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HOA Services Not Delivered
Monday, 08 August 2016

HOA Board Members are paying for services not delivered
It appears the Board members have no solutions to the dilemma either, yet HOA members continue to pay for management services that are not being provided. The question is, will Bluffview Greens members be reimbursed for the time First Service Residential management is shut down? ...The fact is the annual Landscape Maintenance Contract price of $10,000.00 actually includes three (3) seasonal floral plantings per year. A service we discovered that has been routinely ignored. ..., over the past four (4) years there have only been two (2) plantings.

Bluffview Greens Community
HOA Board Members are paying for services not delivered
Update on Bluffview Greens Challenges,May 6, 2016

The Bluffview Greens Homeowner’s Association Newsletter arrived last weekend announcing a Neighborhood Town Hall Meeting on May 14th from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.  Paris Constantzos the recently reelected President of our HOA some time ago expressed his intent to hold Town Hall meetings in order to hear community concerns. We would like to encourage as many members as possible to attend and talk about the issues that concern them.

Regrettably, administrative and management conditions continue to decline. First Services Residential (FSR) was shut down indefinitely when hail damaged the office roof and it began to leak.  See FSR notice attached.  For the past month FSR has been unable to provide services to our community.  On Wednesday 04/26/2016  FSR management sent an email: “The board members and I wanted to inform you that until our office moves to a permanent location, I am unable to meet with you.”  4/27/2016 – “At this time we have not been provided any information about relocation to a permanent office.”

It appears the Board members have no solutions to the dilemma either, yet HOA members continue to pay for management services that are not being provided. The question is, will Bluffview Greens members be reimbursed for the time FSR management is shut down? 

For those of you who expressed concerns over the lack of services such as the neglected and deterioration of the entrance common areas including, rusting and paint peeling off the gates and light posts, burned out street lights, faded and pealing street signs?

Bottom-line homeowners have not been getting services that we pay for.  Another example, since at least 2011 we have been paying for plants that were never planted. The fact is the annual Landscape Maintenance Contract price of $10,000.00 actually includes three (3) seasonal floral plantings per year. A service we discovered that has been routinely ignored. 

To explain further, over the past four (4) years there have only been two (2) plantings.  That is until a month ago, right after our last Update on Bluffview Greens Politics, March 26, 2016 that identified the entrance conditions as, “The Entrance has never been worse.”  See item #2 on list below. Apparently that sparked some attention because on April 4, 2016 small petunia seedlings (without flowers) were planted and after one month are finally at the blooming stage.  Again we have been shortchanged with second class service.


So, who are we to see about the neglect of the en­trance and paying for substandard services or none at all?

Based on the Bluffview Greens HOA board members’ re­sponse, it is probably not going to get any better. Specifically discouraging is the response of board member, Joseph Battaglia about the seedling plants and the landscape maintenance contract - which was dis­ap­point­ing to say the least.   Battaglia said: “If you expect this board to act on every little sug­gestion we receive from property owners of this community you are sadly mistaken... if you are not satisfied with our performance than you make sure we are not re­elected next time, just like when I am not satisfied with a politician, I vote to replace them.”

I am sure homeowners will agree that we as HOA members deserve the services that we pay for and that the Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility to the members to see to it that the services paid for are provided.

The fact list remains the same as last month’s – March 26, 2016:

1.   For the past year this board has done little if anything to problem-solve, improve or to maintain our community.

2.   The Entrance has never been worse.  Plants were torn out and the beds were left empty for an extended period of time, trees and shrub trimming is non-existent, weeds, flower displays, lights and gates have been in disrepair for the better part of three years.

3.   The board has disregarded any and all member petitions submitted and blocked two Special Meeting opportunities to hear from homeowners.

4.   At the February Annual Board Meetings the board failed to include members’ concerns as an agenda item, since prior to last Thanksgiving and then blocked homeowners’ right to speak.

5.   Common complaints among members is that management does not return phone calls, and most express frustration that the community is not receiving the services for which we pay.

6.   The boards #1 priority of the year was the controversial illegal filing of an HOA Regulating Governing Document without the knowledge and consent of voting members or compliant with the HOA Bylaws as well a violation of State law, 209.0051 of the Texas Property Owners Protection Act, which has unnecessarily and drastically increased the cost of HOA legal fees.

Additionally we are still waiting to hear from Paris Constantzos who publicly promised at the February Annual Board Meeting to respond to the letter written and delivered to the board dated January 25, 2016 on behalf of HOA members (Bluffview Greens Homeowners Advisory Committee).

Now that the FSR management’s services are so uncertain and indefinite conditions challenge our community needs, it is our hope that the upcoming Town Hall Meeting presents the opportunity for both the HOA members and the board to participate in a meaningful dialog regarding the issues.

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