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Lennar Defects

Postings for April 2007

Lennar Homes

Sturctural or Cosmetic? - Nails popping. Said that the nail pattern in the sheet rock was the cause of the problem. We already had the foundation checked, but are worried that its structural and not just cosmetic.  John in Hutto Parke, Texas

Marlyand Attorney General Takes a Look - A couple distressed about building defects they allegedly experienced in their newly purchased home presented their problems to city commissioners Monday night, March 19, nearly a year after another couple reported similar problems.   . . .   In a telephone interview Tuesday, March 20, Eleanor Mower said she received a call from the attorney generalís office notifying her that the office received her letter and is looking into the matter.  Click Here to Read the Full Article

Leaks, Ceiling Collapse, Cracks + - Water leaks due to Lennar's inability to install water barrier sheathing in our bathrooms. Ceiling fell in, spots on ceiling, drywall cracks, faulty windows, leaking windows, un-even floor, doors that light appears through due to poor seals. Martin in Las Vegas, Nevada

Lennar Home is "Sinking" - My Nu-Home a (Lennar Company) is only 6 months old and I have foundation problems, which I deem bad.  they sent thier foundation crew out to only tell me that I have a sinking home and they will follow up with me, they did not.  My interior doors are dropping my cieling is cracking again, since they came out the first time to patch fix the cieling.  I am not real happy, and I have had the main warranty mngr come out on two occasions but he did not have any significant answers and said he would have someone contact me.  I will not let this be swept under the rug, I will speak loudly, for I am a very controversal person.  If you have any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated. - Richard from Heartland, Texas

Everything Included - Including Flooded Backyards - "Everything you want, everything you need is what the Lennar development corporation promises its homeowners. However, residents at the Reserve at Manasquan River, Route 524, a Lennar development, are claiming the firm has fallen short of its promise."  Read the Full Article - Click Here

Broken Lennar Promise - Grading problem - during rainy season water builds up on one corner of bedroom #1 and garage.  It has nowhere to drain and it gets very muddy and sinks, and water travels up the side of my house.  Three people said, including a person called Frank, they would put a drain in.  After a couple months they now say no, because other houses don't have drains. They don't have my problem.  This is my probem right now.  I have had nothing but problems trying to get things right with Lennar customer care. - E.J from Bakersfield, CA

Oh, That's A Normal Spot in Your Ceiling - To make long story short, I did a walk through before I moved in back in May 1, 2006 and found there was a crack on the ceiling.  I requested them to have if fix for me asap.  They did come to fix the line but left me with a big spot due to unmatching paint.  The supervisor from customer care came to my house and decided to redo the whole entire ceiling....the spot was gone but now leaving me with a another 5-6 foot line across the ceiling.  They came back again to fix the line but now theres a visible spot.  At this point they told me that they couldnt do anything. They told me that thats how the ceilings are. They also told me that they helped me to fix it the first time as a courtesy.  What do they mean by that?  There shouldnt be anything there when I moved in in the first place.  I've tried to reason with them by saying if thats the case there should be a spot on every single house.  If thats what they called "normal".  Its almost a year since I moved in and the spot is still there.  So please guide me through on how to go about getting my ceiling fixed.  Once again, thank you for your time.  Dan in Corona, CA

Leaky Stucco - No Warranty??? - I have water leaking thru my stucco around my front window into the sheetrock that surrounds the water. I have been told by stu from Lennar this is my problem as the stucco has a one year warranty. The stucco is litterally gone in certain places around the window and i find this to be their defect. this has started maybe one year after we came here it is now almost five years and is getting worse as i send this complaint. - Sylvia from Jackson, New Jersey

Hasty Repairs, but No Fix - Have a problem with the entrance door going into the lower level of my home. Door keeps going out of square and is developing cracks around its perimeter. Lennar keeps sending people to make hasty repairs. Each person that has come has left leaving the door worse. Lennar states that the problem is from the metal studs being used and said we have to live with it. Last carpenter sent stated that door will always be in sad shape unless thee frame it sits in was replaced. Tried to get him to put it on paper but he was afraid they would fire him. Lennar rep stated he would extend the warranty but the company was not going replace the door or it's frame. House isn't even a year old and the floor is squeaking, outside walls are cracking. They patch the cracks with caulk and leave paint stripes on the home. Looks like crap. Today they came to paint and were using the wrong color. Amazing!! - Steve - Clermont, FL

Floor Problems - I have only owned my house now since Dec 31, 2005, so the house has only been built for a period of well under 2 years. I realize the warranty items in the house are covered for 1 year according to Lennar; however, I believe from a construction standpoint, things are legally covered for 2 years (foundation, major construction framework, etc.). One thing I have noticed is that the wood floor continually comes up during the change of season.... (winter to spring and fall to winter)... probably because the glue that is used to bind the floor boards can't withstand the temperature changes from the heating/cooling of the foundation where it is applied.  Some neighbors who lived there for over a year, prior to my move-in were complaining that their floor was coming up, and they were able to get their floor fixed under warranty well after their 1 year... so I am basically asking for the same on this item. As for the door, I havent heard back as to if this would be replaced or not. Please let me know. - Barry from Fort Mill, SC

Incompetent Subcontractor - Water coming into basement.  Terrible finish work.  Sheetrock taped by incompentents.  Driveway below street. Ed from Howell, NJ

And the List Goes On . . . broken toilet, broken tiles, unsecure front door, craking of plaster in multiple rooms, defective mirrors in bedroom, landscaping died, house has cracks in stucco outside, loose tiles in master bedroom the list goes on and on. Anthony in Diamond Lakes, Vero Beach, FL

Problems Growing - I had to have my ceiling repaired and the repair job is worst then what they began with.  And now they have to come back a second time and fix there mistakes....AGAIN. Also after a much further inspection into my attic I have 2" x 1" boards (whatever those are) that are bowing, and boards that are not even cut to fit but patched together.  Leslee in Hutto Parke, Texas

Lennar Creates More Family Stress - Our house was finished in Nov 06.  My boyfriend and I decided to get this house and move in it with his 70 year old parents, so we could take care of them. Well it seems we have made them worse. The house has had problems after problems. We have had to move out of our house for Lennar to fix the problems and now the same things are coming back and we have also found more things as the days go by. We have cracks in ceiling that are 8 to 10 inch long, Lennar tells us they are settlement. They cover them with caulking and then it comes back and they tell us again that is just settlement. All of our doors are sticking some will not shut at all.  The counters crack and they brought us a new one, guess what it is cracking again. The list goes on and on. Now my boyfriend's parents have been so upset that it has made them sick and now at 70 years old they are ready to skip out and let Lennar take the house back and hurt their credit which is as of now 810 and 820. We have let Lennar fix our home and now we do not know what to do or what steps to take to get out of theis house. I tell everyone I meet now that are buying a home to not buy Lennar homes. Ijust wish I knew what to do.  Geneva in Jerrall, Texas