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Code Violations - Deadly Defects

"Lennar Homes Killed My Husband" - Click Here

Health Warning - We have now received conflicting reports about the quality of the water in the Diamond Lakes subdivison.  For complete details - Click Here

Homeowner Posts - Read what other Lennar Homes owners have to say. Click Here for Jan-Mar 2007  and Click Here for 2006 Posts

Recent Updates - For a brief recap of our recent updates in regard to actions taken and what is going on Click Here to Read More

Arbitration and Mediation Issues - The American Association for Justice is working hard to return your buyer rights to you a a homeowner. Most builders use mandatory binding arbitration clauses in their contracts. This prevents you from taking the builder to court and having a jury decide the issues.  Instead, you are forced into binding arbitration with a service selected by the builder. If you have had an experience with arbitration Click Here 

FRAUD? - It looks like what happens in Las Vegas does not always stay in Las Vegas.  Read More

Texas Homeowners - We have received quite a few complaints from Texas homeowners.  Specifically, from the Hutto Parke area.  Here's a website for you that addresses Texas problems in Hutto Parke - www.HuttoParke.com   You will also want to visit www.HOBB.org which has more Texas information than any other website on the Internet.

DEFECTIVE HOMES = Stress, Expenses, Disrupted Family Life. If you are buying a Lennar home or own a Lennar home, this is a must read website.  You will find a wealth of information about problems with Lennar homes from very minor issues to deadly defects.  You will also read about Lennar home buyers and owners that have not been able to get Lennar Homes to fix the problems . . . some after years of aggravation and expense!  If you think it can't happen to you, we'll put you in touch with some Lennar Homes buyers that said the very same thing.  
So before you buy a Lennar home, think twice and read what other buyers have had to deal with.  If you own a Lennar home, we're here to help.  We will provide information about how to file a complaint with local, state and federal officials, as well as how to find an expert home inspector.  We will also provide you with information about how best to attempt to get your problems addressed.  There is NO charge for our assistance and information. Please feel free to contact us with your problems and we will do all we can to assist you.  Mike@DefectiveHomes.org or feel free to call me at 888-227-5217.

LENNAR HOME'S RESPONSE - Needless to say, Lennar Homes is not happy about this website, and they have tried to bully us into taking it down. We offered Lennar the opportunity to review all complaints we receive prior to our posting on this website.  Moreover, we offered not to put the posts on our website, if Lennar Homes addressed complaints responsibly.  Lennar Homes ignored our offer, just like they ignore the homeowners problems you will read about on this website.  You would think Lennar Homes would want to hear about the problems that might be slipping through their customer service system . . . but they don't, which leads us to believe these might not be complaints slipping through the cracks, but this might just be a pattern of how they fail to respond to complaints.

SATISFACTION - In one community Lennar was forced to offer ALL buyers a return of their deposits.  In another community Lennar faced massive complaints and released buyers from their contracts.  As you will see on this website, these are not isolated problems.  In fact, these problems plague Lennar Homes nationwide.  Selecting a builder for your home is one of the most important decisions of your life.  The last thing you need, are problems like the ones you will read about on this website.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

OFFICIAL State and Federal Contacts - We encourage you to use this resource to file complaints with your local, state and federal officials.  Click Here

    INSPECTIONS - We have reviewied more than 40 very detailed home inspections within new home communities built by Lennar Homes. The results of these reports indicate there are a variety of issues with roof installation, roof leaks, stucco thickness, mold issues and electrical problems, to name a few. After communicating with homeowners, it is clear there is a problem that is not being addressed properly by Lennar Homes.  If you are looking for a home inspector, we recommend an ASHI certified inspector.  Visit www.ASHI.org to find an inspector in your area. We have no affiliation with ASHI, nor do we receive any fees from them. This is an independent referral based on our experiences.

COMPLAINTS - We have filed complaints against Lennar Homes in Florida with the Governor, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Insurance Companies and the Federal Trade Commission.  We intend to take this Coaliton national.  We will get the attention of Lennar and the home building industry! For your local, state and federal contacts - Click Here

It's about time homeowners had a voice to take on Lennar Homes. If you are interested in additional information, please contact me via email at Mike@DefectiveHomes.org or via Cell Phone 888-227-5217

Federal Trade Commission - Here is an excerpt from a speech Elizabeth Dole made as Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission.  January 21, 1979 "for too many Americans, the dream home has turned into a nightmare. You know as well as I do that as families move into their own little Garden of Eden, more and more are finding the apple full of worms. As a result, some homebuyers believe they are being bilked for thousands of dollars, and they are expressing not only anguish but outrage. Shoddy building practices can be concealed from many purchasers who cannot be expected to have the technical expertise to evaluate the structural soundness of a home or the quality of electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning systems. The patience of the American consumer is rapidly running out. Consumers are demanding more protection from the government, not LESS. The consumer movement is no longer made up of small bands of activists with no troops standing behind them; the consumer movement is now part of our culture it embraces every one of us. And it will not be denied over an issue so fundamental as decent housing"

Official Contacts - The home building industry is made up of powerful companies like Lennar. The only way we can force building reform, is by making our position known.  We've made it easy for you, with a list of the key contacts. Click Here

National Media - The best way to force the industry to address defective homes with companies like Lennar, is to put this into the National Media. Email 60 Minutes, Dateline, 20/20 and Geraldo Rivera - Click Here

Congressional Hearing - Click Here to Join the Thousands of Homeowners Requesting a Congressional Hearing to Demand Accountability in the Home Building Industry