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Lennar Defects

Help for Homeowner Associations - Lennar Homes

Supporting the cause

If you are in a Lennar Homes development with defective homes or problems with your common areas, we can help. I will travel to your development at my expense and meet with your HOA officers. During this meeting I will provide you with information regarding problems with Lennar developments and what you can do as a group. The best way to get action, is as a group.

In addition to stategy planning for solving problems with your homes and common areas, I will provide you with an overview of HOA management. If your association is still using the management company Lennar Homes selected, you might want to consider changing management companies. Lennar selects management companies that work with Lennar Homes. Management companies that raise issues on your behalf will most likely not get new management contracts from Lennar Homes, so it is important to review the effectiveness of your management company if it is the initial company selected by Lennar Homes.