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Dallas Morning News Cull Story Reader Comments
Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dallas Morning News
Slater: Mansfield couple’s fight with powerful homebuilder back in court

Comments (54)
Posted by pargolfer72 | 8 hours ago

I would say that due to this publicity alone bob perry and his company has lost more than 800k in business.

As a business owner there is an old rule of thumb.

Make a customer happy and you're lucky if they tell one friend positive things about your business.
Make a customer mad and they'll stop strangers on the street to bad mouth your business.
2 0Report Abuse

Posted by Mike M | 8 hours ago

Ironic, isn't it, that Perry spends all his time trying to deny people access to the courts and force them into having to pay for trials through processes like arbitration. But then, when he looses in arbitration, he gets his friendly all-Republican Supreme Court (all bought and paid for, of course) to disallow the results of the arbitration and wants to go where? To get a jury trial. The same thing he's so eager to deny to others.

The big corporations, insurance companies, and doctors hate the jury system until they need it. Then it's OK.

3 1
Posted by MrPractical | 8 hours ago

Clearly this is not the forum to discuss real facts but I'm sure that Mid-Continent was not thrilled with the Texas Supreme Court when they ruled on the Lamar v. Mid-Continent case
0 1Report Abuse

Posted by ft worth | 9 hours ago

I knew it was the republican's fault that these folks foundation failed! Or was it the democrats? Maybe it was the lawyers that run both parties AND the legal system. Wake up! While the Culls and Perry are fighting in court, only the lawyers are cashing in. Find out which politicians have the most support from the lawyers, and vote for his/her opposition.

0 0
Posted by MrPractical | 9 hours ago

I find it interesting....and disturbing how people can comment on this case without knowing the facts. First, how could pictures of the same house show both smooth and cracked walls, closed doors, windows shut tight(is that proper grammar? yes, its grammAr, not grammEr), broken foundation, roof heaving up? What is a broken foundation? Is that a term of art or an analytical determination? Same for "roof heaving up"? It boggles the mind. I won't comment on the case itself because the article doesn't really explain the details...details that would take a Philadelphia attorney to understand. What the article does seem to imply is that Perry Homes, Bob Perry, Rick Perry and by inference, builders and politicians are all corrupt and bad people looking to take advantage of everyone for their own evil ends. YAWN......Get over it. The problem is that we have become a nanny state and want everything form the govt and that business profits are an evil thing... Hows that "hope and change" thing working out for ya???
1 3Report Abuse

Posted by GOPLawyer | 9 hours ago

When people bought into tort reform, they didn't know what they were really buying into. They listened to anecdotes, half-truths, and some blatant lies. After that, they let the homebuilders (and insurance carriers) loot them of most of their rights and protections. They never knew what was really being done or how it affects real people in real cases.

We also now have a Texas Supreme Court that simply doles out corporate welfare to its contributors and protects them when they do wrong. The current court had never thrown out an arbitration award on the grounds used in the Cull case, but when Uncle Bob (and every insurance carrier in the state) is in their Court, all the normal rules are set aside. There is no intellectual honestly in this allegedly conservative court.

What the Culls face is now the norm. Your rights when you buy a new home are weaker than they are when you buy a new pair of underwear. Seriously.
1 2
Report Abuse

Posted by animalfan | 11 hours ago

We can hope that with some of his ill-gotten money that Perry will buy himself a pair of b**** and fix these people's house and any others he has put in the same position. History would tell us probably not with this kind of greedy scum-but we can always pray and hope.

3 2
Posted by animalfan | 12 hours ago

-UMustbeRight-$800,000 was not too much way back when they WON that judgment. You have to factor in all the added costs due to this low life builder not making the house right before they had to take him to court. Not to mention their legal expenses. As time has gone on, these expenses, plus more legal fees have been added, since this scum bag won't pay the judgment against him. The one he is in violation of court order to pay. The one where he LOST-because he is a loser. Now, he has managed to purchase his way to getting a court to reverse the earlier ruling. That in no way makes him right. The correct amount due them now is many times more than the original $800,000. I hope they get everything that scum bag has or ever will have!!

6 2
Posted by Riggs | 14 hours ago

Perry is a frivilous lawsuit defender. When he is dead, thousands will remember him as aq mean selfish noncharitable old man. Such a shame when he has an opportunity to do great good. Boss Tweed died with a better name than he will leave.

5 2
Report Abuse

Posted by Riggs | 15 hours ago

Perry is a frivilous lawsuit defender. When he is dead, thousands will remember him as aq mean selfish noncharitable old man. Such a shame when he has an opportunity to do great good. Boss Tweed died with a better name than he will leave.

5 2
Posted by toppertx | 17 hours ago

Bigal is absolutely right. The Republicans bought into tort reform hook, line and sinker because that is where the campaign money is. If you think you get screwed with a bad house, wait until you suffer malpractice by a doctor. Then you will really cry your eyes out.

10 2
Posted by Bigal | 18 hours ago

This is what you voted for!!! You listened to the republicans, bought their line of BS, and this is what you get. There's no reason the Cull's situation can't happen to anyone else. This is good ol' boy politics as it's supposed to work. The alternative (government working on behalf of the people) is labeled in Texas as "Socialist" and never wins in elections. When you only consider voting for one party (republican in Texas' case) they quickly become corrupt. Texas corruption makes Chicago corruption look tame.

11 5
Posted by CADean | 19 hours ago

As a kid I saw the internal damage and strife brought to my family when a contractor lied. My parents had a beautiful addition added on to the house and while the cosmetic side of that addition was published in Better Homes and Gardens the contractors’ errors were felt by my parents making the whole experience miserable. As I grew up I found that engineering was my passion and I liked the fact that as an engineer your thought process must be conditioned and disciplined so in the event a mistake occurs you can identify the error and correct it. The degree to which the engineer displays accountably by taking ownership determines a great deal and it also helps prevent that person from bringing disgrace on the profession. The building industry owes a great deal to the engineering industry; the two should be working hand in hand to provide Americans and Texans the best products possible! When a builder acts in the manor described this builder is in essence showing a total lack of respect for all those that have made it possible for him to conduct business as a builder. That goes all the way back to the ancient builders who built the cathedrals and for the courts to support the lack of ownership and even encourage the return to the lower courts indicates a lack of solid values in craftsmanship and integrity. That is the system we live in and people will do that that makes sense to them.

7 1
Posted by joehl | 20 hours ago

why do people continue to buy homes from this crook with all this out in the open?

14 2
Posted by rexaplenty | 21 hours ago

"Billy Bob" Perry is a low-life who brought us 'tort reform' and the 'administrative court' that homeowners use if there is a defect in their homes. He then stacked this court with builders so people who work for a living get $crewed and Billy Bob lines his pockets.

Billy Bob is also one of these people who kicks in millions to lunatic-fringe groups who spend their time and money getting us to argue about stupid things like gay marriage to distract us from his gerrymandering of the laws and courts in Texas so people like him can continue to $crew us.

When are the people of Texas going to wise up and realize that both political parties stir the pot to distract us while they manipulate the levers of government to line their pockets?

To me, I think 8 million is not enough to compensate this couple for the deliberate bad faith practices that Perry homes puts the public through to cover up their shoddy, sub-standard work.

As for the people of Texas, we need to wake up and vote out all the entrenched politicians, including the governor, who coincidentally shares the same last name as this homebuilder/loser.

25 3
Posted by jsh | 21 hours ago

This is the way it works in our country. Those with the most money win. Sad but true. That is how our legal system is set up.

15 0
Posted by itzallgood | 21 hours ago

That poor couple. Hopefully good will prevail over evil and the Culls will triumph in the end; negative publicity will force Bob Perry into bankruptcy; and Rick Perry will be ousted out of office. I just had a new home built a few months ago. Thank goodness Perry Homes & company doesn't build in my subdivision. What a bunch of low-life crooks!

19 1

Posted by UMustbeRight | 21 hours ago

And the rest of the story... FACTS left out by the author. This home is in a area where the homes are valued on the tax rolls between 240K and 300K and for sale between 280K and 340K depending on the size of the home.

$800,000 award is way out of line.

3 26
Report Abuse
Posted by Banana-Heads | 21 hours ago

Critics insist campaign donations drove the Court's decision, but for the record (and the media always omit this): the Court decision was not 9-0 but 5-4, and the 4 who ruled against Perry Homes rec'd more campaign $ from Bob Perry and Perry-supported PACs than the 5 who ruled for him. The charge that $ = votes is undermined by the facts.

They probably all got together and agreed on a 5-4 vote to make it look like they genuinely considered the issue. Our officials from local govt. all the way to the White House are nothing but greedy self-serving scum, beholding only to fat wallets and personal gain.

America is no longer a viable or affordable place to live. Of course there is worse; much worse. And there's barely better. Which speaks volumes of how screwed up this world is.

21 2

Posted by pike4life | 21 hours ago

Perry and his company should just do the right thing, which is build a better quality home. Perhaps is he spent the money used for legal fees and paying lobbyists and campaign contributions towards the materials and work of his homes, he wouldn't have this problem. The defense that "soil moves" in Texas is garbage. You can build a house to that movement of the soil does not cause the house to practically fall apart.

24 1

Posted by inconvenient truth | 22 hours ago

Critics insist campaign donations drove the Court's decision, but for the record (and the media always omit this): the Court decision was not 9-0 but 5-4, and the 4 who ruled against Perry Homes rec'd more campaign $ from Bob Perry and Perry-supported PACs than the 5 who ruled for him. The charge that $ = votes is undermined by the facts.

2 14

Posted by Banana-Heads | 22 hours ago

Perry homes are garbage. I hope the new ruling is for 8 million.

19 1

Posted by Childhood Friend | 22 hours ago

In 1942, Jane Cull's father built a house and sold it to my father. It remained my family home until my mother's death in 2006. In 64 years, that house had fewer problems than Jane & Bob's house has had in 10 years. Because Perry Homes has refused to abide by previous rulings, Jane and Bob are forced to keep pleading their case, or be left with a worthless money pit of a house. Each time they have to pay court costs and expert witnesses that devour their retirement savings. The stress of the cases also takes a mental and physical toll on each of them. No award would be too high for what I have watched Jane and Bob endure because Perry Homes refuses to accept previous rulings.

33 2

Posted by ruralrdr | 23 hours ago

Another fine example of the best justice money can buy. When a judge hearing a case has a connection to either the plaintiff or defendant, he or she should recuse themselves. I guess the Texas Supreme court operates by a different standard. Perhaps they reason that campaign donations do not constitute an ongoing relationship?

27 1

Posted by truthwins | 23 hours ago

Perry Homes has been building quality homes for over 35 years in Texas. If soil conditions made this house foundation to settle, a negotiated settlement would have resolved the difference. Even now, both sides should settle it. Aslo, Bob Perry is not related to Rick Perry.

1 26

Posted by CSCHN | 23 hours ago

Ok I tried to post and something diappeared into oblivion when I accidentally hit the return key? Trying again! I agree that the story could've benefitted by saying how the Culls damages amounted to $800,000, but if you google the case there is a lot of older material online w/more detail. So yes they were deserving of that amount. In addition to actual damages like repair costs, a case of this mangnitude would also have damages out of the Culls' pockets like alternative living costs, legal fees, and many expenses that add up quickly. That they're being forced to prove their case over and over has to be financially devastating, and most Americans could never afford to fight it once let alone multiple times. The case and its publicity have done a public service by educating readers about problems with homebuilding, the law, arbitration (usually the homeowner loses due to bias in favor of an industry that uses arbitrators repeatedly), and lack of consumer protection. I hope the Culls will win again and that this time Perry finally swallows his ego and just pays for the damage he's done. He truly IS what's wrong with this country.

32 2
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