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Behind HOA Iron Gates
Saturday, 20 February 2016

            Texas Monthly Report – Conflicts-and-Interests: “HOAs have become a big business. They generate $40 billion in annual assessment revenue (the dues collected from individual homeowners) and $35 billion in reserves, representing a huge government-like contracting opportunity — only without all the procurement safeguards and transparency guarantees expected of taxpayer-supported entities.”  A year ago the gated community of Bluffview Greens elected an unopposed board of directors.  Two months later, the Board had AMS / First Service Association’s management attorney to file a ‘Resolution’ at the County Courthouse that nullified previous board decisions.  Two months after that, the Board - under pressure - finally notified the members.   In an attempt to explain the boards’ justification, the President wrote:  “I think that you would agree that, if a political party is voted into an office, it does not need to follow the previous party’s decisions, regulations, policies, and laws.  In fact, I would hope you agree that the voters voted for the new party to have the rules changed.”…   Paris Constantzos, President of the Board of Directors Bluffview Greens Homeowners Association.

Big Corporate Business of HOA Non-Judicial Foreclosures
Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Texas Consumers Call for Investigation of Property Management Industry
and Attorney Misconduct

See Home Owners for Better Building Press Release
Read WFAA Report Featuring Senator Carona Walk Out

See Associa Priority of Payment Attorney Fee First Contract:
#1 Attorney Fees - #6 Homeowners Dues
Big Corporate Business of HOA Foreclosures
1,425% Profits for the Non-Profits HOA Empire - The Hammer of HOA Foreclosures

The Quorum Report: Senator West - may be best possible in this political environment
Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The latest iteration of what has become a perennial effort to reform homeowners’ associations (HOAs) has hit a bit of a speed bump – the would-be reformers themselves... “If it passes the way it is, it’s not good for us,” said Janet Ahmad of the Texas HOA Reform Coalition. “It legitimizes a private government. We don’t need another government in our lives. It’s a funded mandate.” See March 23, 2011 hearing on SB142 Part II

Home Builders bill with Fraudulent Intentions
Sunday, 12 October 2014

HOA homeowners oppose construction defects legislation  
“Senator Ulibarri is about to introduce a bill that should be called the ‘Horrors of Homeownership Act,’” said Molly Foley-Healy, chair of CLAC. “Senator Ulibarri’s stated goal is to create more affordable housing, but this bill has nothing to do with affordable housing. Instead, it hurts the very people he said he wanted to help. It effectively blocks homeowners from holding builders responsible for their shoddy construction and leaves homeowners living in HOAs to pick up the tab for repairing the defects.”

Thursday, 29 December 2011

New laws affect HOAs and homeowners starting Jan. 1
In years past in Texas, HOAs could foreclose on a property owner in as little as a month for non-payment of its assessments. “You can get yourself caught up in a credit payment plan that makes payday loans look good, if you aren’t careful,” said Janet Ahmad, president of Homeowners for Better Building. And if you’re wondering how the HOA is spending your assessments, you can now request a copy of the agency’s recordkeeping. But beware, even that may cost you in copying costs and employee hours to procure it. “This open records request is extremely lucrative for -- again -- the management companies,” added Ahmad.

HOA pushes for green grass during drought
Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Texas HOA demands green grass in a drough
...this HOA, he said, that suggested it, after they found patches of dirt amongst the withered blades in his front yard...SAWS officials say they have yet to see any homeowner deed restrictions that demand homeowners keep their lawns green. And as a public water utility, SAWS has no jurisdiction over HOAs. But the utility is asking all associations to think of brown grass as the new green, at least for now in stage-2 restrictions.

Bad HOA Ex Board President is thorn in Ventura Community
Wednesday, 08 June 2011

Ousted HOA president demands millions
Former Ventura HOA president Lisa Pfeiffer is at it again. She's filed a multi-million dollar claim against the homeowners association after being ousted from office last year after a News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters investigation. Pfeiffer was forced to resign last November after I reported she had closed all board meetings, spent more than $100,000 to sue several homeowners and then rigged her own re-election.

LOBBY  WATCH: Wisdom of Solomons
Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Bob the Builder’s DNA Soils House Floor Where HOA Reform Was DOA
Opponents of Homeowners Association Reform Got 5X More Money From Bob Perry and Two Related PACs Than Did Reformers 
 Bob Perry's DNA was all over the House floor last week when Rep. Burt Solomons pronounced dead his bill to reform anti-consumer homeowners associations (HOAs)... One Senate signatory of the coalition pledge was Dallas Republican John Carona, whose Associa Co. manages controversial homeowners associations. Since 2008, Carona and his wife have given $25,000 to the campaign of Dallas Democratic Senator Royce West—author of the Senate‟s spineless HOA bill. HOA reform did not die of natural causes. It was murder. "Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one, and half to the other." --King Solomon, 1 Kings 3:25.
Read Full Report...

Homebuilder Bob Perry's Legislation Gets Top Priority
Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Lucrative HOA “Resale Certificate”’ and “Payment Plans” are some of the worst business practices out there
With the passage of the latest HOA laws the ever resourceful industry still maintains control of communities, the ability to impose HOA onerous fines, legal fees, and entry fees, handling fees, resale certificate fees, transfer fees, special assessments, community enhancement fees, covenant compliance inspection fee, expedited fees, delivery fees, and convenience fees that will continue to drive homeowners out of community association they can no longer afford.  HB1228 – Rep. Harold Dutton, D–Houston whose stand-alone bill originally contained only an expedited judicial foreclosure provision became the newly amended omnibus industry bill of the day with seven major changes.  With the passage of HB 1228 the flawed Senate versions of “Priority of Payment” and lucrative “Alternative Payment Plan” provisions allows HOA vendors unethical business practices to continue business as usual.

WFAA Reports Outrage: HOA Rules No Home, No Trailer
Tuesday, 31 May 2011

HOA threatens to sue Possum Kingdom wildfire survivor
When raging wildfires destroyed 54 homes in the Possum Kingdom Lake residential area known as Sportsman's World last month, one of those houses belonged to Jim Brumbelow. Now, more than a month later — as he surveys what's left of his world — the 77-year-old cancer survivor faces new challenges in his life... The recreational vehicle and camper he is living and working out of until his home can be rebuilt is violating Article 8, Section 3(e) of the Sportsman's World Property Owners Association covenant, according to a letter Brumbelow received from a Dallas law firm. Related Report: Sen. John Carona defends controversial HOA rule

Dallas Morning News Editorial: Bad legislation passing or reform stalling
Tuesday, 31 May 2011

HOA Reform: stalemate means checkmate
The death of the HOA bill is a prime example of how special interests work in Austin. Particularly telling is that Solomons and homeowner reform groups lay the blame at the feet of homebuilder and powerbroker Bob Perry. It reflects a lot of frustration with the influence of special interests in Austin; all one has to do is suggest that pending legislation would hurt business and that the odds immediately favor bad legislation passing or reform stalling.

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