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Ryan Homes
Thursday, 31 May 2007

Ryan Homes/NVR experience

See links to other Ryan Homes homeowners at the bottom of this page.  If you have had a bad or negative Ryan Homes / NVR experience, email it to me and we will post it to our page. Pictures are welcome.  Click here to contact me.  Click here to read emails from people about Ryan Homes / NVR.

In 2002 my wife and I purchased a brand new Ryan Homes house / NVR.  We were told they build quality homes.  We have learned different.  The pictures below show an electrical junction box left with bare wires in our attic, right above my son's bedroom.  The other picture shows a floor joist hanger with one nail in it. This is just the beginning of Ryan Homes quality.  There are more pictures below.  They will show the damage to our Ryan Homes house.  There is also an issue with the windows.  They condensate really bad, enough to cause mold and rust on the hardware.  They are off square up to 3/8" on some of the windows.  Also, there are several other quality / workmanship issue with our house, that are not addressed on this web page.  Buyer beware when you are looking at Ryan Homes.

Please keep in mind as you look at the pictures below.  They are only two dimensional.  They only convey a small portion of the damage done to our Ryan Homes house.  We have shown pictures of the damage, to our Ryan Homes house, to our friends and attorney.  Then when they finally actually see it, everyone is awe struck at the amount of damage.  

Ryan Homes subcontractor did not pour our garage floor correctly.  It had to be removed. They came to our house to remove the floor, 10 months after we took possession of the house. The slab was suppose to be 4" thick.  They came and sawed the floor assuming it was 4" thick.  The next day the workers came to remove the floor.  The idea was they were going to pop the sawed slabs out with forks on the front of a skid steer loader (Bobcat).  That idea didn't work.  They didn't put a final grade down before pouring the floor.  There were sections of the floor that was over 8" thick. The workers put a hydraulic jackhammer on the front of their skid steer loader.  In the process of jackhammering the floor out, they jack hammered through our basement wall, which is poured concrete.  They also cracked our outside garage wall in two places. The basement wall is severely damaged.  A section approximately  7 feet X 2 feet is shoved in about 2".  The rest of the wall is cracked on a diagonal the entire length of the wall, with several other smaller cracks coming off that crack.  The reason for the damage is that the concrete workers put the jackhammer chisel between the walls and the floor.  Oh, they also ran into our garage door and door framing with the bobcat and damaged those items.  


This is a picture of the Ryan Homes worker jackhammering our garage floor.  See other pictures below.

Now, Ryan Homes is trying to call this warranty work.  It was and is clearly negligence on their part.  Ryan Homes just wants to cut out the shoved in section and replace that with cinder block, and epoxy fill the cracks.  Ryan Homes also just wants to epoxy fill the cracks on the outside wall. The head of the Cleveland region of Ryan Homes wanted me to claim all the damage on my homeowners insurance. It took Ryan Homes subcontractor almost 1 1/2 years to make a claim with their insurance company, which is State Auto Insurance Company.  State Auto Insurance Company is equally to blame for not wanting to properly correct the problem.

We contacted our attorney immediately.  Our attorney was of the opinion that this could be settled with a few phone calls and letters.  The damage occurred in early July of 2003.  As of September 2006 we are no further ahead with $15,000 worth of attorney fees.  We have been to two mediations, with no positive results.  Ryan Homes is of the opinion that our house can be fixed for less than $20,000.  We have estimates of up to $100,000, to do the repair correctly.  

The other thing to watch out for is NVR Financing.  We used them to get a $10,000 incentive for our Ryan Homes house.  I told the Ryan Homes / NVR representative that I wanted a fixed interest loan.  She made it a variable interest loan.  We were not going to sign the papers the day of closing until the mortgage was changed to a fixed interest loan.  We were told by the Ryan Homes / NVR representative that she would consider it a default on our part and that we would lose everything we put down on the house. We gave in and said ok.  We signed.  We figured we would refinance in two years and get a better rate. With the damage to our house, we cannot refinance. Our interest is now 14.75%.  Our house payment has almost doubled.

This has been a very disappointing experience.  We will never buy from Ryan Homes or NVR again.

We will be happy talk with you if you are thinking about buying a Ryan Homes and or NVR Mortgage.  
Click here to contact me.

To Ryan Homes and NVR.  I don't know how you people sleep at night, knowing that you are ripping off people.  There has been several quality issues with our house and with several other houses in our development.  Why does it take your people three, four or more times to try to make a repair that is right and correct.  I always thought it was good business and good business economics to do the job right the first time.

My suggestion to potental NVR/Ryan Homes buyers; Go to a Ryan Homes Development that has been around for at least 2 years.  Get out and walk around. Talk to people you see outside their houses.  They will most likely be willing to share their experience with you.


More of Ryan Homes worker jackhammering.  Our garage has been left with this rubble and no floor since July 2003.

Damage done to our garage door framing.  This was done by the skid steer operated by Ryan Homes workers.

Another picture of the damage done to our garage door framing.    This is bowing caused to our outer wall, due to
the skid steer hitting our garage door frame.

Keep going the pictures get better. 

This is the condensation and mold that is on every single window in our Ryan Homes house.  Ryan Homes refuses to address the issue.  

The good stuff is coming!!!!
This is the outside wall of our Ryan Homes house.  The Ryan Homes worker cracked it from the inside.


Ryan Homes method of repair is to cut out the shoved in section and replace it with concrete block, and epoxy fill the crack.  The crack runs the entire length of the wall on a diagonal from top to bottom.  Ryan Homes is showing no consideration as to the loss of value or the hardship this will cause when we want to sell our house.  In our state we would have to disclose the repair and percentage of wall that is poured concrete and block.  Whereas, if the entire wall is replaced with poured concrete, we would not need to disclose the repair, unless it leaks or is falling apart.
Ronald Jackson's Ryan Homes Website

Emails from other Ryan Homes homeowners
 See links to other Ryan Homes homeowners. This is to show this case and other cases are not isolated.  Again, BUYER BEWARE!!!

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