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Lennar Defects

Inspection Reports

Code Violations

Here are a few inspection reports on Lennar homes that are defective and do not meet building codes at the time of the inspections. The inspections were made after Lennar called us an told us the homes were ready for the final walk through prior to closing.  These are very detailed and very large reports, so please allow time for the download.

You will see some of the homes were not even close to being ready for a final inspection or a closing, but all of these homes were inspected at Lennar's request for a final before closing!

We will begin with a stucco report, since Lennar and other builders claim stucco is decorative and they do NOT have to follow the building codes. NOT TRUE.  And if you would like a very detailed report commissioned by State Farm Insurance, I would welcome the opportunity to send you a copy.  
By the way, we received a call from a former Lennar stucco contractor that confirmed the problems in Florida with Lennar's installation of stucco . . . and much more.

Defective Stucco Report - Click Here

We'd welcome the opportunity to post your inspection report, so please send us any reports you would like posted.

1005 Ruby Ave - Diamond Lakes Subdivision - 50+ Pages Click Here

5200 Sapphire Lane - Diamond Lakes Subdivision - 50+ Pages Click Here

1095 Amethyst Ave - Diamond Lakes Subdivision - 50+ Pages Click Here

1743 Jamesport Drive - Newport Isles Subdividion - Click Here

5060 Topaz Lasne - Diamond Lakes Subdivision - Click Here

5065 Topaz Lane - Diamond Lakes Subdivision - Click Here

Litchfield Park, Arizona - Click Here - Unfortunately, this is a low level inspection report with a few pictures and basic comments. It is not a very detailed report, so it does not even touch upon specific Building Code violations or many of the things we ask inspectors to check for.

Humble, Texas - Click Here - Unfortunately, this antoher typical home inspection report using a basic checklist.  Compare this 9 page checklist report to some of the more detailed reports you will find here.

NOTE: Once we started finding defects and code violations with the roofs and the trusses, Lennar prohibited our inspector from inspecting the roofs and forbid our inspector from going into the attic to inspect the trusses!!!

5419 Moseley, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

1196 Fleming Way, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

1076 Fleming Way, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

Second Inspection of 1076 Fleming Way, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

THIRD Inspection of 1076 Fleming Way, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

1895 Jamesport Drive, Port St. Lucie, Florida - Click Here

Second Inspection of 1895 Jamesport Drive, Port St. Lucie, Florida - Click Here

6282 S. Military Trail, Lake Worth, Florida - Click Here

5305 SE Jennings Lane, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

945 Fleming Way, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

SECOND Inspection of 945 SE Fleming Way, Stuart, Florida - Click Here

Want to post your inspection report?  Send us your inspection report, and we will scan it in and upload it. You may also email us your inspection report.  For additional information - Mike C.

Need an Inspector?  We suggest visiting www.ASHI.or and make sure they print out some of these reports, so they get an idea of some of the things they need to look for. Lennar has told our inspector that we can no longer inspect attics and roofs.  That's a result of our findings of truss issues and roof problems. If they do the same with your inspector, notify the local city/county officials and send us a copy of the communications.