currently being prepared and we need to hear about your experience.  Even if you decided not to go to arbitration for any reason or have sent your arbitration experience before please send it again, with any updates and additional comments.

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