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Lennar Defects

Thinking of Buying a Home from Lennar Homes?

Webmaster Note: Below is an email we send to potential buyers of Lennar Homes contacting us for basic additional information.


These problems are nationwide with Lennar Homes. There are posts on our site from all over the country. Personally, I would not let my friends of family buy a new home from Lennar.  They build defective homes, and then they fail to honor the warranty.  

Spend some time on the website, and you will get a good feel for what is going on with Lennar homes and their subsidiaries.  If you decide to move forward with a purchase, make sure you higher a sharp inspector.  I'd refer you to to find an ASHI certified inspector in your area.  Have your inspector look at the inspection report on our website.  Those are the kinds of things you need to look for, including getting in the attic and checking the roof trusses.

This is the biggest investment of most people‚Äôs lives. You should have enough information from our website.  Why buy a problem when there are great builders that build great homes and take care of their customers when problems come up.  Lennar Homes is not in the group with the great builders!  Read some of the stories about ruined lives and the stress Lennar Homes creates within a family.  Do you want to buy and American Dream or a Lennar Homes Nightmare?


If you must buy a Lennar home, I recommend buying one from an existing homeowner.  Get the place inspected and decide how much to pay for the home based on what you need to fix.  It will also provide you with the opportunity to have everything fixed.  If you buy from Lennar, take a look at our website and think about what buyers go through to get Lennar to fix things.  Some people have been battling for years and years.  Once you sign the contract with Lennar, you must close on the home, even if it is defective.  Lennar has a "right to repair" but there is not time limit nor any Lemon Law on how many time they can come back to fix your home.  You are stuck!


But if you like surprises, go ahead and buy a Lennar home from Lennar Homes. If you do, I suggest a very detailed inspection made with an ASHI certified inspector , and try to get Lennar Homes to fix the problems BEFORE you close.  Once you close, you are out of luck.  And they are going to tell you that they will fix everything later.  In fact, that's what most contracts state, but just try to get them to fix major problems after you close.